10 things I want to read more of in YA books

Hi friends! I hope you all are doing okay πŸ’›

Today I thought I’d rant a little bit about some things I’d love to see in the books I read a little more. I’ve been lucky enough, in the past few years, to get to know myself as a reader more and more and, most importantly, to find and read books I really, really loved.

I think that, now and without hopefully being too self-assured, I kind of know what I like the most and I kind of know the kind of books I’d really, REALLY love to read more of. So here’s my little selection of things I’d love to read more about! Whether it’s relationships, themes, settings or anything else, if you know any books with these, please please scream all of your recommendations in comments for me!

πŸ“š 10 things I want to read more of in YA books

1. Books with close sisters relationships

I will forever be craving stories with sisters relationships, sisters that are close, sisters that can’t live without each other, sisters that are each other’s halves.

I feel like we do have siblings in YA books, but I feel like we don’t have enough, or I just haven’t read enough about them, about siblings being at the HEART of the story and not as a side-plot to another story. I’m mentioning sisters here, because well, I have a sister and she’s everything to me, but any kind of close siblings story is! what! I need! more! of!

2. Contemporaries with different kind of settings

Confession time: almost every YA book I’ve read talks about prom and every other kind of very American celebration and I just can’t relate.

The high school experience, the young adult experience altogether, is so different here in France, or anywhere else in the world for that matter and I’d love to see more of that.

Not only contemporaries with high schools as their main setting, though. I mean, different countries as a whole, too.

For instance, I want to see more contemporary books set in France. OTHER THAN PARIS. I’m sorry to say this, but France does not equal Paris. There are places much prettier, much friendlier and I don’t know, there are other possibilities. I’m bitter about Paris, I apologize for those of you dreaming of it, no shade on it at all. Just, not my kind of city at all and I’m a little tired of, every single time a book is set in France, it is in PARIS. If you ask me, I’ll give you a list of over 10 gorgeous places you’ll dream of in France and they’re little gems and perfect to write stories for, too.

Okay. Rant over.

OH HEY random idea: should I write about a couple of places in France writers should write about??

3. Books about break-ups

Wow. I’m being terrible here, I’m sorry, but… break-ups are part of life and part of young adult lives, too. I have read my share of romance and adorable, swoon worthy stories, but I can’t recall reading once about break-ups.

How it hurt, how it can be messy, just plain confusing, liberating, and so on. There are so many reasons behind break-ups and so many complications afterwards, too. The getting over it, the moving on, the jumping back into it, the consequences of gettting out of a toxic relationship and so on.

Out of topic, but for those of you watching, having watched One Tree Hill. Isn’t it the best scene (and most heartbreaking scene) you’ve ever seen.

I think it’d be so interesting to read about that theme.

Heartbreaking, too, but obviously you’d get hope for renewal and new romances (WITHOUT SOMEONE BEING THE SAVIOUR!) and just rebuilding yourself.

4. Books with friendships

I want to read more books focused on friendships. We’ve had some wonderful releases lately focusing on friendships, break-ups and friendships building up again, stories with friendships at the heart of the book and I really really stan this okay. I feel like we need more and more of these stories.

I mean, there are so many ya books with romance at their hearts, but…. when you think about it, is romance really the heart of young adults’ lives? If you ask me, the answer is a big, fat, NO. FRIENDSHIP was at the heart of my teenager / young adult years.

I’d also love to read about a boy and girl friendship. With no tension, no hidden feelings, nothing but friendship. Could that ever happen in a book honestly? Because I’d be so happy to see this.

πŸ” YA books with friendships I’ve read and enjoyed

This is what it feels like, Rebecca BarrowΒ 

Hanna, Dia and Jules were an inseparable trio and lived for their band, but things have changed and now, they barely acknowledge each other anymore. Until a music contest gets to reunite them… for better, or worse. Β» read my full review.

β˜‚οΈ Find more recommendations in my blog post:Β 12 YA books with great friendships


5. Books about blogging, bloggers, influencers

One book like that is hiding on my computer, aerm.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a book blogger, because of the world we live in or how influencer is basically a job now, but… I’m craving these kind of stories, really. I want to read about passionnate bloggers, I want to read about the ups and downs and complications of this little bubble online colliding with real life, too.


6. Books with anxiety representation

I know there have been a lot of books dealing with mental health lately in the young adult market and I am so, so very grateful for it.

I’m so happy I can find myself in books this way, too and, well…. YES, I am craving for more, forever and always okay.

