How to find your blogging voice and your best blogging-self

Finding yourself is an every-day quest and finding your blogging-self is, too, no matter where you are in your book blogging journey. With a thousand, a million of book bloggers out there, it’s so hard to find that thing that makes you stand out. That thing that makes you shine, that makes you tell yourself “Okay. There might be a thousand bloggers out there, but I’m here and I matter too.”

That thing, friends, is your blogging voice and, despite sounding complicated and strange and like I’m going to tell you to sing out loud (I won’t), it’s not like that at all.

πŸŒͺ What is your book blogging voice, then?

Your blogging voice is what makes you unique and what makes you stand out from the crowd of endless book bloggers out there. Your blogging voice is what makes me read your post and say “Yes, I’m on his/her/their blog.”, because… there’s just something about the writing that stands out, that jumps at me and tells me, this is them speaking, this is them writing this.

For me, this doesn’t only come from the book blogger’s writing in itself, but with the entirety of their blogging-self, too. Yes, some people will have a way with phrasing, will insert fun puns in their writing, while some others will write long, philosophical sentences and, if you ask me, this is part of the book blogging voice and, most likely the most obvious part, too. But it’s not only that. The entire aesthetic of a blog, the way they draft their posts, the way they write, yes, but also the way they present themselves, with illustrated pictures, with their blog posts layout, their brand, their entire identity, is what makes their blogging LOUD and stand out.

It seems all very strange, yet, when you’re blog-hopping or just reading one blog post, somehow, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re reading Cait’s fabulous book blog, Paper Fury, you’ll recognize her unique blogging voice, her way of taking you in with her words, her humor and her amazing-self. Cait is an obvious example, of course, because if you’re a book blogger, you might all be familiar with her, but there are so, so many other bloggers out there just like her with an unique voice. Ilsa @ Whisper of Ink has her way of writing incredibly thoughtful discussions that always hit me deep. May @ Forever and Everly writes stunning blog posts in their own way. Fadwa @ Word Woonders does that too, I could also mention the lovely Zoie @ Whisked Away By Words, whose posts and beautiful writing I automatically recognize. I could talk about CW and her stunning, unique blog, The Quiet Pond, that stands out with its incredible voice and her incredible ideas and aesthetics overall. I could go on and on, but this post would be a billion words longer.

If you ask me what makes these bloggers different and what always makes me come back to read their blog posts, it’s that. It’s the fact that they’re unique.

“Yes, Marie, but we’re all unique, aren’t we?” is probably what you want to scream at me right now, and yes, I agree. We’re all unique, but the difference here, in their blogs and in so many book blogs out there, is that it shows.

πŸŒͺ How to let your book blogging voice shine and show off your unique self

I’m not pretending to be the queen of book blogging voices and, just like any human out there, I am still finding myself. Yet, after over four years of blogging and reading billions of book blogs, I feel like I got to understand a little bit what you can do to really stand out and, most importantly…. to have the most fun while blogging.

πŸ’§ Stop trying to be someone you’re not: be unique.

When you’re at the very beginning of your book blogging journey, or even months or years later on, sometimes you have no idea what the heck you’re doing and sometimes, you find these bloggers that seem so, so eloquent and… well, you want to be just like them. That is a trap and honestly, the worst trap you can fall into. It can seem like a great idea to try and copy what other bloggers do. To try to write your blog posts the way another is, calling everyone pineapples like Cait does, artfully mixing storytelling with your blog posts like CW does.

Is this really you, though?

Seeing that other bloggers manage to nail that book blogging voice and nail blogging overall can obviously strike some jealousy and make you want to do the same thing. Yet, it’s not the right path to do down to, for many, many reasons. Obviously, because when you’re copying, it shows (yes), but most of it all, because you’re completely disserving yourself by doing this.

Book blogging is not fiction writing and you’re not putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. You’re in your own damn unique shoes and you should be proud of it.

