Monthly wrap-up – October 2018

Okay so let’s get through the mess that was October quickly and painlessly, okay? Okay.

in real life

Yeah, so do you remember when I said September was a bad month in my monthly wrap-up?

Well, October was worse.

It was supposed to be great. I was supposed to get through four weeks of work, before getting on a trip I was really, really, really excited for with the two loves of my life.

Halfway through October 1st, I fell very, very, very stupidly, spent over 6 hours in the emergency room and went back home with a broken foot.

My birthday wasn’t that great, either. I was supposed to get great news, hopefully, about my foot. I spent my morning at the hospital and as I am writing this, I’m wearing a cast around my right foot. I’m on sick leave from work until the end of NOVEMBER. I did not go to work all of October. I don’t know if you know this, but I’m the kind of person that has to do something. Being stuck home, feeling guilty about work (a work I don’t even really like???) and just spending my days trying to keep busy had not been great on my mental health at all. I can’t take that trip I was about to go on with the two loves of my life, I lost a whole lot of money, too, and I’m just… well, October has not been a good month at all.

Please note though that I love you all so much and appreciate all of your support and your sweet words on my birthday, I feel so grateful to have you all in my life you’re the sweetest community!! You’ve been such a bright light and I LOVE YOU ALL.

Anyway, I guess that was my ranting moment of the wrap-up, I rarely ever do this and probably won’t do it again. At least I’ve got some good things in the next parts of this wrap-up, so let’s be happy again shall we, and let’s move on to another great category!

*yes, this post will be sponsored by Chandler Bing. Sorry.

on books

What’s good about having the month off work because of, well, see above and the whole right broken foot problem, is that I get to basically spend the day doing whatever I want and that includes, reading whenever I want, like, in the middle of the afternoon or something. So October has been a pretty awesome month, reading-wise, and I also read some NEW! FAVORITES!

I actually FINISHED MY goodreads challenge and I am SO happy about that, even if it wasn’t very challenging it feels GREAT. I also read great books this month so…. it’s all good?

Books I read

I was eagerly anticipating this one and… it ended up being a very atmospheric, great read, even if a bit predictable. Full review soon!

I LOVED THIS BOOK so very much. A brilliant story about mental health, friendships and feminism and 300% recommend. Full review here!

As a big Uglies fan, I was anticipating this one so much and… it was a really fun ride and THAT ENDING. Full review soon!

Well hello, new ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH OKAY. Sorry, aerm…. Full review soon!



This was a fun, entertaining read, but… there were some things that did bother me a little bit. Still, YAY for questioning rep. Full review here!

FINALLY read this book and I now get the hype. It was a great, entertaining story and that atmosphere, wow. Full review soon!

An AMAZING, diverse cast of badass girls in a band, friendships and adorable romance and feelings. I LOVED THIS SO MUCH PLEASE READ IT. Full review soon!

My sister got me this for my birthday and she knows me so well. Elite boarding schools, disappearance and secret society – I’m really enjoying it so far!




If there is one good thing I can take out of this shitty month, it’s… writing.

No, you’re not dreaming. I finished my WIP a year and a month ago and I started rewriting / editing / doing I have no idea what but I’m doing it, this month. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m getting there and hopefully I’m making things better than they were before? Maybe? I don’t know, but I’m moving on with this WIP and let’s hope I keep on going, right?

I might also be, kind of unofficially, doing a little bit of NaNoWriMo, or at least just trying to write a little bit every day. Key word here, trying.

on the blog

This month, I had the greatest honor to be one of the co-hosts for the Shattering Stigmas event, therefore hosting some incredible guest posts from brilliant bloggers and writers on this blog. This event means so much and I hope that, if you haven’t done it just yet, you’ll go through some of the posts and show these great people some love.

Otherwise on the blogging side, things have been, well… the usual. A bit hectic and tiring with all of the organization for the Shattering Stigmas event, but it has been so rewarding, too. Looking forward to November, my blogoversary soon (!!!!!!!) and getting back on my usual schedule!

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Book Blogging

Is there a blog post you are particularily proud of this month? Feel free to send it along with your comment!

How was October for you? I could use some positivity and fun and lovely vibes here, so…. tell me something positive that happened to you. Or just talk to me about books, really, that’ll do the trick, too.

What was your favorite book this month? Where are you in your reading challenge? Are you doing NaNoWriMo? Tell me everything in comments!

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