Review : Seven Ways We Lie, Riley Redgate

Seven seems like a big number. Or little, depending on how you look at it. Buying seven books? Oh, okay, that’s nothing. Reading from seven different point of views?! Wow, that suddenly seems so much more. As you could have guessed from the title, Seven Ways We Lie deals with seven different teenagers. Dealing with high school, and, life. Before, all of those characters certainly seemed like, a lot. But wow, I was completely surprised by this book.



What’s even more surprising, is that there’s nothing to be surprised for, in this book. No one knows how to control fire with their hands, no one is fighting against dragons, demons or anything like that, and neither is anyone saving the world from doom and its ending. This is high school, not fantasy 101, and if you don’t like contemporary, then I guess this is not the book for you. In Seven Ways We Lie, we follow seven teenagers trying to survive their dreading years of high school. In between scandals, secrets, people pretending to be someone they’re not, feelings and relationships, friendships as much as love…we get the whole panel of situations that we can go through in high school. It’s realistic, it’s believable, and it’s written with witty dialogue that flows and pages that you turn without even realizing it.



With seven different point of views, I would usually scream and run away. Because it’s too much, and there’s no way not to get lost in between the characters, and how can there be seven distinctive voices in such a little book –a little over 200 pages? Well, let me tell you, this is where this is surprising: I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with different voices handled so well. Sure, with so little time, I missed getting to know my favorite characters, and would have loved to get deeper. Despite this little drawback, I loved every character, and the attention that the author brought to each of their voices. They all were different, they all had their issues –important ones, that I’ll come back to later on-, but they were all relatable, and it was wonderful. I’m human, and I did have some preferences for Olivia, Matthew, and Kat. But all were just, great. And diverse, too! This is the first time I was reading about a pansexual character, and I was happy to. There are so many complexity in this world, it’s good to see some featured in a little book like that, dealing with life, simply. Because this is part of life.



Okay, here’s the question you’re all asking for: why seven? There’s supposed to be a parallel here with the seven deadly sins, each character representing one. Confession time: I didn’t really guess, and I didn’t want to try, because I was too focused on the story to try and do that. But there are some feelings coming back often, such as anger, jealousy, pride. Feelings we can’t escape, whether we’re a teenager, or older. Sometimes, we can’t stop feeling this way, but…who tells you that there isn’t more to the story than what you’re seeing? In picturing high school, Seven Ways We Lie rules. Because it’s filled with stereotypes, with beautiful yet flawed friendships, with perfect girls in appearance, but broken inside. With “pretended sluts”, and introverts and “weirdos”. No one is perfect, and there’s much, much more to anyone that you can know. You just have to dig a little deeper.


On your way for the perfect contemporary stories set in high school, Seven Ways We Lie clearly is a must stop. Tackling down stereotypes, sins and dealing with many different characters in such a flawless way, this debut is the recipe for a simple, yet very good meal. Lovers of contemporary, don’t miss out on this one. And don’t get scared by the number seven: it’s a lucky one.

Final rating:  4 drops!

Many thanks to Amulet BOOKS for sending me an ARC copy of this book via NetGalley. 

Do you want to read Seven Ways We Lie? Did you get lucky enough to read it already? What did you think about it?

Does multiple POV make you happy, or just back away in fear?! Share your thoughts in comments!


Riley Redgate, Seven Ways We Lie,  Published by Amulet Books, March 8th 2015.


Paloma High School is ordinary by anyone’s standards. It’s got the same cliques, the same prejudices, the same suspect cafeteria food. And like every high school, every student has something to hide—whether it’s Kat, the thespian who conceals her trust issues onstage; or Valentine, the neurotic genius who’s planted the seed of a school scandal.

When that scandal bubbles over, and rumors of a teacher-student affair surface, everyone starts hunting for someone to blame. For the unlikely allies at the heart of it all, the collision of their seven ordinary-seeming lives results in extraordinary change.

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31 thoughts on “Review : Seven Ways We Lie, Riley Redgate

  1. I am so glad you enjoyed Seven Ways We Lie, because I really did as well. And I didn’t bother trying to figure out the sins either. Some, as you said, were obvious – like anger, envy and so. But others definitely were more hidden for me. I could still relate to all the characters, even Claire. I can’t believe the book is getting out only now, it feels like such a long time that I’ve read it.

