Blogging goals and dreams: my book blogging bucket list

I’ve been thinking a lot about my own blogging goals, dreams and achievements lately. I think part of it comes from the fact that it was Book Expo and Book Con in late May in New York City and, while I half envied the ones across the Atlantic seeming to live the dream, half felt grateful to be in the comfort of my own home and not having to brave the crowds and all the anxiety coming with the warmth, heavily populated and stressful area of bookish conventions… I’ve been thinking a lot about my own dreams.

So many things have happened because – well, thanks to, actually – book blogging. So many things I never, ever thought could happen, so many things I could never have dreamed of years ago.

Against all odds, I’ve managed to keep on blogging for so many years without ever feeling like throwing it all out the window. I’ve, unbelievably, managed to interact with authors I loved without fainting (fingers trembling while I typed, friends). Against geography, oceans and unanswered emails, I actually got lucky enough to receive some of my most anticipated reads as ARCs.

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There are days when I’m staring at my bookshelves, my TBR pile growing and the astonishing luck I got despite being an international blogger, and feel like crying and screaming all at once.

That being said, I’m not one to stop dreaming and I definitely don’t have everything crossed off my book blogger’s bucket list. There are so, so many dreams in my head, there are so many things I wished I could have accomplished and so many things that probably will never happen. But positivity while blogging, aiming for more and, most of it all, trying my best and knowing that dreams and hopes keep me typing blog posts some days….

Well today, I thought I’d make a revised list. I already mentioned my goals multiple times and even made a bucket list back in 2017 on the blog. Yet, things have changed, evolved, I have changed, grew and my ambitions and dreams and ideas have, too. So… let’s take a look at this list, shall we.

πŸŒͺ My book blogger’s bucket list

β˜‚οΈ The traveling book blogger’s bucket list

πŸ’§ Go to a big book event

I can’t not mention this one, but I also have conflicted emotions when it comes to bookish events. On the one hand, I feel like I’d ADORE it all. The atmosphere, the feeling of being someplace bookish with tons of passionate people and members of the industry. The books, the signing, the authors, the being-able-to-meet-authors, the books (yes, again) and so on. On the other hand, my anxious-self isn’t really in love with the idea of the massive crowds, the heat and the stress of it all. Yet, it’s still one of my biggest goals as a book blogger. Especially to go in these kind of conventions with a Press/Media Badge, because that’s the ultimate dream, isn’t it.

Bookish events and conventions I’d love to go to someday: Book Expo, Book Con, YALC, Yall Fest…

πŸ’§ Meet some of my favorite book bloggers and friends

I’ve made so many friends, some I talk to constantly about everything, some that have been the best support in my blogging, writing, but also in my personal life. I would adore to be able to meet SO many people and chat about books, scream about books, just ahh that would be incredible.

I’d also need an endless supply of travel money for that, or to invent teleportation or something.

β˜‚οΈ The very bookish bucket list

πŸ’§ Be in the acknowledgments of a book

I’ve always read and loved acknowledgments, even more ever since I started blogging, because that’s when I actually recognized people’s names in there. Authors I loved thanking authors I loved (this makes me way too happy), thanking book bloggers I actually know (this astonishes me and makes my heart melt into a puddle because awww and #goals). One of my biggest, biggest dreams, EVER, would be, honestly, to find my name in this place someday.

πŸ’§ Blurb a book / Be quoted on a book

To be honest, this feels like shooting for the stars since I’m not even that eloquent in my reviews and, when it’s a book I love, I just feel like amehzlurkrz. Yet, if my small little screaming, someday, would make it onto a book’s cover, a book’s back, an ARC copy with my name and the name of my blog, I think I’d cry for days about it and obviously show the book to everyone like:

πŸ’§ Own an annotated book by one of my favorite authors

The strange this is: I don’t like writing in my books…. yet, at the thought of having one of my favorite authors commenting on their book for me and having a copy of that said book…. I’m just hyperventilating because I need and want this so, so very badly.

Annotated books I’d adore: Emergency Contact by Mary H. K. Choi, anything by Alice Oseman, anything by John Green, anything by Morgan Matson, anything by Austin Siegmund-Broka & Emily Wibberley, Nothing Left To Burn by Heather Ezell, anything by Laura Silverman….

β˜‚οΈ The very blogging bucket list

πŸ’§ Have a blog post going viral

This is very clichΓ© for a blogger and this relates to numbers, too, but let’s be honest for a second here, we all care about numbers and wouldn’t it be pretty awesome to have a blog post you worked on for days being super, super popular? I know I’d find that really, really great.

Yeah okay, but what does “viral” really mean, Marie, you’ll ask? I guess it all depends on your point of view, to be honest a couple hundred views on a blog post only would already be quite awesome to me.

πŸ’§ Win a blogging award

Let’s go there, because why not? The probability of this happening is very very veeeeeeeeery close to none, but this blog post is for dreams after all, so let’s dream. Getting an award for my work would be astonishingly incredible okay.

πŸ’§ Most of it all, feel validation as a book blogger

Feeling validation is something that takes time and, for me, it’s something that never stays, either. Feeling relevant, feeling like I matter, like people care about what I have to say, like I personally care about what I personally have to say…Feeling like I’m doing okay at book blogging and being satified by it all is probably one of the most important things, for me. I’m struggling with it every now and then and, forever and always, it will be one of my goals. Feeling like I’m helping, authors, readers, the community. Feeling like I and my work matters.

I’m probably forgetting tons of things here, this list may change, grow, maybe, hopefully someday schrink as I manage to realize some of these accomplishments – one can dream, right? But it’s nice, every now and then, to look at these goals and, if not aim for them or even have them be realistic at the moment (like going to Book Expo or inventing teleportation), it’s still good to dream of it all.

Do you have a book blogger’s bucket list? What would be on your list, what would you love to accomplish?

What are some things you’ve accomplished thanks to book blogging that you’re the most proud of? Let me know in comments!





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  1. I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished. I remember when I first started following you, you stated that you never thought you were going to receive and physical arc because of the fact that you were an international book blogger, but look at you now! You have accomplished so much, and I am so so sooo happy for you. Please, if you go to a book event, go to the one in NYC, I would love to have the chance to meet you. I wish you all the best to your future goals, I can’t wait to see you reach them all xxx

    Melina |

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    1. Melina ahh, you’re so sweet this warms my heart so, so very much ❀ ❀ ❀ I would LOVE to be able to get to an event in NYC, if I ever do I'd love to meet you too, that would be SO great! ❀ ❀
      Thank you so, so much love ❀

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      1. If you’re ever in NYC, even if it’s not for the event, definitely let me know! I’ll definitely take time to come and meet up with you! I could show you some of the best bookstores in NYC πŸ™‚ x

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