NaNoWriMo officially ate my brain + sharing a snippet!

Bookworms, aspiring writers, the end of the month is near, and, with it, NaNoWriMo. The dearly beloved- or hated- goal of 50,000 words is so close you can almost touch it. Or maybe, not. But, tell me, did NaNo ate your BRAIN yet?

I know, despite this completely taking over my life, filling my schedule, filling my head with words I just NEED to get out there, NaNoWriMo isn’t that bad...IS IT?

I have to say, for now, I’m pleasantly surprised, because I wrote. I don’t know what that is, yet, I don’t know if my story is making any sense, and there are MAJOR PLOT HOLES in it. But I am writing, and not giving this up. This is obviously a big progress comparing to last year’s NaNoWriMo, and I’m proud of it. This is probably one thing to remember : no matter HOW MUCH you’re writing, the goal isn’t 50,000 words. THE GOAL IS TO WRITE. Wake up the writer in you, wake up the itching of your fingertips on the keyboard. tumblr_mn9s4181I01rhfltso1_250

I still feel like NaNoWriMo is time-consuming, a BRAIN-EATING kind of torture that you’re supposed to endure if you want to boost yourself to write. Take cookies, CHOCOLATE, whatever food is working for you, and go let’s write. Some days are hard, others are more easy, and the words just flow on the page. No matter what kind of day we’re having, let’s not give this up, okay? 

A what? A SNIPPET?! 

Last week, I told you that I’m writingcontemporary novel, with a twist that you won’t see coming, hopefully. It deals with studies, pressure, it has childhood best friends with a complicated and heartbreaking relationship, it’s about who to trust and who you can’t trust.

Some of you – you’ll recognize yourself, and I love you, and I’m so FLATTERED that you’re taking an interest in my work – wanted to know more about what I’m currently working on for this year’s NaNoWriMo. Well, here goes! I’m very nervous about this, but I wanted to share a little snippet for you guys. Remember that English isn’t my mother tongue, so I apologize for any mistakes I might have made in this. Okay, now, I’ll cross my fingers, hoping you’ll like this…and, here goes 😳.

“Raindrops fall on the window like fingertips, begging to enter into the princess’ room. Her eyelids are closed, but her whole face wears a frown. Drops of sweats make their way on the forehead of the girl lying under the messed-up sheets. Her lips part, and then close again. Steps make their way onto the creaky floor, and the door of the room opens, silently. One, two, three steps. Three seconds, and a hand rests on the young girl’s shoulder, waking her up. Her eyes are the color of the ocean during a storm, and they are frantically searching the night, her hands protecting her body by instinct. The moonlight falls onto the intruder’s face. Long, blond hair, eyes exactly just like hers. A quick look on her nightstand tells her that it’s 2:56 in the morning.

“Mom? Is that you?”

Keely’s voice is still half asleep, shaking from the nightmare she’s still living, even now that she’s wide awake. Her mom’s wearing day clothes, despite it being the middle of the night. She lays a hand on her cheek. It’s cold, and wet. Confused, Keely moves a hair out of her face, and sits in her bed, getting rid of the sheets that she’s tangled into.

“What’s going on?”

Silent, Keely studies her mother’s familiar face. Despite her fifties, she doesn’t have one single wrinkle, and her eyes are as fierce as a twelve-year-old kid. But, that night, there is something more. Something different, a dark shadow covering her face. Keely opens her mouth again, then closes it, pieces of the puzzle suddenly put into place. She jumps out of her bed in a second, gets out of her mother’s grip, takes a cardigan on a chair, and goes out. Stairs fly by under her naked feet. She doesn’t even have to open the door. On the porch, they are all here. Familiar faces, watching her like she is a stranger. They all wear the same expression. Despair. Sadness.

“It’s him, isn’t it? Gaulthier? Did they leave without saying goodbye?”

Her voice shake as she speaks. The nightmare was gone, but now, there was this anger, already eating her from inside. How could he leave without a goodbye, after all those years?!

Tears were already falling down her cheeks. That’s when she really looks, at all those people sitting on the porch. Her dad, his hair all messed-up, like he went to bed and woke up just like her. Gaulthier’s mom, strangely wearing day clothes, her suit barely wrinkled. And Gaulthier’s uncle, his dark hair under the moonlight, and his suit, perfect.

More confused than ever, Keely looks at her father. He couldn’t lie to her, she knew that much. But, when he chose to lower his eyes, Keely knew that something was wrong. Really wrong.

“Where is Gaulthier?”

A few seconds go by in silence. The wind picked up, sending Keely’s hair tie far away, on the beach, and into the ocean, probably. Gaulthier’s uncle makes a step towards her.

“He’s gone.” He was trying to be soft, but, with his raspy voice, it was more scary than reassuring.

“What do you mean, gone? Without you? Without his mother?”

Keely takes a step back, almost going back into the safety of her own home, every fiber in her body telling her to avoid whatever drama was going out outside. But her heart beating tells her it’s impossible.

“He said he couldn’t handle it anymore”. her mother says, standing up and holding out a hand to Keely, slowly, like she’s afraid she will bite her. “We got into a fight. I got up into his room to apologize, but when I got there, he was already gone. The window was open. I called Richard and we followed his steps to the beach. He –” her voice breaks. “He was already gone. We found part of his clothes, right next to your usual spot.”

