10 books that would make awesome movies

Hello guys! How are you? How was May for you? This month was great for me, I had many days off and the weather was fabulous! It felt like summer. Damn…I can’t wait for summer now.

I’m back today with an awesome topic (well…at least I think so…). It’s pretty frequent nowadays to see books being adapted on the big screen or turned into a tv show. And yeah, we’re cringing quite a lot because HELL, most of the time books are WAY better than the adaptation. It’s like they are destroying this image we had in our mind like how the characters would be, how the scenery would look like. I think the best thing to do in that case is to see the book and the movie as two different entities and you know sometimes the adaptation is really pleasant to see (I’m thinking about Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, I think they did a pretty great job, don’t you think?!).

So…here’s the top 10 books that I think would make awesome movies! Those are AMAZING books so if they EVER did an adaptation I would be FREAKING OUT (please don’t destroy my babies, please please please…). 



1 – All of This Is True

This book was intense, addictive and thrilling! The formatting was original and I think it would make a gripping movie a bit like The Bling Ring. It would be like a puzzle between the interviews on camera and the flashbacks. Can’t you see it in your mind already?

2 – Nothing Left to Burn

This book was A+! Absolutely loved the characters’ development and the way the story was told with the flashbacks. It would make a compelling, fascinating and quite dark movie. A bit like a contemporary thriller!

3 – This is How it Happened

The characters, the though topics it deals with like online shaming, drowsyy driving and the scenery (Zion National Park) : all the ingredients to a perfect movie! Anyone want some popcorn?

4 – The Lunar Chronicles

Okay…so while making my top 10 list, I put down this series and next to it I just put “!!!!” because yeah !!!! I’m so in love with that story and those characters that’s scary. It would make an AWESOME movie I’m postitive. Action-packed with a great world-building…they’ll have to make like 5 movies though.

5 – The Belles

I’m already seing the pretty dresses and the yummy pastries! If this book is made into a movie, I think they should put a bit more action especially in the first part of the story. Otherwise, I’m already buying my ticket to see it.

6 – The Illuminae Files

This movie would be scary as hell! We would be on the edge of our seat the whole time, it would be intense and we would be thinking about it a long time after the screen went blank. Yeah…I would totally bring a blanket to hide myself…or maybe I’ll put my head in the popcorn to avoid seing too many traumatizing stuff. Still...great movie potential.

7 – Peaches

A cute romantic summer movie to watch during a girls night. A bit like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. A feel-good movie.

8 – The Selection

A guilty pleasure for sure! A bit girly with romance and a hint of action and intrigue. Perfect for a night in with lots of ice cream, don’t you think?

9 – Delirium

A dystopian movie like I love so much! A dash of romance, a bit of action : in all a movie that tugs at your heartstrings.

10 – Uglies

Please please please don’t do it…or if you do hire me so I can stop you from messing it up! Yeah, this book would be an AMAZING movie, I’m just so in love with it I think I won’t EVER recover if the movie is bad. Action-packed, great world-building, relatable characters, it would be epic on the big screen!

What did you think of my selection? Any books you would like to see on the big screen?

Are you as freaked out as I am when an adaptation is coming out? Why do you think there are so many adaptations? Don’t people READ anymore?!

Let’s chat in comments 💬

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  1. Ever since I read it I have been waiting for the Selection to be a movie. I loved that series. The movie would be so sappy and drama filled but such a guilty pleasure.

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  2. I totally agree The Belles would make a great movie just for the visuals alone! The book was very adjective/descriptive heavy. And I loved the whole Uglies series, such nostalgia, so I would LOVE to see that turned into a movie as well!

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    1. Yeees, the visuals would be SO pretty! 😊 Ah Uglies, my first love haha 😍 It would be awesome to see it on the big screen 😁 Thanks for stopping by 😘

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