Why and how you should support book bloggers

Hello friends, happy Wednesday! Today is Valentine’s Day, a day where we should celebrate love… well, if we listen to everything that’s being said all around the world. Instead of talking about OTPs and other cheesy kind of things you can find in our beloved books, I decided, instead, to talk about book bloggers.

The book blogging community has been a part of me for over three years now and it has brought me so, so much more than I ever could imagined. Even if, sometimes, I still have a feeling that I don’t belong, that I am an outsider or that I just don’t matter, the community has always been there to support me. Book bloggers are incredible people and, in this day to share the love, I thought I would talk about why you all should support book bloggers, and how you can do that. Because it’s pretty cool and so are we.

Why you should support book bloggers (basically: why we are superheroes)

I could be really selfish here and say, because I am a book blogger and therefore you should support me, but I won’t. That is only implied, haha. Just kidding. Seriously, let me tell you: book bloggers are awesome and deserve all the love and support.

  • We spend hours, hours and hours blogging.

Blogging is a hobby that takes a whole lot of time and energy. You have to think of new blog post ideas, you have to draft your blog posts, write them, re-read them (or if you’re anything like me, bother your sister about it until she tells you you’re bothering the hell out of her), post everything. But it doesn’t stop there. We also comment on other blogs. We also promote our blog posts. We try and go on twitter and scream about books there, too. We get random ideas and projects and freak out about it.

Point is: we work a whole lot and we are not paid at all. I spend probably 16 hours a week or more blogging every WEEK. I work full time. Basically I’m crying a lot but I still love it.

  • We recommend you books! All the best books!

Let’s be honest for a second: where would you be without all of our great recommendations?! Maybe reading books you hate or just crying because you don’t know what to read. Now, you got countless books to choose from, a TBR that will kill you anytime and no money left in your bank account.

Also, occasionally, we read all the bad books and write ranty reviews about it, so you know which books you should avoid.

  • We are basically dedicated screamers to all the bookish things.

I know, that point makes no sense. LET ME TELL YOU MORE. We spend a whole lot of time screaming about the books we love and recommending them ; yet we also are activists to make the bookish and literary world a better place. Talking about diversity and how we need it and boosting diverse and #ownvoices. Shining a light on problematic content in books. I don’t know, we just like to scream a lot about our books, but we are 2000% dedicated to making the book world a better, diverse, including and everything else place with our screams.

How can you support book bloggers

Given the fact that we all are amazing, slightly crazy and with a parched throat from screaming superheroes, it is important to support us. By giving us some water, so we can scream some more and shove some more books on you to read, YES. But violence and first needs aside, here are some ways that you can support book bloggers and shower them with love.

  • Blog-hop and comment on their blogs

You know me, I am a very dedicated blog-hopper and I know that, even if it takes some time and energy, it is so important to do so and, for me, probably the best way to support other book bloggers. NOTHING makes me happier than seeing people taking some time out of their day to comment on something I wrote genuinely and share their thoughts on the topic at hand and I could bet I’m not the only one feeling this way. Comments show appreciation and comments matter. Spend time to show some love for other book bloggers’ work this way.

  • Follow their blogs, like their posts and any other statistical thingy you can do

I have a mixed relationships with blogging statistics, yet we can’t deny the little rush that we get, every time we have a new follower, everytime our visits are spiking up and everything else. If you love a book blogger, follow him. Even if you don’t have time to always read their blog posts, like them. Appreciation comes in small ways as well.

  • Share their posts and boost their voices around the blogosphere

Being a book blogger is hard, especially when you are a shy bean afraid to approach people, comment on their posts and everything else. Yet, don’t be afraid to share something you liked, on your own blog, over on twitter… A LOT of appreciation comes from here. I’m dedicated to keeping tabs on all the blog posts I read and loved every month to wrap them up in my monthly wrap-up. You can also casually tweet a post you enjoyed, once. Every little thing helps and, most importantly, every little thing warms our hearts SO much.

  • Buy from them

All the things above are free, they just take a little bit of time. Obviously, you can also support book bloggers by giving a little bit of your bank account. Not talking big-bucks and all of your book budget! Little dollars, euros, whatever you currency is.

  1. Many book bloggers have Affiliate Links on their blogs (to Book Depository, Amazon, Wordery, etc). They get a small commission if you buy by using their links. It costs NOTHING and it’s just a different link you are using.
  2. Other bloggers also set up some Ko-Fis to support their blog. It’s $3.
  3. Other talented bloggers have Society6, Etsy, RedBubble stores and so on, where they sell fabulous merch that can get a little bit pricey, depending on what you want, BUT THE DESIGNS are amazing and some bloggers are so talented.

  • Get them books

If you’re feeling very generous, you can also take a look at their wishlist, or suggest to share books with them (like, send them a book you will get back afterwards). I mean, we are book bloggers after all. Give us books and we will be happier than ever.

Showing appreciation to other book bloggers is something that is very close to my heart. I have been working for a little while now on my little corner of the internet and, if I am passionate, it also takes a whole lot of my free time. If I wouldn’t give it up for the world right now, it also takes energy and sometimes makes me feel a little down. Anything, really, from the friendly people randomly sending me a DM to tell me they are reading all of my posts (Marta you’re honestly the sweetest), to the incredible people always supporting my rants (hello you will recognize yourself if you read this), to the ones stopping by every once in a while, or just once, to give a visit, write down a comment, sharing something I did and just… making me feel like I am doing something good, makes all of this worth it.

The time I spent drafting this post – about two hours – is all worth it because of these simple things. So, if you have some time to give, think of book bloggers and their awesomeness. If you have some support to give, think of us too. And not only because it’s Valentine’s Day, but on any other day, too. We don’t need any special kind of day to celebrate the love, if you ask me ; neither do we to celebrate book bloggers.

I apologize for the gigantic post, but that is something REALLY close to my heart. I hope you enjoyed it and that it encouraged you to share some love today and… every day.

What’s your favorite thing to do to support book bloggers?

Do you think we are some sort of crazy superhero? What’s one thing people do that makes you SO happy? A comment, more visits, a buy on your store?? Let me know, so I and others can support you, too.

If you want to support me, (this would be deeply, deeply appreciated, but in absolutely no way mandatory!) I have a Ko-Fi, as well as a wishlist.





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215 thoughts on “Why and how you should support book bloggers

  1. This is such a gorgeous post. I’m a new book blogger and I already relate to everything you are saying. The long hours, the rants (btw I will be returning for those) – I love it all.
    As I said, I only recently started blogging but I was wondering how to support other book bloggers and I am honestly so glad I found this post!
    You sound wonderful and I am so happy to be a part of this awesome community.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you so, so much for your sweet words, this means a lot!! ❤ I am so happy you enjoyed this post and I hope you'll have fun blogging, chatting with other bloggers and everything else 😀 ❤


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