Why I don’t re-read

Hello guys! How are you? Is December treating you well? Are you looking forward to a little break to celebrate the end of the year? Because I sure am, looking for a break I mean. Yeah yeah… you all are aware by now that this is not my favorite time of the year so I’ll just wait patiently for spring! 

Anyway, I’m back today with a pretty interesting topic (Well, I think so…). Do you guys ever re-read your books? Or once the story is read, you put it on your shelf to never be opened again? I personally fit in that second scenario. Once I’ve read a book, I tend to never (and I mean NEVER) re-read it again. Let me tell you why.

1) There are SO MANY other books out there I’m dying to read.

I mean I’m working and I don’t have a lot of time to read. I much rather spend it discovering a whole new story than re-reading one I already know. My TBR is HUGE and I don’t know I just want to read as much as I can, be immerged in as many worlds as I can and connect with as many characters as possible. Does it make sense?

2) I don’t want to be disappointed if it’s not as good as the first read was.

It’s like when you’re a kid and you see the shed you built and it’s not as big or pretty as it seemed to be in your mind. I don’t want to re-read one of my favorite books and discover that it’s just not that good or I don’t like it that much. And it’s more than possible because I’ll have grown and I’m not going to be the same person I was or in the same mood.

3) I know how it ends, it spoils the read for me.

The biggest reason why I don’t re-read is that I know how it ends. It’s not as important for a contemporary but for a dystopia it kind of spoils the read. I like to be surprised, I enjoy the suspense. It’s just not as fun the second time around. Of course maybe you’ll discover new hints or something but yeah that’s it for me.

Even if I don’t re-read, I totally get why people like to go back to old stories. It’s the perfect thing to do when you’re lonely or homesick or even in a reading slump. I mean it makes you feel safe and comforted. And yeah it’s a totally different experience since you’re older and maybe wiser!

>> 5 books I would like to get back to one day

… because they are awesome and I’m totally in love with them!



Do you ever re-read a story? Tell me why! 

What are the books you would like to get back to right now? What are the books you can’t help but re-read?

Let’s chat in comments 💬

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134 thoughts on “Why I don’t re-read

  1. I very rarely re-read books… I do NOT understand the people who re-read multiple books a year or even yearly. When I re-read a book, it is typically a favorite but in a different format than I originally read it in. For example, when the illustrated editions of the Harry Potter books came out, I read those versions. OR if it is a beloved favorite, I will give the audiobook format a go because it is a totally different reading experience.

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  2. I definitely agree 100% with your #1 reason. There’s just too many wonderful books to be read out there and never enough time. I rarely do re-reads but my best friend and I are talking about re-reading the Harry Potter series as a buddy read at some point.

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    1. Yeees! I just want to read as many different stories as I can 😁 Well if there is one book worth reading it’s Harry Potter 😍😍 Thanks for stopping by 😘

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  3. I do re-read books for two different reasons, not otherwise.
    * If the narration is too good, when I just want to relax myself with easy reading (because i can’t think what will happen next 🙂 )
    * If the book is on self-help, health etc, just to refer something again or reinforce my learning

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  4. I love rereads! Especially when I’m feeling sad, i always know I can reach for a book that will cheer me up. Also, recently I’ve had trouble focusing on books when I get stressed, but I’ve found that rereading a book helps calm me so that I still feel like I’m reading, and not just in a slump for all eternity.

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    1. I must admit that re-reading a old loved book is really the best cure when you’re feeling sad and you need a bit of cheering up. Especially when you’re feeling anxious! I should definitely do it when I’m feeling that way 😊 Thanks for stopping by and happy new year 😘😘


  5. I re-read all the time, mostly because reading a book multiple times is like slipping it a soft old hoodie. It’s familiar and comfortable. I also like seeing different things in books each time. The mark of a good book is having enough depth to reveal something new as the reader ages! However, I totally get why you don’t re-read! So many books, so little time 😛

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    1. Aww, you described it so well!! 😍 I totally get it, it’s really comforting to get back to a story we enjoyed. And it’s also perfect when you’re a reading slump. 😊 Haha, yeeees all these books! They’re driving me crazy 😂 Thanks for stopping by 😘😘


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