How to: NOT stress out about blogging (or at least, try not to)

You know me. I tend to rant a whole lot about blogging. I also tend to stress out about it once in a while. Okay, probably every week, when it’s time for me to really focus and take the time to plan everything out and really take care of my blog. WHY, you ask? It’s supposed to be a hobby, it’s supposed to be fun. I KNOW that – yet I can’t help it. When I love something, I like to shout out loud about it, I’m stupidly passionate about it sometimes, to the point that it makes me feel pressured and stressed out.

SO, friends, if you’re a teensy bit like me and you ever found yourself stressing out about blogging, RAISE YOUR HANDS and join me.

In this endless spiral of thoughts and anxiety that life sometimes brings me, blogging feels just like another thing added to the mix. Something I have to take care of, because otherwise, I won’t feel accomplished. Blogging had brought me SO much these past three years, I know I tend to be a teensy bit obsessed about it all, at times. I want to do well. I want to blog well. Is there such a thing as blogging well, though?! Is there such a thing as a right, real book blogger? I do not know.

Something I realized – and something I am reminded of probably daily from my sister (shout-out: thank you for handling my questions, endless doubts and just screaming at me when I’m being stupid. #sistergoals) ; is that blogging is FUN. I LOVE it more than anything, even if I freak out about it all every once in a while. I also realized that I hold all of the keys in order to enter the paradise of “happy-blogger-not-freaking-out”. I just need to remember they’re right here in my hands…you know, casually not freaking out while remembering.

OBVIOUSLY I’m here to share some advice on not to stress out about blogging to much, so here goes. Disclaimer: these might help me, but they might not all do the trick for you. Do it your way, try it out!


This is the first, obvious advice for me, but one that I know does not work out for everyone else. I feel a bit stressed out, both in blogging and life, when I don’t have a plan, when I do not know where things are going, when I’m in a new city and I don’t have a map. I LOVE TO PLAN THINGS and it shows on my blog. As I’m typing this, I have a Google Sheets Schedule for my blog that I still need to fill out for the week. #planningfreak

You don’t have to plan out the whole month – I know I don’t, I never have time to do so. You can plan the week, you can plan only the next time you’ll post. Knowing where I’m going, what I want to write next, HELPS ME TONS.


Despite scheduling, or not, you might still feel a teensy bit stressed out every single time you have to post. Maybe it’s just because you’re trying to do it all. I know I am. I used to post four times a week. I used to post WAY too much and it made me feel pressured to write, to have ideas, to do it all. I just could NOT do it, especially as my life changed. I am now posting three times a week and I FEEL BETTER.

Keep in mind: most bloggers do not post every single day. Also keep that in mind: ALL bloggers – at least, book bloggers I know – don’t blog for a living. They have a life, a job, a family, etc. Keeping a strict blogging schedule can be tough at times for everyone. It’s okay to keep it flexible. It’s okay to miss a day. It’s also okay to post once a week if it’s the good rhythm for you not to stress out.


Do you think about blogging – or writing, or anything else while in the shower, in bed, in the car, anywhere else, then just promptly forget about it? I DO ALL THE TIME. Then I’m mad, frustrated and stressed out because I had a fabulous idea and I now don’t remember it. Write all the things, friends. Even the small idea – it can become something big, something fun, something…well, like the post I write right now.


You know me – I will forever keep on praising bloggers who comment a lot. I will forever try and comment a lot, spread the love, follow bloggers, try and show my support every day with some comments here and there. If this is GOOD and if I will forever admire and support bloggers that are a bit like me – it’s okay NOT do to as much for other people. Taking care of yourself matters more.

Follow less blogs is the first thing to remember here. I used to follow 300+ blogs, I recently got this down to 150 blogs. It’s still A LOT and it still stresses me out, but it’s also slightly better. It’s okay NOT to follow everyone. It’s a lot of people in my feed to watch, after all. Follow the people that matter to you, the ones you want to read blog posts from the most. You can always blog hop and spread the love once in a while to other bloggers.

But you also don’t have to blog-hop all the time. Some people (like me) blog hop ALL THE TIME. Some people just, DON’T EVER BLOG HOP. It’s okay. Just do what you’re comfortable with.


If you explore my blog…in the past, you’ll notice that I celebrated milestones. I did blog posts about did, I did a Q&A a while back. I haven’t shared my stats and followers for over a year now on this blog. It’s not because I’m not proud about it – it’s because sharing my own stats make me anxious about my performances, jealous about people getting the milestones I spend YEARS getting to in less than 6 months. In a nutshell: I WAS AND I STRESS OUT ABOUT NUMBERS.

This is an advice, but also something for me to remember here, if I’ll be honest. Numbers are DIGITS and they shouldn’t rule the world or our enjoyment of blogging. Be proud of yourself and have fun.


This is also quite the reminder for myself… I suffer of blogging envy and it makes me feel stressed out. But we’re all unique and different so STOP LOOKING AT OTHER PEOPLE AND DO YOUR THING. Or try.


Best advice of the lot, friends. You’re not paid to blog -at least, I am not, even if it’d be a great and impossible dream. We’re doing ALL OF THIS because we have fun screaming about books. I already spent over an hour of my weekend on this blog post and I liked writing it. That’s what matters the most, enjoying ourselves. Just like getting back into a favorite book or tv show: watch it, get into it, enjoy it and don’t worry about the rest. Or try not to.

Do you sometimes stress out over blogging as well? What makes you feel the most pressure of it all?!

How many blogs do you follow? How many times do you post per week? Do you feel like being more flexible about it all helps you? Do you suffer of blogging envy as well?

What are your top tips not to stress out? Let me know everything in comments!

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