Being a successful blogger: what does it really mean?

Hello friends, how are you in this lovely Wednesday? I hope you had a great time the past weeks. Obviously since I’m crazy you probably didn’t notice I was kind of gone, but I’m glad to be finally writing blog posts again, I missed it so much. Today I’m back with another blogging discussion post…

blogging ways

As book bloggers, and any kind of blogger, really,Β  we are not the only one trying to find our place, to make a little corner of the internet ours, personalized, loved, and maybe, successful. But what does success really mean?

If we’re getting technical about all of this, success can be measured in a lot of ways. Note this: MEASURED. Yes, because we often mesure success with numbers, in blogging or in other businesses. You can be considered, and see yourself as a successful blogger as long as you’re actually making money by writing these blog posts, being affiliate to some websites, or providing services such as beta reading, designing or else. Making a lot of money by blogging can make you feel successful, well I certainly see the appeal, even if that’s not the case for me.


Money isn’t the main definition of a successful blogger, when we come to think about it. Whenever I get the image of a great big blogger, I don’t think about him, her or the little alien behind the computer bathing in money. I think about numbers, the ones behind the blog. Numbers such as followers (hundreds, thousands), daily views and viewers (probably thousands as well), and comments flowing everywhere. And often, I get blinded by these numbers. And I get down by my own statistics thinking about how much some “successful” bloggers might get. Note the quotation marks here. They are important.

I’m not blogging for money, though I’d love to be able to do nothing but blog all day. I don’t have the privilege to blog all day long because the real and kind of annoying life awaits. I don’t have these thousands of followers you can expect, nor the billions of comments to go with it. But, and I don’t say this often because I am not the kind of person to brag about anything in my life, but I am proud of myself for this, and I consider myself as a successful blogger. And you know what? SO SHOULD YOU.


Why, you ask, and what’s success, then, if not measured by numbers, blinded by the spotlight and talked about in magazines? Success comes from a place deep inside of yourself. Success is work. Success is coming right from your heart, where you know you’re loving what you’re doing. Success is that smile on your face whenever you’re blogging, or thinking about it, or getting a new idea. It’s whenever you’re making new friends, whenever you’re pouring your heart out on a blog post maybe one, two or hundred of people will read. What matters is that you write it, and put it out there. What matters is that you’re doing it with a smile on your face.

Oh, and I’ve learned that, what really makes me successful, is that, even if I’m not paid to do this, even if I’m freaked out because I’m way over my blogging schedule, and even if I can celebrate huge milestones of followers in the matter of months, or years… I have this. This place that I love, that I shaped in the matter of almost two years into what I am, what I love and how I have changed. I made incredible friends, I discovered myself again, I poured my heart out, and this, all of this, if you ask me…this may not be the numbered success everyone’s always expecting, but it’s better. It’s success coming from your heart.

How do you see success, in blogging? Do you immediately think about money, numbers, or something else? πŸ’¬

How do you feel about your own blogging success? Do you feel like you’ve come a long way since you started blogging? What’s your best accomplishment as a blogger? πŸ’¬

Be proud, you are successful (and kind of awesome, let’s admit it) πŸ’–

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136 thoughts on “Being a successful blogger: what does it really mean?

  1. This post spoke deep to me. I just relaunched my blog for the sixth time. Each time I eventually gave up because I was so focused on numbers. I got so defeated every time. My latest focus is to highlight what I’ve learned in my day job. I am a self taught IT Engineer and I want to be able to look back at everything I’ve learned. For me success now means, “what did I learn today?”

    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I am extremely new to blogging. A neophyte. Obviously, I have such a vast stretch of land to cross before I can say that I’m successful (in terms of money AND numbers). But I can say that it feels good to know whenever people appreciate my writing, and that is a success in itself πŸ™‚

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