Getting into a Blogging Extravaganza, and interviewing…myself

Hi bookish friends, how are you? I know, usually on Thursdays I’m taking the day off, but I just found out about a great event, and I wanted to try and join, so…here I am, scheduling a post at the last minute, and hoping you’ll enjoy this!

Blogging Extravaganza

Imagined by Beauty & The Bookshelf, Get up offa that slump: a blogging extravaganza, is a blogging challenge for those of you for feel a little on and off about blogging lately…and anyone who just wants to have some fun and participate in some creative, fun blog posts! This is definitely my case, so…how about we get started?

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This post was supposed to be up on Wednesday, the 9th, but hm, I’m a bit late, and I apologize, but HERE I AM yay! It all starts with…an interview of myself, by…myself. I know, right. I’m going to keep things casual and fun, and I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know me a bit more!

What’s your name?

Marie, it’s actually a pretty common name in France, too many people are called like I am, and I don’t like it…or I do, because I blend in, I don’t know.tZOS8

How old are you?

I’m 22. I thought high school was hard, but it’s not, life is, hahaha.

Where are you from?

I’m from France, born, raised and currently living and studying. It is pretty, come visit, guys!

One of the lovely villages close to home

What do you do for a living?

I scream about YA books. When my voice is sore, I’m compulsively searching for my next trip, making budgets and seeking hotel rooms and plane fares. When I have some free time, I try to get my masters’ degree.

Okay, and besides that, do you have any hobbies?

I EAT books, and I pet them occasionally. I schedule travels. I love food, and tea. I love tv shows (currently LOVING JANE THE VIRGIN, Baby Daddy, Young and Hungry, New Girl, being completely obsessed by Switched at Birth. Forever re-watching Friends) and a good day at home with the people I love.

Hard question: what is your favorite book?

Easy answer: John Green, Looking for Alaska, because that book means SO much to me. But if I had to choose in my recent reads, I’ll easily go with The Sky is Everywhere and I’ll Give You The Sun. ALL OF THE FEELINGS ARE HERE GUYS.looking for alaskai'll give you the sunsky is everywhere

What’s your favorite genre?

YA contemporary. I know, I always scream about my contemporaries, but they are GOOD. Definitely trying to get into fantasy more, though!

Why “Drizzle & Hurricane Books”?

Besides the obvious, it’s mainly related to feelings the books are giving us. There are books that make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud, standing under heavy rain, or just drizzle. And then there are those books that makes you feel like you’re taken away by a hurricane. Those books. I love feelings, right?!

Seems like you like everything that just rips your heart out, don’t you?

I know. That’s crazy, right. I just love and hate emotions at the same time. I love stories that catches my heart and never ever let go. I’m definitely going to work on that on my WIP. RAW EMOTIONS, FEELINGS.


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

If I’m dreaming, I’ll say in London, working with books, probably in a publishing house, writing, too, living in one of those gorgeous London houses, and having a library at home, posters taped everywhere with quotes, and everyone I love close-by. If I’m not dreaming, well…I don’t want to think about it, it makes me anxious already.

Alright, that was it for today! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better! Since I want to get to know you, TOO, well, tell me: what do you like to do, besides blogging? Do you like books that make you FEEL THINGS, too? Are you anxious about the future, too? 💬

Are you participating in the #bloggingextravaganza? Let me know! 💬

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Book blogger, travel blogger, writer. 📚 |🌍 | 💞 Writing & Communications Graduate. French. Living on love, wanderlust and ya books.

60 thoughts on “Getting into a Blogging Extravaganza, and interviewing…myself

  1. I feel like I’ve known you for so long but I loved reading this! I learned something new about you and it was nice. ^_^ Thanks for sharing Marie!

    To answer your questions…
    Besides reading and blogging, I like to exercise. I’ve been getting into strength training/weights (which is funny because I’m like 5″0 lol) but it makes me feel good and has really helped with my self-esteem! It’s also a good way to unleash all your stress. c:

    I also like illustrating/painting, though I haven’t painted in a few months – I want to get back into though! (Except it’s hard when you’re working full time and after work, exercise, cooking, there’s just not enough time in the day!) And on my day off, I volunteer by helping my local community! n_n

    I LOVE books that make me feel things, and I will not enjoy a book if it doesn’t elicit anything from me. Books that make me cry/overwhelmed with emotion are likely to be my faves.

    I get anxious about the future, especially lately. Coming out of university is scary. There are so many possibilities and yet so few. But! I am trying to figure out my direction. Growth didn’t stop at university and I am growing in ways I couldn’t imagine everyday.

