Blog Tour Review: Recommended For You, Laura Silverman

There are no spoilers in this review.

Recommended for You, Laura Silverman

Published on September 1st, 2020 by Margaret K. McElderry Books.

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To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before meets You’ve Got Mail in this charming and hilarious rom-com following two teen booksellers whose rivalry is taken to the next level as they compete for the top bookseller bonus.Shoshanna Greenberg loves working at Once Upon, her favorite local bookstore. And with her moms fighting at home and her beloved car teetering on the brink of death, the store has become a welcome escape.

When her boss announces a holiday bonus to the person who sells the most books, Shoshanna sees an opportunity to at least fix her car, if none of her other problems. The only person standing in her way?
New hire Jake Kaplan.

Jake is an affront to everything Shoshanna stands for. He doesn’t even read! But somehow his sales start to rival hers. Jake may be cute (really cute), and he may be an eligible Jewish single (hard to find south of Atlanta), but he’s also the enemy, and Shoshanna is ready to take him down.

But as the competition intensifies, Jake and Shoshanna grow closer and realize they might be more on the same page than either expects…

☂️ TRIGGER WARNINGS: click here to see them.

parents fights, mention of divorce, absentee parent.

☂️ DIVERSITY: Jewish main character, love interest and side characters, queer side character, Black side character, f/f relationship.



  • I think it’s safe to say it: I love Laura Silverman’s books. I fell in love with Girl Out of Water a little while ago, completely related to You Asked for Perfect and now, with Recommended for You, I swooned and smiled and fell like I was on cloud nine. I EVEN MADE A RHYME wow.
  • Laura Silverman always manages to write characters I fall for and this book was no exception. Shoshanna was such an endearing main character, I couldn’t help but root for her right from the start. She’s sensitive, loud, kind of obstinated and always thrives to be a problem-solver. She’s just so passionate in everything she does, I just loved her.
  • The local bookstore setting! As a bookworm, I obviously love anything bookish in my stories and it was so much fun to have the bookstore play such a big role in the story. From Shoshanna’s passion for books shining through to the hard work and bookstore storyline, this just made my little bookish heart soar happily.
  • The family relationships and friendships were wonderful in that one, just as well.
    • Let’s start with the family. Shoshanna has two mothers and I just loved seeing how much she cared for them, worried about them and their relationship. I also enjoyed seeing the supportive parents caring for their daughter, giving her advice and there was one lovely scene on the porch I loved so much.
    • I also really enjoyed the friendships in this story: endearing female friendships, with their little bit of drama and issues, YES, but I also just really liked the dynamics of them!
  • One thing I loved in Recommended for You was that the romance was slow-paced, giving the characters time to get to know each other, their feelings changing from I-barely-tolerate-you to oh-hey-you’re-not-so-bad, slowly growing into a friendship and into something more, just as well. ALSO! Jake was one adorable croissant okay. (This is me saying he’s an adorable cinammon bun, without talking about cinnamon, because I don’t like it, okay)
  • It’s important to note that this book isn’t entirely romance-focused, either! From Shoshanna’s parents, her own issues with money, her friendships,  Recommended For You was overall a well-rounded contemporary, perfect if you’re looking for that book that will leave you smiling and your heart full.



I have a thing for Laura Silverman’s books, OKAY, I’ll admit it. Her characters and stories and just, her books overall always win me over, leaving me smiling and happy and just, yes. This is the kind of book I love. If you enjoy YA contemporary books, I definitely recommend reading this one (and everything Laura writes).

Final rating:  5 drops…it’s a hurricane!

Thank you so much to the publisher for inviting me on the Recommended for You Blog Tour and for providing me with an e-ARC of the book via NetGalley. This did not, in any way, influence my thoughts and rating.

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🔎 About the author, Laura Silverman

Laura Silverman is an author and editor currently living in Brooklyn, New York. She earned her MFA in writing for children at the New School. Her books include Girl Out of Water, You Asked for Perfect, It’s a Whole Spiel, and Recommended for You. Girl Out of Water was a Junior Library Guild Selection.

You can contact Laura on Twitter @LJSilverman1 or through her website

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22 thoughts on “Blog Tour Review: Recommended For You, Laura Silverman

  1. Omg, I’m so excited for this book and so happy to see that you enjoyed it, Marie! 🥰💞 I loved You Asked for Perfect so I have high hopes for Recommended For You, especially with the bookstore setting. Happy to hear that it has a slow burn romance and so many great themes 😊

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  2. I was already excited about this book, but now I absolutely can’t wait! A five star review from you is a big deal in my book!

    Also, I loved the part where you said “Jake was one adorable croissant!” It was so cute and I didn’t know you dislike cinnamon, haha! Cinnamon rolls are one of my favorite things besides waffles, so I was really surprised at this!

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  3. Oh boy now I NEED to read this one. I,,, tbh was sleptical because I’m not a huge fan of this cover. But now I definitely need to. If Marie recommends, Ruby reads *wink wink* also have been super excited to read You Asked For Perfect

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  4. I haven’t read anything by Laura Silverman yet, but she’s been on my radar and you’ve now really made me want to give her books a chance. I love the way you described the romance (slow-burn romance can be so good, omg) and I’m glad to hear that the family and friendship were also well-done in this one. Ahh, this sounds right up my alley, I’m excited! Wonderful review!

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