How to avoid the hype as a book blogger (can you really?)

Some books are everywhere.

No matter what you do, no matter whether you want to see them or not, when you’re a book blogger and part of the book blogging community, some books will inevitably be shoved in your face once, twice, a thousand times a day, a month, a year. These are the books that you will see ending up on yearly’s best reads, the books that were on last year’s most anticipated reads and so on. And all of a sudden, you’re finding yourself hyped for them all, adding them compulsively to your TBR and screaming about them with everyone else.

Take Children of Blood and Bone, for instance. I hold absolutely no grudge whatsoever about this book, let me be clear: I read and was astonished by how BRILLIANT this book is. I also learned the author is like, my age and that shocked me, but that’s not the point. This book was probably one of the most hyped books of the year and it all started last year, with most anticipated reads lists and will end this year with most awesome books of the year. EVERYONE was talking about it. EVERYONE has read it, reviewed it, instagrammed it and so on.

Well, almost everyone, obviously. As I’m writing this, I realized I haven’t reviewed it. Seemed useless though, everyone has.

I have tried to ignore it, tried to deny it, tried to cover my ears and eyes, but thing is, when you’re a book blogger, you can’t avoid the hype. No one is immune.

But, Marie, you’re asking yourself as you’re reading this: why the heck would you write a post telling us HOW to avoid the hype and then start by telling us that we can’t?!

When there’s a will, there is a way. You can avoid the bookish hype if you take the easy way and just, well, close your eyes to everything and do this:

  • Avoid twitter. It’s well-known that everyone there is screaming about books even months and years before they are even released. Book deals are announced and shared on twitter so all of a sudden a book can get all the hype while it doesn’t even have a proper synopsis just yet and comes out in 2022.
  • Avoid instagram and bookstagram, because everyone is most likely posting photos of the same books, over and over again and hype works that way, too.
  • While you’re at it, avoid book blogs altogether. You’re destined to see the same books in these anticipated lists, the same books reviewed by everyone at the same time, all year long.

Just close your eyes on everything.

I know. This method might be quite efficient, because that way you’ll never see the same books all over again and you won’t get all excited and hyped up like everyone else is.

I also know that yes THIS METHOD completely sucks and, as a book blogger, you WANT to be part of the community, to read blogs, scroll through twitter and instagram while you should be writing blog posts. You WANT to be part of it all and if you avoid everything, you can’t really be.

I’ll never be one to advice you to moderate your time reading blogs, because I easily spend an hour every day doing so and I love it. I can tell you to moderate your time on social media because it’s better for your mental health and better to avoid the hype a little bit, too.

I can also advice you this REAL method. It’s not foolproof. It hasn’t prevented me from getting hyped up about books. But hell, isn’t that what we, book bloggers, are here for, too? This advice below, though, has helped me A LOT when it comes to… let’s say, moderating my bookish frenzy.

📖 How to really avoid the book hype (or try)

1️⃣ Take a minute with yourself to THINK.

Before jumping up and down, screaming just like everyone else about the book, frantically adding it to your TBR, buying it or borrowing it, pre-ordering it, asking for a review copy or hitting that request button on NetGalley or Edelweiss….

THINK. Ask yourself if you really want to read this book: does the synopsis really interest you or are you just adding it because everyone else is? Are you really that into it?

It seems simple, but I can’t tell you how many times I had a NEED TO GET A book because everyone had been talking about it, how many books I have on my Goodreads TBR that are there because everyone mentioned them, and I don’t even know what exactly they’re about.

Now, I’m taking some time for myself to think about it. If the book sounds great the next morning as well, if it sounds REALLY cool or if it just sounded cool at the moment because everyone was talking about it. I feel better for it, because I’m hyped for books I WANT TO BE HYPED FOR and not for every book out there.

2️⃣ WAIT.

I know us bookworms are familiar with waiting for these books we have been eagerly anticipating, screaming about them months and months before. Waiting an extra few months sound terrible at times, but let me tell you – some other times, it doesn’t seem so bad.

I waited YEARS before finally reading Six of Crows, one of the most hyped books in the book blogging world ever. YEARS. I’ve seen the hype, the reviews, everyone screaming about it. Yet, I trusted my gut and knew that I wasn’t sure whether or not it would be for me. I am glad that I waited for the hype to die down – or at least, for the book to be a little less everywhere in my face, to read it. In the end, I really liked it, but the expectations and pressure from the community was lessened and I felt better about it.

Also, when you wait, your own expectations for the book might be a bit lower, with time and that’s good. Getting in with too many expectations might be how a book ends up disappointing you.

3️⃣ Just learn to live with it.

Being a book blogger and being part of this community is BEING part of the hype, too, making it live, really. We’re surrounded by it, we’re swimming in it and even if we want to, there’s no way to avoid it. Sometimes, getting away a bit and focus on our backlist titles we have waiting for us might be good. Some other times, just ignoring the world might work, too.

Yet, the best thing to do with it all and to keep on going is to keep our minds open and alert.

They’re the ones knowing what we really like and which books might be really for us, while others might just be really hyped, but books that we’d never enjoy. They’re the ones knowing that, even if that REALLY HYPED book seems a bit our of our comfort zone, we might really enjoy it and might want to give it a try. They’re the ones knowing the books we WANT to be hyping up because they’re our kinds of books.

In the end of it all, to avoid the hype, all we can do is trust our bookworms minds and hope that they will know the right books to be hyped about, for us.

How do you handle book hype? Do you tend to add all the books everyone’s talking about to your TBRs? (Not judging. I’m doing that too sometimes).

What was one really hyped book that you’ve read and loved? And one you didn’t really liked? Let me know in comments!



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