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  2. This sounds awesome! I don’t know why, but there’s just something about the 7 Deadly Sins that makes parallels so interesting. I love artwork that has to do with the Sins too. It’s just something I enjoy.
    7 POVs does seem a lot… especially for such a small book, but you review has me intrigued! ❤

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  3. Wow, this one sounds really interesting! I’m not usually a fan of alternating perspectives (and SEVEN – wow!) but the fact that you said they’re all distinctive intrigues me because I really want to see how the author pulls that off with so many POVs! I think I may have to check this one out soon 🙂 Great review!

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  4. OMG 7?!! That’s unheard of and now I’m excited to try this! I usually read multiple POVs on fantasy like Six of Crows but I love that this one os in high school! Thank you for sharing this, Marie! 😀

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  5. This book sounds amazing. I’ve already heard so much about it and I’m glad it wasn’t a disappointment for you reading it! I’m definitely going to check it out when it’s released! 😀
    Normally I get nervous about books with too many POVs, a lot of the time if it’s not done well there can be characters that aren’t given as much time and development as others. Hopefully that isn’t the case in Seven Ways 🙂
    Great review 😀

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      1. That’s all right, I may even be able to read it next week once it comes out 🙂
        Seven is a lot of POVs, especially for a book that isn’t that long as well, but I’ve read books with six POVs and they were done well so I guess it’s not impossible 😀
        I’ve seen great reviews for this book so I’ve got high expectations now!

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      2. Oh, really, which book was that? I’m always so nervous about multiple POV, when I feel like there’s too many, sometimes it’s just a struggle for me to pick up the book, hahaha. I know, that’s bad. But more than often, I get lost between the POV 😦
        Well I hope you won’t be disappointed! 😀

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      3. Well there’s actually a couple; Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld has six POVs and Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo has six main characters but I think only five POVs. They were both good, but I do think in Zeroes two of the main characters were kinda shoved in the background a little if that makes sense.
        Ohh I never thought of that, getting lost in between POVs, I take it that’s not a problem with Seven Ways? I guess if you have loads of POVs you need to have decent character development as well, if not then it just won’t work.
        I’ll definitely let you know what I think once I’ve finished then!

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      4. Ohh, I’ve read and loved the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld, but didn’t try Zeroes. I had no idea it had so many POV, haha. That does make sense, and it’s a bit annoying when that happens: what’s the point of putting so many POV if some aren’t totally explored?
        Oh no, this wasn’t a problem with Seven Ways, at all. It sometimes happen, that some characters just feel the same, in the writing, and everything, and then, I just don’t see the point of having multiple POV 🙂

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      5. I love the Uglies series as well, it was kind of because of that series that I picked up Zeroes in the first place 🙂
        Yeah, there are six main characters and six POVs, and to be honest it did feel like two of them were kind of left in the dark a little, but maybe that’s something that will improve in the second book, who knows. It’s a good story overall, if you liked Uglies I’d definitely recommend Zeroes 😀
        Well I’ve got Seven Ways in my Kindle now, so hopefully I’ll be able to start it once I’ve finished the book I’m currently reading!

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      6. I think the characters in Zeroes are what I liked best about it, the powers they have are so unique, it’s not like anything I’ve read before.
        I’m sure I will 🙂 well I certainly hope so, there’s a lot of good reviews for it as well. And yeah, I should be able to start and finish it on Wednesday hopefully 😀

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  6. It’s great to know you enjoyed this book! Usually I don’t gravitate towards contemporaries often, and I’m still a bit unsure about this one. The high school setting is one that I’m a bit hesitant about because it can get very cheesy and repetitive sometimes in novels!
    But maybe I can try and check this one out, it may be worth the read!

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  7. I loved this book so much! I couldn’t figure out who represented which sin, but I think each of them were a combination of two or three??? The 7 POV thing was done so well! In a lot of books I can’t even distinguish between 2 POVs haha.

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  8. I actually requested this from Netgalley months ago and was approved for it… but I never got to it. The shame, lol. But I am so happy that it was very good for you, Marie. I’m really looking forward to meeting all the characters! And I love the cover so much; it’s perfect for this type of read. ^.^


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