The Bookish Bucket List Tag

Hi friends! When we think about bucket lists, we think about destinations we’d love to visit, things we would love to accomplish and oh, when we get started, we could go on for DAYS.

Today, we thought we’d talk about Bookish Bucket Lists! Sophie tagged us in the Bookish Bucket List Tag and we have A LOT to say with these wonderful questions. Authors we’d love to write with, libraries we’d love to visit, bookish dreams and goals… read on to find out more about it all!

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  • Have fun!

1. What books or series that intimidate you (because of length, density, subject) would feel like an accomplishment to finish?

Marie: I…. don’t even know what to answer to that question, I feel a little lost. I’m going to say, The Wicked King, because if The Cruel Prince was an okay read for me, I wasn’t head over heels with it either and I’m a little nervous to continue with the series.

Nyx: Okay so I’m really intimidated by Ninth House written by Leigh Bardugo. I LOVED The Six of Crows duology series but this is one is an adult book and it seems a bit “harsh” to read. It deals with rape, murder, drug abuse,… and I don’t know if I can push through a read that has so many triggers. I think I could be really into the story, it seems really promising, but yeah… I’m on the fence on this one.

2. What author would you like to coauthor a book with?

Marie: I’m cheating and I’m going to say Austin Siegemund-Broka and Emily Wibberley. I know, they’re two, but… I just LOVE their books and the characters they craft and I feel like writing with them would be SO much fun.

Nyx: Taylor Jenkins Reid, no need to even think about it twice! I’ve only read 3 of her books so far but I’m already SO in love with her. I love her writing, I love her characters, I love her stories. She seems really smart and creative; and our book would be AWESOME!

3. If you could interview any author for your blog, who would it be? What’s one question you would ask?

Marie: Oh god, a lot of writers’ interviews dreams came true with the series I did last year…. Austin Siegemund-Broka & Emily Wibberley, Rachel Lynn Solomon, Laura Silverman were on my list and I adored interviewing them. Right now, I think I’d LOVE to interview Tehlor Kay Mejia. We Set The Dark On Fire is one of my ultimate favorite reads and I’d LOVE to talk to the author about world-building and publishing.

Nyx: Marissa Meyer!! If you’ve been following the blog for a quite a while now, you know that a few years ago we went to the Paris bookfair with my sister and we actually met her and…I was speechless! I’m still so mad about it now, there SO many questions I would’ve wanted to ask her like : How do you come up with those amazing worlds? How do you write such complex and real characters? What’s your writing routine? What are your inspirations? Ugh, I could go on for days!

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4. As a writer, what genre is out of your comfort zone that you’d like to conquer someday and write within?

Marie: I think I’d have to say…. fantasy, maybe. I haven’t written any fantasy stories in…. well, so many years now, the only ones I can recall writing having been when I was like, very small okay. It’s a genre I’d love to dive in someday, maybe, I think it’d be really cool to be able to create amazing fantasy worlds. It’s a talent I don’t have, because my world-building skills right now are terrible.

Nyx: Dystopia! I think it’s a really hard genre to master. I mean, you need to have awesome world-building skills and a LOT of imagination while still making sense. The reader needs to be able to immerse himself fully into that world, feel the surrounding tension and care about the characters! Also, there are a LOT of books in that genre out there, you need to stand out. I LOVE reading them, I don’t think I’m ready to write one of these just yet…

5. What specific edition of a book would you like to own someday? It could be rare, a first edition, an anniversary edition, signed, or one with a cover special to you, etc.

Marie: Hmm I’d LOVE to have all of my favorite books signed by their authors? Is that too much to ask?? Right now, I’m thinking about a signed copy of Emergency Contact. I just love this book so much.

Nyx: Hmm tough question! I would have to be very un-original and pick a signed Harry Potter book. As many of you out there, it’s this series that really got me into reading and I’m still as in love with that world as I was back then. It would mean the world to me to have a little autograph of the one that created this whole magic.

6. Are there any books or bookish items that you’d like to collect?

Marie: Well…. this is a hard question, I’m not really a collector of any kind of bookish items, except for the books themselves….?!

Nyx : Not really. I think I just want to collect as many books as I can fit into my library and then just add more bookshelves… You know what I would absolutely love?! Having a real library overflowing with books. In my dreams, my reading nook would look like THIS.

7. Name one bookish place you’d like to visit. (Not somewhere you’d like to visit because of a book and not a fictional place within a book. A library, bookstore, etc.)

Marie: I think I want to mention The Last Bookstore, in Los Angeles. I mean, the pictures of these places make me soooo dreamy.

Nyx: Love this question! I think I would pick Zhongshuge bookstore in Shangai, China. Just looking at pictures online make me feel like I just stepped into a dream. This bookstore has a pretty gorgeous aesthetic with haphazard geometry and mirrored ceilings! There is also some cushioned ‘caves’ where you can read peacefully away from the crowd. I think I would move in if I could…

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8. Name one bookish event you’d like to attend. (A festival, a signing, a book fair, etc.)

Marie: Hmmmm…. BookCon, maybe? It’s been over 5 years now that I keep on hearing bloggers talking about it, meeting there, getting incredible opportunities and meeting authors and I’m…. kind of jealous, okay, living across the world. Also I’m kind of anxious about these kind of events? But anxiety aside, I’d pick BookCon for sure.

