Keep up with me : september 2016

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THERE, AND BACK AGAIN ☀️🌸 Moving a bit (yes. again). All of my blog posts are scheduled as usual but I won’t be as active on visiting / commenting as much until the 10th. Thank you for understanding 😳😘😘


Latest reviews 📚

  never always sometimes the black jewel

Bookish & blogging discussions 💬


Travelling ✈️



Coming soon ✏️

➡️ Mark your calendars: the official start of #SFATW is September, the 11th! For more info, check out the master post.
➡️ My sister is coming back early September with a new and different article…yay!
➡️ And, as always, bookish and now blogging discussions coming, travelling, and some book reviews
highly illogical behaviour the square root of summer cress

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Book blogger, travel blogger, writer. 📚 |🌍 | 💞 Writing & Communications Graduate. French. Living on love, wanderlust and ya books.

13 thoughts on “Keep up with me : september 2016

  1. I’ll look forwards to your regular posts and comments coming back on the 10th then Marie! But until then good luck with the moving and everything!
    In the meantime I’ve definitely marked my calendar for the start of SFATW, I had such a lot of the fun the first time that I can’t wait to get started again on the second one! Also I can’t wait to see your reviews for Cress, Highly Illogical Behaviour and The Square Root of Summer, all three are books I’ve already read and enjoyed so I can’t wait to see what you think of them as well!
    Great recap for this month! 😀

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