Showtime – November 2015

Hi bookish friends! It’s that time of the month again, where we get together and talk about anticipated book to movie adaptations, in my feature, ShowtimeIn this feature, I’ll provide you with the latest news of upcoming movies, tv shows and projects in development, obviously related with young adult books.


And this month, I have some news! Between projects becoming alive, and new projects coming up, there are lots to talk about! So let’s get to it, shall we!

Showtime – November 2015



Before I Fall

drama, comedy
Adapted from Before I Fall, by Lauren Oliver



Back in September, I shared the news of Before I Fall being adapted onto the big screen, and needless to say, I WAS EXCITED. It’s one of my favorite books, and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen. Moreover, after Zoey Deutsch being casted, we got some other exciting news!

💭 Halston Sage, Logan Miller and Kian Lawley are going to be part of the movie, too, announced EW. I couldn’t be more thrilled, especially for Halston Sage. I’ve seen her on the Paper Towns movie, and thought she was excellent. I can’t wait.

💭Another casting news… Jennifer Beals joined the cast of the Before I Fall movie. I’m not very familiar with this actress, but I’m just hoping she’ll do a great job, because…

before i fall movie

💭The filming has just started! Okay, now, I can officially be excited!!


Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda

comedy, romance
Adapted from Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, by Becky Albertalli




Okay, so I guess you’ve all heard the news by now, but, just so we can get excited together AGAIN…. The great Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda was acquired by Fox 2000! So, are you happy about this, or not? Do you already imagine who might be in this cast? Tell me everything, let’s IMAGINE it all together! 


Jenna Fox Chronicles

science-fiction, mystery
Adapted from The Adoration of Jenna Fox, by Mary E. Pearson


I don’t know if any of you guys know about this book…I haven’t seen it much around. Okay, it’s been released in what, 2008, I think. It’s about a girl, waking up from a long coma, in a futuristic America. She’s supposedly recovering from an accident, but she has no memories of her past life. I did read this book a while ago, and it was WEIRD. But I’m so intrigued about this becoming a movie. Dolphin Films bought the rights just a little while ago.  Doesn’t it sound interesting?


His Dark Materials

Adapted from His Dark Materials, by Philip Pullman



I HAVE NO WORDS. When I found out about this, I just couldn’t speak. His Dark Materials is probably one of my favorite books, and, most importantly, it’s my favorite book from my childhood. The universe, the characters, the WHOLE EPICNESS OF IT ALL. I just can’t say more, if you’ve read it, you understand. Well, I hope you do. SO, The BBC is going to turn this fantastic trilogy in a TV series. YES, A TV SERIES. I can’t wait. I was really disappointed by the movie adaptation of this (starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, if you remember). I can’t wait to see this one, and I hope it turns out GOOD.


monster callsTHIS JUST IN: The first official TEASER TRAILER for the movie of a Monster Calls has been released!! I didn’t read this book yet -I know, shame on me-, but this doesn’t mean I’m not excited to read it, and see the movie. Just yesterday, Patrick Ness posted on his twitter this AWESOME news…To watch it, just click right here! And now, feel free to freak out !! As for me…well, let me go buy this book right this second.

Are you excited for any of these books to go on the big screen? Why, or why not? Casting ideas, fears, impressions, tell me everything in comments! 💬

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6 thoughts on “Showtime – November 2015

  1. AFJDKLASD I AM SO EXCITED FOR A MONSTER CALLS!! *flails wildly* I saw the trailer yesterday and omggg it looks beautiful and perfect and Liam Neeson narrating is just already the best thing ever. :’) I didn’t know about If I Fall though!! Omg I need to go read that book immediately.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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  2. Omg you totally need to read A Monster Calls before the movie comes out! It’s a wonderful book and I think the reading experience would be ruined if you came back to it afterwards!! I haven’t heard of the Jenna Fox Chronicles but it does sound like it would be a great film. I mean, sci-fi amnesiac sounds like something that would appeal to a lot of people.

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    1. I definitely will read it before seeing the movie, it’s what I always like to do when a book is being adapted, and I haven’t read the book yet. I prefer living the experience this way 🙂
      You’re so right, it seems like appealing themes to a lot of people, so I’m sure, if it’s done, that it will be successful 🙂
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Jenna! ❤

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    1. This makes me so nervous, too. I was too disappointed by The Golden Compass movie to get my hopes up on anything. You’re so right, I feel the same way, nothing could be worse than this. I was so crushed after seeing this movie destroy my favorite book. But well…I’m still curious about how this new adaptation will be done, I guess we’ll see 🙂
      Thank you so much for stopping by, it’s always a pleasure to see you around here!! ❤

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