πŸ” YA books with anxiety representation I’ve read

Starfish, Akemi Dawn Bowman

Kiko has been living with social anxiety all of her life and, between her emotionally abusive mother and abusive uncle moving back in and her not getting into her dream art school, she feels her dreams of a far away life slipping away. Until her childhood friend brings her on an art-school tour on the west coast and Kiko slowly starts finding her own self and learns how to be brave. Β» read my full review.

β˜‚οΈ Find more books with anxiety rep in my dedicated blog post: 10 YA books dealing with anxiety

7. Books with long distance relationships

With all the late night texting and the longing and the complications of seeing each other only every few months.

That’s all I have to say.

Another book hiding on my computer. It’s invisible. I need to write it okay.

8. Books with show-biz settings and characters: music and bands, TV shows and movies…

I want to read about teenagers Disney stars messing up okay.

More seriously. Well, I was serious before, but… ANYWAY. There’s something about books with famous characters that catch my heart and keep it there. There’s something about Evelyn Hugo, something about the stories with actors trying to make it, bands wanting to get their music out there, teenagers pop stars struggling to make it that fascinates me a little bit.

I could read more of these books, I really could.

I’m also writing one right now. Aerm.

πŸ” YA books I know about bands and movies

I Was Born For This, Alice Oseman

About a pop-rock trio of teenage boys, The Ark, with their notoriety rising and rising and Angel, part of the band’s fandom. It’s filled with the realistic, overwhelming incredible feeling of being part of a fandom and a wonderfully fun and complex insight into the band’s life as they handle their growing fame. Β» read my full review

Going Off Script, Jen Wilde

Seventeen-years-old Bex gets her dream internship in a writer’s room of her ultimate favorite TV show. Between getting cast aside, having to prove her worth and getting her work stolen… a lot of fun, heartwarming romance and friendships and important system-fighting is happening in Going Off Script and it’s amazing. Β» read my full review.


9. Stories about writers

I’m always a little nervous to call myself a writer, because I haven’t written a lot of books, I haven’t published anything and, I don’t know. But I guess if you write, you’re a writer, so I’m a writer.

I’ve been reading Beach Read recently, an adult book with main characters that are published authors and I loved it VERY much. This made me crave stories about other writers, too, in young adult books, too.

I mean, we could use stories with teenagers writing fanfiction a little more, young adult wanting to pick creative writing in college, writing novels in their bedrooms, I don’t know. I just LOVE and want more of these kind of stories where characters are as passionate by their writing, as messed up by the words they want to put out there as I am.

πŸ” YA books I know about writers and writing


A teen bestselling author is struggling to keep the identity of the writer of her books a secret. With complex family relationships, romance and a peek into the publishing world, a really compelling read. Β» read my full review.


FINAL DRAFT, Riley Redgate

Laila loves to write stories filled with magical worlds and forbidden quests. In Final Draft, she obsessively starts seeking approval from her newest, Pulitzer Prize Winning Novelist, creative writing teacher. Β» read my full review.

10. Books set in college or with college questioning

I’m not going to get into the debate of how these books set in college should be new adult books, how there should be more of a new adult book section that isn’t solely filled with romance and cringy, naked-torso book covers.

For me, books set in college, especially in the first one, two, three years, are young adult books, because I considered myself a young adult when I started university. Because I feel like these kind of contemporary reads would perfectly fit in the young adult genre and with other contemporaries, about finding yourself, a new environment and discoveries and so on.

I haven’t encountered many books dealing with college and getting into college and the first few moments there, and I want more of them okay. Books like Time of Our Lives, that perfectly fits in that in between moment I’m always looking for.


What themes, settings, kinds of relationships would you like to read more about in books?

If you know any books fitting the themes above that I could read, please feel free to scream recommendations at me in comments!





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120 thoughts on “10 things I want to read more of in YA books

  1. OK, two things: have you read A Crown of Coral and Pearl? The sister relationship in this is gorgeous (as is A Heart So Fierce and Broken, but it’s book 2 in the series), AND, One Tree Hill is the greatest show of all time, and I love Brooke.

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  2. This is a great list!! We definitely need some more of these in YA books! I’d actually like to read a book about break-ups, all about the messy times, and then about rebuilding yourself. A book about a book blogger would be AMAZING so hm yes, I’m eagerly waiting for what’s inside your laptop πŸ˜›

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  3. Wonderful list. We definitely need more friendships in YA and close sibling relationships. I totally agree about break ups too but because I feel like they generally only happen off the page to leave the character single for the next love interest /: and I definitely want more books about fame, there’s something so addictive about the idea of reading about it.
    I think I’d like more boarding school stories. I know there are a lot of them but I do like them and do feel that they could at least get some with slightly historical vibes added into the mix. I also really crave books with mythology – particularly mythology that we don’t hear about so often from different places. I do feel like they’re on the rise though so yay ☺️

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