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drizzleandhurricanebooks @

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Review ARCs (Advance Reader Copies)

I would be overjoyed to receive ARCS from publishers and authors in exchange of an honest review on my blog. If you’re interested, please refer to my review policy, and email me at the adress above.

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to know when are you going to close the entries for the SFATW feature. I was planning on posting about it on my blog just so that more people know about it and join. However I’m a bit caught up with other things in life at the moment, so if I know the day you’re gonna close the entries, I’d know if I’ll have time to post about it.

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    1. Hi! Oh please, feel free to post about it on your blog, this would make me very happy! 😀 For now, I haven’t set a closing date but I think I will leave the subscriptions for the blog-hopping party for around two or three weeks. Afterwards, there will be the second part, subscription with gifts sending, taking place more like at the end of the month of June 🙂

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  2. Hi ! I loved your blog header. It is so simple and innovative and the overall blog layout! May I ask you did you make it yourself ? What tool did you use ? And what is your theme ? I am a 12 year old and started a book blog 1 month ago and hope you like my blog . I even have made 3 draft headers and have a post called site revamp where I have uploaded them. I would really appreciate your suggestion ! You can email me or comment on that post 🙂 Also are you open to collabs  I would love to do a collaboration with you 
    Thanks a bunch
    My blog :

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