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    1. Aww, thank you so, so much, CW, your comment means a lot! I realize I don’t share a lot of things about myself, so I thought it’d be nice, I’m glad you liked it 🙂
      Ohh that’s so great! I don’t exercice at all, and I sometimes regret it, because it’s good, to stay healthy, and to feel good about yourself, too. I’m so glad this is working for you, maybe I should get to it sometimes…
      There’s not much time in the day, we definitely agree on that! I think it’s so great you can paint and draw (I always love everything you put on your blog)! ❤
      You're definitely right, books that make me feel things to a huge level become my favorite of all times very quickly, that's why I love it so much ❤
      Oh yes, it's so scary… I have only a few months left, and then it's over, and I'm really, really scared, about the future. I love your positive words, though, and it's definitely something I will keep in mind. Thank you so, so much! ❤

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  2. I’m not participating, but I’m so glad you did this haha – always great to learn more things about you!
    I had no idea you were working towards a Masters – a Masters in what, may I ask? 🙂
    Knowing the background behind your blog name makes it so special too – thanks for sharing! ❤

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    1. I just decided to participate late yesterday, I’m a little late, but better late than never, haha! I’m so glad you liked this, thank you! ❤
      I am, if everything goes smoothly I will graduate and get a master's degree in, well, basically it's writing and communication, the French name won't speak to you, I guess, haha, it's to work in writing (on the web, in journalism, advertising, publishing houses etc) 🙂
      OH you're welcome, I'm glad you like it! 😀

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  3. This is so fun! I’m also forever re-watching Friends (my all-time favourite TV series tbh) and while I stopped watching Jane The Virgin, I liked that too. I just finished watching the first season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. 🙂

    What are you getting your Master’s in, if I may ask? 😛

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    1. Ohhh YES! I’m so glad you love Friends as much as I did! I’m forever quoting lines from that show, it’s crazy. I love it so much ❤ Jane the Virgin is getting better and better with every season, I think, I am obsessed with it right now, haha.
      If everything goes well, I'll get a master's degree in, well, it's basically writing and communication, it's to work in any writing fields (on the web, journalism, publishing houses, advertising etc) 🙂
      Thank you so much!! ❤


      1. Yuuup. And whenever I flick through the channels and see it on TV I’ll just stop there and watch it until the end, haha. I don’t know why I keep laughing at the jokes even though by now I can mouth word-per-word what the characters are saying, but I do. 😛

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  4. I’m loving these posts! 🙂
    I am constantly anxious about the future! But I keep reminding myself to take focus on the present and take it day by day.
    Besides blogging, there’s of course reading haha I’m a huge baker and I exercise a lot, particularly running on top of working full time and hanging with friends and family 🙂

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    1. AWw thank you Nicole, so happy you like it! You should participate 🙂
      You’re right, it’s a great way to think, I really should try to think more like that, but I’m a very anxious person, haha.
      Ohhh that’s so awesome, I would LOVE to cook more, sadly I don’t have the cooking skills haha. 🙂
      Thank you so much! 🙂

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  5. This is such a good idea for a post, it was great learning more about you Marie. I’ll definitely have to remember something like this for when I’m in a slump (at the moment I have a literal backlog of books I’m trying to get through, no time for a slump!)
    Anyways, yay for London. I’d definitely encourage moving here because I love the city myself 🙂 in ten years I’d be happy owning my own place! I don’t really plan to far into the future, as long as I have somewhere to live and a job I’m happy 🙂
    I’m trying to expand into more YA contemporary books, since following your blog I’ve definitely succeeded in adding more onto my TBR pile. And it’s a genre I’ve enjoyed for a while, I just don’t tend to read much from it if that makes sense! I’m pretty much the opposite, I read loads of fantasy but I’m trying to get into YA contemporary more 😀

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad you liked it! I’m not really in a blogging slump right now, but those oosts sounded like so much fun 😀
      OH yes, owning my own place and decorate it the way I want is something I’m really looking forward to, too. We all know there are going to be a lot of books, but this would be the dream, ahah 😀
      This makes me so, so happy to hear that! I hope you’ll find some books you love! And I think it’s great, because this way, I can recommend you some great contemporaries, and you can do the same for fantasy 😀

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      1. Yeah, it seemed like it would have been fun, I may have to see what others there are, maybe if there’s something that catches my eye…I guess being in a reading slump isn’t a condition or anything 🙂
        In a dream world I’d have one room solely dedicated to books, like my own personally library 🙂 maybe one day!
        I’ve already got quite a few in my to-read list from your posts, a lot which I am very excited to start! But if you ever want any recommendations just let me know, I have read loads of fantasy books which I’ve end up loving so I have loads of suggestions!

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  6. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big Marie! You gotta have high standards or it won’t be any fun reaching that goal one day 😉 I can see us both working in publishing and writing. That would be so majorly awesome! I loved your answers to the questionaire ❤

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  7. I’m not participating, but it looks like loads of fun! I always find out about these events once they’ve already started, and it’s always too late, haha. Besides blogging, I like to play my clarinet – I play in a full orchestra, and a wind band. I’m so anxious about the future too – I have huge exams coming up and I must shit myself everytime I think about them. COLLEGES, UNIVERSITIES… ARGH!! No thanks!!

