Keep up with me: october 2016

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➡️ Subscriptions are OPEN TOMORROW to send gifts to other bloggers! For more info, check out the master post, and to subscribe, it’s here. Open until the 6th of November.

Coming soon ✏️

➡️ A birthday celebration (mine…in case you couldn’t guess) is coming up, and with it…spreading some love and gifts. Keep an eye open!
➡️ And, as always, bookish and now blogging discussions coming, travelling, and some book reviews

radio silence fever the-dream-thieves

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28 thoughts on “Keep up with me: october 2016

  1. EEEE You’re birthday is coming soon! Hoping it will be as MAGNIFICENT as you deserve! ❤ ❤ So in love with your discussions and I can't wait for more! AND HOW DID I MISS SO MANY REVIEW?! Will check them all out now! 🙂 I can't wait to see all of next month's content!

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  2. Ooo your birthday’s coming up! So exciting! Nonetheless, it looks like you had a great month. Hope you continue having many more in the future!

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  3. I still need to finish up my #SFATW post for this month!! Can’t decide what food to write about, haha. Can’t wait to read your review for the Dream Thieves 🙂 Also, happy (opposite of belated) birthday! Wish you all the fun you can have for that day 🙂


  4. Great recap Marie, you managed to get through some great books this month, and from the looks of it you have some reviews for great books coming up next month as well! I can’t wait to see what you think of The Dream Thieves especially! 😀
    I am definitely going to be signing up for SFATW again! I had so much fun the first time around I really want to take part again!
    Also happy birthday for next month. I’ll be sure to wish it again on your actual birthday as well! ❤

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      1. That’s all right! ❤
        That's the best kind of review in my opinion, and I'm really pleased that The Dream Thieves was that kind of book for you. I love Ronan so while The Dream Thieves isn't my favourite of the series it is up there!
        Again that's all right, I loved the first box I got from this feature so I can't wait to see what I'll end up with for the second! 😀

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  5. Looks like you had a great month in September, Marie! Here’s hoping October will be even better. And YOUR BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP! Do you have anything special planned for yourself?

    Ahhh I want to join SFATW this time around! I must try to remember to sign up once the link becomes available. I also wanna write a post for the November 6 topic but my schedule’s so packed in Oct-Nov I’m not sure I can keep up and do it justice. Does it have to be posted on the day itself? 😁

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    1. Thank you so much, Reg! September was kind of a weird month irl though, hoping for the best in October 🙂 Nothing too special, really, I think I will just spend the day with my family. I wanted to treat myself to some books, but I had a massive bookhaul last month already, so…I guess I’ll just save up some money aha 🙂
      Ohh thank you so much, this makes me so happy you’re considering to do SFATW! I will put some reminders thourough the month to subscribe. And absolutely not! If you want to participate to any of the SFATW’s themed blog posts, you have the whole month to do so. If you want to participate in the November one -the one with the books, if I remember correctly-, you can post and send me the link from November 6th, to December 4th, the day the next themed blog post is up 🙂
      Thank you so much!! ❤


      1. Aww no! Weird in a good way or a bad way? Good, I hope. That would be nice, to spend your big day with your family. I spent mine earlier this year with my family as well and it was… weird. Weird, but better than expected, so I’ll take what I can get. 😂

        And yay! That sounds awesome, and I’m pretty sure I can fit it in sometime in November. Looking forward to writing the post!

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  6. AAAAH!!!! I didn’t know October was my Twinnie’s birthday month ❤ CELEBRATIONS ARE DUE! What day is it?
    And I can't believe I missed so many of your posts 😦 This month has been crazy but you already knew that haha but I still feel bad about it though !!

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