20 YA books to make you travel this summer

Hi friends, happy Wednesday! It’s almost summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and, as you might know it, I’m ALL for summertime and warmth and all of the happy feelings that go with it, for me. Summer is also my favorite time of the year because I get the chance to travel a little bit and, if you know me a little bit, I LIVE for these kind of adventures.

Today, I thought I’d share some books that made me want to travel and explore the world. Whether they’re set in a specific place, are road-trips kind of books or just have some moments set in particular settings that made me all dreamy…. They’re all here and I hope they will make you want to travel, too.

I hope you’ll enjoy my recommendations!

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🌍 YA Books To Make You Travel This Summer

Wanderlost, Jen Malone

Why I recommend it 🔎 Wanderlost was such a sweet contemporary to read, filled with travelling, unexpected meetings, romance and all of the wanderlust you need!

Where will you travel to? ✈️  Europe: Amsterdam, Vienna, Prague, Monaco…


This Is How It Happened, Paula Stokes

Why I recommend it 🔎 This is one of my favorite books EVER so obviously I have to recommend it. It deals with tough topics, but also made me travel a bit with all of the gorgeous landscapes and adventures in the national park.

Where will you travel to? ✈️  Zion National Park (USA)

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Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour, Morgan Matson

Why I recommend it 🔎 I can’t have a list mentioning traveling and not mention this book, one of my favorites by Morgan Matson. It has a road trip and wonderful characters I loved.

Where will you travel to? ✈️  Road trip from California to Connecticut, USA.

Points of Departure, Emily O’Beirne

Why I recommend it 🔎 This book isn’t too popular, but really it’s a really fun contemporary I’d recommend with a fun, diverse cast of characters. If the travelling was more of a background to their own development, I adored seeing them making such huge trips across the world and it’s an ideal book to make you want to hop on a plane!

Where will you travel to? ✈️  Australia, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, England and Thailand.

The Astonishing Color of After, Emily X.R.Pan

Why I recommend it 🔎 I loved this book SO much and therefore you should read it, that’s all, that’s my argument. The author’s writing is absolutely stunning and I traveled to Taiwan with the main character, saw the city through her eyes and the night markets and food and everything and this was a wonderful read.

Where will you travel to? ✈️  Taiwan.

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Small Town Hearts, Lillie Vale

Why I recommend it 🔎 Okay so hear me out for a second. Small Town Hearts might have a fictional town at its heart, but… the little houses, the beach, the lighthouse, everything about it all just makes me want to travel there as soon as possible and…. this book is just too good for summertime okay READ THIS.

Where will you travel to? ✈️  Oar’s Rest, Maine, USA… okay, so any cute little small town by the sea you’re dreaming of.

📖 read my review

The sisterhood of the traveling pants, Ann Brashares

Why I recommend it 🔎 An oldie but a goodie here, friends, I remember loving this book and the bonds the characters had, even halfway across the world. It’s a book to make you travel here and there, but worth reading for its awesome characters too for sure!

Where will you travel to? ✈️  Santorini (Greece), Mexico, South Carolina (USA).


13 Little Blue Envelopes, Maureen Johnson

Why I recommend it 🔎 I read this one a long time ago, but I remember really loving it, following the main character as she travels all around Europe, following her aunt’s letters like a paper chase. A real fun read that makes me want to pick up my backpack and hop on a plane.

Where will you travel to? ✈️  All over Europe: England, Scotland, France, Italy, Denmark…

Isla and the Happily Ever After, Stephanie Perkins

Why I recommend it 🔎 The Anna and the French Kiss has its problematic elements, most especially in its first book and its relationship there, but the third book in the series is really my favorite of them all, most likely because Isla is, well, me, and this book had plenty of wanderlust and swoony moments.

Where will you travel to? ✈️  New York City (USA), Paris (France), Barcelona (Spain).

The Geography of You And Me, Jennifer E. Smith

Why I recommend it 🔎 Jennifer E. Smith writes wonderful contemporaries and I have fond memories of this one, as the two main characters are apart from each other, exploring different places in the world while still keeping in touch. Such a lovely read.

Where will you travel to? ✈️ New York City (USA), Edinburgh (Scotland), London (England), Rome (Italy), Portland (USA), Seattle (USA)….


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Did you read any of these books? What are some books you’d recommend if I’m looking to get all of the wanderlust feels?

Let me know in comments!





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