    Denise | The Bibliolater

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    1. Oh no, it’s not too late, I think you can join for some blog posts if you’re inspired! 🙂
      Ohh that’s really awesome, any chance to hear you play someday? 😛 Don’t worry, I’m sure everything will be okay, just remember that you are AWESOME and you can do this! 🙂 Thank you so much Denise! ❤


  8. Great post! Ah you’re right life is harder than school- *high five for being in the early twenties club* (I’m 23). Aww I’d love to have a more common name- but alas I was saddled with Orangutan :p (haha sorry couldn’t resist- but I do have a really annoying name in real life :/ so not cool of my parents!) I love France- such a beautiful country! Ooh what are you studying for your masters? Ah cool that you love London- I think this has come up before, but that’s where I am 🙂

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    1. Oh yay! I feel like there are a lot of teenagers bloggers, not that that’s a bad thing, but I feel a bit old sometimes, haha. HAHA, oh I’m sure it’s not that bad, don’t worry, and at least it makes you stand out, and people remember you and your awesomeness 😛
      I’m studying, well, it’s basically writing and communication, it’s to work in writing fields such as pub houses, advertising, on the web, journalism etc 🙂
      Well, I’ll come to visit sometime soon, I can never stay away from that city for too long ❤
      Thank you so much ❤

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      1. haha I know what you mean- it’s not a bad thing- but I feel out of touch when they talk about school. Plus I’m one of the youngest people everywhere I go, so I feel really weird being older than people online, if that makes sense.
        Haha yeah at least people remember me :p
        ooh exciting! That’s a field I’m interested in too 🙂 must be awesome to study- are you enjoying it? 🙂
        Awesome!! 😀

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      2. Yes, me too, and I feel like everyone’s barely starting university, while I’m going to be done with it in a few months…I’d rather go back to being younger haha, real life’s scary 😛
        It’s pretty good, at times, ahah, I guess it was really complicated for our promotion, ahah, but well it’s all good 🙂

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  9. I’m actually not participating in this one but I love all the personal posts floating in the blogosphere because of this feature! Hehe, I love that you mentioned “in your free time” you’re getting your masters and “most of the time” fangirling. Your priorities are perfect! 😉😂 And I love the meaning behind your blog name, especially after I learned it was a John Green reference. Still need to get his books. Looking for Alaska will be my first read by him, for sure! Love this post, Marie! Hope you have a lovely weekend. ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahah, I surely have my priorities in order, I know 😛 I wish life could be this way, ahah. Thank you so much, I’m really happy you like it! Sometimes, I wonder if this keeps the non-John-Green-fans out of this blog, but I certainly hope not… 🙂
      Thank you so, so much, Summer! Have a great weekend, too! ❤


  10. YESSSS for YA contemporaries! Because they’re basically like the best thing of EVER! And I have like 10+ years on you, and yes, life is pretty darn hard at times! LOL Looks like you have a great outlook on life though, so just live it and enjoy every minute!! Great getting to know you! 🙂

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  11. I get the feeling that you’re blog name (which I love, by the way) also comes from a certain quote in LOOKING FOR ALASKA. Fun fact: I haven’t read LOOKING FOR ALASKA (though I DO own it). The only John Green book I’ve read (so far) is THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, and ow, pain. Another fun fact: I know The Thing that happens in LOOKING FOR ALASKA. In Senior College English my senior year of high school we did a book report, and one girl did hers on LOOKING FOR ALASKA. She’s giving her report and then she’s like, “Spoiler, but halfway through the book THIS HAPPENS.” So there’s that. Screaming about YA books is FANTASTIC, but oh my gosh, please don’t eat them. (That’s worse than dog-earring corners.) And you live in FRANCE, that is SO COOL. Thanks for joining in!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES it does come from Looking for Alaska, and thank you, I’m so happy you like it! 😀 I hope you’ll read that book soon, it’s my favorite of all times, definitely worth it, and hm there’s pain in that one, too, haha.
      Ohh no, I can’t believe you got spoiled on that book 😦 I really hate, in general, getting spoiled, so I would have been SO MAD, haha! 😛
      Oh no, I promise I won’t eat them in the litteral sense, my poor books, I love them too much for that! 🙂
      Thank you so, so much, Rachel! ❤


  12. AHHHH I JUST REALISED YOUR BLOG NAME IS FROM LOOKING FOR ALASKA RIGHT?!!? OMGGGG. YOU EPIC WONDERFUL HUMAN. ❤ Also I would love to come to France. Honestly, really really want to. In 10 years I would definitely like to see France, possibly have eaten an entire library of books, probably be ruling some planet, have a million book deals. YA KNOW. Easy normal average stuff. I’m glad you’re a rabid eater of books too though. We have our priorities in order.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES IT IS! Oh thank you so much Cait, coming from you it means a LOT (because you are the queen of all things <3) Well those goals seem perfectly realistic, AND manageable for sure, I know you can do this! And if you ever come to France someday, let me know, I'll make sure you don't miss any of the most wonderful places here! ❤
      Thank you!! ❤


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