Why I don’t binge-read (like, ever)

Us book bloggers barely have time to do it all. The thousand of books we want to read, the hundred of blog posts ideas swimming in our minds, the tweets we want to put out, the conversations we want to have, the endless bookish pictures we want to take…. Needless to say that being a book blogger and, most importantly, being a book blogger takes time. And a whole lot of love for what we’re doing, too.

But let’s get back on the “reading thousand of books” problem, because we can all relate to that, right? I mean – I currently have almost 400 books on my goodreads TBR and, if that’s not much for some people, or a lot for others, I know I am constantly wondering when the heck I’ll ever read all of these books.

Yet, I keep on adding them to my TBR constantly, because I can’t help it. #bookwormproblems.

To get through more books and therefore tackling that endless TBR, many people might resort to
the binge-reading solution. Much like binge-watching a TV show you’re suddenly obsessed about, binge-reading consists, from my understanding, in reading books, loads of them, just like you’re devouring an entire season of your latest favorite TV show in a day, ignoring life, responsibilities and people screaming at you to get off the TV or your computer or whatever device you’re watching it on.

I’m not here to criticize people binge-reading, not at all, on the contrary: I admire people able to stay through an entire book without blinking, engrossed in the story for so long. I admire people tackling on these 24, 48 hours-long readathons where you have a list of books you want to get through and just do it.
Read, read, read, the entire day, on and on, turning pages, fueling with tea, coffee or energy drinks and read until you fall asleep, book on your face.

I also completely get the amazing advantages of binge-reading and of these kind of readathons. Tackling your TBR, tackling the unread books sitting on your shelves, dedicating an entire day to just reading. Getting to this series and reading the three, four, five books back to back, getting stuck in one universe for so long you have no idea what the outside world is like anymore.

It’s beautiful, really. Yet, I just like I never binge-watch TV shows (my record has to be, maybe 4 episodes in a row of a 40 minute show or something), I never binge-read books. Okay, I know, never say never, so let’s just say I’ve never done it, yet.

I never binge-read books, because I need breaks. I don’t know if that makes me a bad reader, being unable to read for one entire day, but I just, don’t. I actually enjoy taking breaks, taking my time to read a book even if I am slowly, but certainly getting obsessed with it and loving it so, very much. I like having divided reading time, whether it’s because of work, other things to do, blogging and so on. It feels even better when I get back to it after this break.

I never binge-read books either, because I rarely ever have enough unread books at hand to do so. Like, series, for instance. I never buy series in a pack or a box set, because no matter how incredible the synopsis is, I am not investing in an entire series without knowing I really loved the first book. Therefore, I never binge-read series…. well okay, there is an exception to that and I wouldn’t really call it “binge”, since it took me, with life and work and everything, two weeks to get through them, but I kind of read the Six of Crows duology in a row. That’s the only exception so far.

It’s not that I am a slow reader. I’m fairly fast, or… let’s say, average compared to the book blogging community in general. I can read one medium book a week, almost two at the moment since I am not able to go to work. I know I could read more. I know I could get through my TBR faster, get new books quicker and tackle that TBR quicker, too.

But…. I actually don’t want to read all day long.

I sometimes can’t, when I go to work obviously and have to do other things, but… on weekends, I don’t want to either. I like spending a couple hours with my book. But I also like breaks and that delicious feeling when I open my book again after twenty minutes, an hour, half a day, two days, even more when I’m on holidays, without reading at all. It feels good, it feels like stepping back into a familiar world you love.

So I’m not a binge reader, at all. I think that’s okay. I think some people are able and love to get through one day, entirely immersed into a book, or a weekend into their latest favorite TV show. I’m not one of these people and, if I might not make that dent on my TBR during that awesome readathon weekend or give myself a goal to get through a book in the next day, I’m okay with it. I still love reading my books, no matter how slow or quick I might be at reading them and that’s what matters.

Are you a binge-reader? Why, or why not? Do you do 24, 48 hours readathons? Do you like spending an entire day, just reading? (and…am I weird?) Do you buy series in box sets, even if you haven’t tried the first book yet?

What’s one book or one series you binge-read, or just couldn’t stop reading, couldn’t stop thinking of? Let me know in comments!

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117 thoughts on “Why I don’t binge-read (like, ever)

  1. I completely agree- life just gets in the way! I used to read way more than I do now, but since working in publishing the amount of time/motivation I have left to read books has gone way down. I just accept that my TBR pile will never get to zero, but on the plus side it means I always have a reading option when I finish my current reads! It’s definitely not a bad thing though; you love books and that’s what matters, not how much you can get through in 24 hours!

    This is a great post though πŸ™‚

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    1. I agree with you, on the plus size we always have books to choose from in our endless TBR and that’s good, so many possibilities πŸ˜€
      Thank you so, so much, I’m so happy you enjoyed it! ❀

      Liked by 1 person

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