Gaulthier’s mother takes something from one of the while chairs of the porch. It’s a tee-shirt, Keely realizes, and she doesn’t need the sunlight to know it’s blue. Blue like the color of the sky that day, blue like the color of the calm ocean, blue like his eyes. She didn’t need more light to realize that Gaulthier’s mother was touching the cloth with precaution, as if she was scared to catch a cold by holding it. Or maybe, to avoid the large, unmistakable trace of blood on it.

A few times, Keely blinks her eyes, tries to understand. She watches every single people surrounding her. She listens to the clock of the church nearby, ringing three in the morning. Silently, barely opening her lips, she counts, then, just like he teached her. One. Two. Three. Then, she blacks out.”

So tell me, guys, how are you doing with NaNoWriMo? Are you friends, or ennemies with the word count? Do you think you’ll make it? WHAT IS YOUR STORY ABOUT? Tell me everything! 💬 If you’re still struggling, even though I’m no expert on this, I offer you some piece of advice in my latest blog post

What did you think of that little extract? Do you want to know more? Let me know your thoughts in comments 💭

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20 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo officially ate my brain + sharing a snippet!

  1. I enjoyed the excerpt from your story! Even without knowing some background that’s likely required, the emotion is really clear. I also loved your opening line about the rain tapping like fingertips – really vivid.

    As you said English isn’t your mother language, I noticed two things that I thought I could offer feedback on. One was the way you set off dialogue with an en dash. I’m not sure if there was just a formatting thing going on to put it on your blog, but traditionally you would just enclose any spoken words in quotations.

    One other thing I noticed that I remember my creative writing professors harping on was not to describe body parts as doing something. For example, they told us not to say “a hand rested on her shoulder,” or “her fingers scrabbled for purchase”. The reason is that what you’re actually saying or implying is that the body part is the one doing the action, not the person to whom it is attached. So to fix those, you would instead say, “he rested his hand on her shoulder,” or “his fingers scrabbled for purchase.”

    Either way, it looks good! Keep writing and good luck with your 50,000 words.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really enjoyed your excerpt! There was so much emotion wrapped into that excerpt. Your vivid and descriptive words really offsets your story. My feedback is that I think that the main character should interact a little bit more with her mother when she’s being woken up. For a second I wasn’t sure if her mom was there in a dream. Does that make sense? I understand that Keely is still dreamlike from being as sleep and she was written very well. That was the only thing that I wanted to point out. Overall, great job! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thank you so, so much, I’m so flattered that you think that ❤ That totally makes sense, since I'm writing it, I obviously see the scene perfectly in my head, haha. But thank you for pointing that out to me, you're right, it may not be very obvious at the first read. I'll write it down to correct that!
      Thank you so much for your feedback and your sweet words!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh I am more than sure that NaNoWriMo is a brain-consuming event! You’re doing a fantastic job, and I think you’re definitely right that this is an event not meant for the sole purpose of reaching 50,000, even if that is the ultimate goal, the real goal is to get you writing consistently, once a day! I feel like for some people, it’s a boost for them to keep writing every single day. If I participated, this would probably be me.

    I LOVE YOUR SNIPPET! Your novel feels so dark and gritty, and a little heart breaking! Already I’m so intrigued as to what is going on and who these characters are and WHY THIS PERSON LEFT! Give me more I say! Moreeeee! ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is a boost for me! I used to write a lot, and, in the past year, I didn’t have time and energy to really focus on writing. I’m so glad this event is here, because it certainly makes me write every day, and realize how much I love it 🙂
      Aw thank you so, so much, Josie! I’m so happy you enjoy it!! 😳😘❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow Marie! You make me want to join in on NaNoWriMo! I’ve never participated, but I can imagine how emotionally (and physically!) exhausting writing would be. Still, your post and your excerpt is really inspiring. Maybe I shall do it in 2016. c:

    I can tell from your excerpt that your story will be very emotive story. It feels so visceral – maybe it is something you are familiar with? That’s the vibe I get! But GO YOU GIRL. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is a challenge everyday, but surprisingly, now that it’s coming to an end, I feel more inspired and crazy than ever about writing! You should definitely participate next year! It’s a wonderful experience, and great to boost yourself to write every day 🙂
      Aw really 😳 thank you so, so much, I’m hoping it will be very emotive indeed, I’m glad you’re finding it that way already! Thank you so, so, so much, it means a lot! 💖

      Liked by 1 person

  5. AAAAAH! I don’t understand how I could have missed this!?!?! So sorry, but now I’ve read it and I LOVE IT! 😀 You are so much better at writing the descriptive parts than me. I could see Keely right in front of me (love the name by the way)! The ending was very intriguing – it definitely makes me want to read more.
    I like how you wrote in the present tense, I did that for Break Up Buddy as well, but it didn’t feel quite right for Dreamer. I saw tiny mistakes, but don’t ever worry about those. Everyone makes mistakes and English isn’t my mother tongue either, so it is bound to happen hahaha
    I hope you continue to share snippets ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I get feeling anxious! I felt the same way when I shared my chapters and I was surprised and so happy about all the positive feedback. So, in the end it was totally worth it 😀 the same goes for your story. I am so glad you shared it!

        Liked by 1 person

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