Finding the ways you’re unique, finding the ways your blogging is unique, the way your discussions can stand out, the way your blog can stand out as a whole and make people say “yes, this is their blog”, isn’t a small quick path. It takes time, it takes practice. It took me years to gain confidence to not look back at the post I scheduled and cancel everything because I feel like it wasn’t good enough. It took me years to figure out that, yes, even if I’m scared to put this out there, I should because I put my heart, passion and personnality into it and…. I’m just going to say it, it’s actually an okay post and I’m proud of it.

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πŸ’§ Read, write and practice a lot to let your blogging voice appear

I have read so, so many blog posts. I have read so many blogs, book blogs, lifestyle blogs, travel blogs and so on. I have read so many books and magazine articles and so many other things, too. I have published over 700 blog posts (not counting the drafts, messed up posts and ones I never published). I have tweeted and captioned things on instagram, commented on blog posts and so on.

Slowly but surely, as I read and admired other people’s voices, I got inspired and found my own, too, growing the confidence to publish posts and let my thoughts shine, too. Not unafraid, because I’m human, but unapologetically myself. That’s how it works, really. It takes time, it takes inspiration, it takes notes in your cellphone of cut-off sentences because you don’t have time to draft it all, it takes writing and rewriting. It takes 10 lines of notes to grow into this very blog post that is way too long, but written with heart.

πŸ’§Write with your personality and your passion

There are over 7.6 billions humans in the world and yet, you’re here and you have your own personality. Let it show and let it shine. There might be a thousand discussions like the one you’re drafting right now, book recommendations like the ones you have in mind at the moment, there might be other book blogs out there, but there’s only one you. Let it show. Express your thoughts in your own way, with your own mind and most importantly, with your own heart.

Put your way of seeing the world into your post and put your passion and guts into this, too. In my small years of book blogging, I have read over 100s of books because book bloggers recommended them to me, and you know how this happened? It happened because I read incredible book reviews for these books, reviews where passion shined, where people might have felt like they were fangirling too hard and yet, their love and passion for a book shined through and convinced me. DO THIS. Whether you’re feeling hot or cold about a story, about a blogging topic or something else, whether you’re feeling conflicted, let the feelings seep through your fingertips as you write. Let your passion show. Feel everything and love every second of it.

Nothing shows more than a blog post written with passion and heart.

Ultimately, finding your blogging voice will only be the best thing that ever happens to your blogging adventure. It will help you grow your blog, yes, because people will come back for more once they get to see your passion, personality and love for books and blogging and whatever your love is, shine through. People will come to see you, hear about you, hear about the way you’re seeing things, too, through your unique lens and unique way of putting words together, too.

Yet, it will also help you keep on the blogging love alive, because it’s a place where you can be yourself, too. Express your thoughts, write it all down, share your passion and have fun without trying to be someone else and, if that’s not one of the best things to do, I don’t know what is.

This entire blog post was inspired by the wonderful Shannon and her comment on one of my latest post, thank you so much for this. I might have ranted a lot and I’m so sorry.

Do you think you have found your “blogging voice”, or are you still searching it?

What are some things that, for you, make a blog stand out? What are some blogs that have a unique “blogging voice” for you?Β Tell me everything in comments!





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  1. Great post! When I first started blogging and blog hopping I noticed that the blogs I enjoyed reading the most were written in a casual and chatty manner….like we were having a conversation. Then I realized my writing was more formal because of my years as a teacher and all the papers I had to write during my class work and all the reports I wrote as an educator. I’m still trying for a more casual voice but it’s difficult when I’ve been trained to write formally. Ugh! Luckily I have lots of opportunities to practice! πŸ‘πŸ˜‚

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    1. Thank you so much Carol! Oh I can understand that, when you are used to writing a certain way, it’s so hard to get rid of that habit! But yes, you have a lot of time to practice and to find the way you prefer to write your posts! πŸ˜€
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment ❀

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  2. I only have 3 blog posts, so I’m as new to blogging as can be. I feel like I’m using my own blog voice but I still have some uncertainty about it all. So I’m going to keep blogging, for me and hope someone along the way enjoys a post or two of mine.


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