Nyx: I’m not a big fan of crowds but damn, I do love books so much… I think I would like to go to YALC, the UK’s Young Adult Literature Convention. Meeting fellow bloggers, asking questions to my favorite authors, buying a whole lot of books and swag… that’s the dream! Plus, it’s in London… do I need to say more??!

9. Your WIP is getting published and designing the cover is solely up to you. What does it look like?

Marie: I’m currently juggling between two projects:

  • One is a contemporary mystery I’m currently editing, with childhood friends, school pressure, university-aged characters, friendships and hopefully it’s an okay read???
  • Another is a contemporary that’s only on draft 1 stage, about sisters and traveling most of it all.

Having these stories, or anything I write, really, published, would be the biggest dream EVER. I did some tiny things for my book covers, here they are…..

Nyx: I’m not writing anything but oh damn I wish I was… I think I would write something in the veins of The Tousandth Floor or American Royals (Katharine McGee is amazing!) with lots of drama and lies and secrets and a bunch of flawed characters. Maybe a story taking place in the show business, like… I don’t know two singers falling for each other and dealing with the overwhelming media. So I made two possible covers, here we go…

10. What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish within the bookish world? As a writer, reader, blogger, whatever you want.

Marie: Oh god there are so many things I’d love to accomplish… As a writer, I’d love to get a book published, traditionally, someday. As a blogger, I’d love to…. I don’t know, be mentioned in some big bookish media or attend big bookish conventions as a recognized media, maybe.

Nyx: I would LOVE to co-write a book with my awesome, amazing and really talented sister. I don’t know about what, I don’t know how we would do it but it would be a dream come true!

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What are some things on your bookish bucket list? Which authors would you like to meet, interview or write with?

What do you think of our book covers? Would you pick these up in a bookstore?

We’d love to hear from you in comments!

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42 thoughts on “The Bookish Bucket List Tag

  1. love this post, guys!! bookcon is also a dream of mine, though it’d be in the distant, distant future haha. i also am intimidated by both the wicked king and ninth house! i didn’t really love the cruel prince either, and i know a lot of people love twk even more than tcp, so the pressure is on. and ninth house scares me mostly because of all the different ratings and opinions! and marie, both of your wips sound amazing!! 🥺💖

    Liked by 2 people

    1. AH thank you so much May, so happy you liked this post ❤
      It's a distant dream, too, for now ahah. Hoping to make it there someday 🙂
      Ahhhhhhh you're too sweet, they feel like a little bit of a mess right now to be honest ahah 😭😭 thank you!!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I ADORED reading both of your answers! I’m also not a big collector of bookish items, but if I had to choose, I’d probably pick bookmarks because they’re small (so they don’t take up too much space) and they’re useful! The covers you both designed are beautiful- I would definitely pick those books up 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve also been a bit intimidated to start The Cruel Prince series, but because I want to read her fae series that precedes that first. It’s just so much to read!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. This is such a fun tag! I really like reading all your answers. 🙂
    I really love your book covers, they look like books I would definitely read (so please write them!)
    I just googled the Last Bookstore and OMG now I wanna go too! It looks amazing! Same goes for the library! Shelves filled with books just get me really excited 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AH thank you so much!! You’re so sweet ❤ The stories are currently in the works… hopefully they can be a dream come true someday 🙂
      RIGHT?? It looks incredible, I hope to go there someday ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oooh – back when I used to write (like, over a decade ago 😂), I always stayed clear of fantasy & dystopian. They’re still 2 of my fave genres, but you guys are right – the world-building that is required is just too intimidating! Also, Nyx – I totally agree about wanting to build a personal library! My dream is to own one of those bookshelves with a sliding ladder 😍I wish I could attend a book convention/event as well, but alas, I definitely can’t afford the flights & ticket 😅

    Loved your answers to this!

    💛 Ngoc

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YEES! Too intimidating!!
      Oh my god YEEES! A sliding ladder, that’s the dream 😍😍
      Yeah, it’s not cheap 😞
      Thank you so so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts 😘😘

      Liked by 1 person

  6. ninth house is definitely a book that is super intimidating. even after reading it, there were so many difficult elements discussed and so much deep plot aspects that made it so much more complex. it really takes all of your brain cells lol

    writing a fantasy books would be absolutely AMAZING!!! you should really try it out because i’m sure you would be an natural at it!! totally agree with the dystopian world. i feel like it’s really hard to get the world right and for all the elements to make sense and for the resolution to be hopeful but also realistic. i’ve seen it done badly so many times so it’s definitely one of the harder ones

    GUYS YOUR COVERS!!!! I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH!! and they all sound so interesting!! where and when can we read them because i neeeeed 😭😭😭

    this was such a great post, i had such a fun time reading it!!


    1. Yeeees, SO intimidating! Maybe one day, I’ll pick it up…
      Yes, I think you need to be REALLY good at world building to be able to write a good fantasy book! But man, do I love these books 😍
      Awwww, you’re so sweet!! We’re so happy you enjoyed our covers! Thank you, thank you ☺️☺️
      Thanks, so glad you enjoyed it! Talk to you soon 😘😘

      Liked by 1 person

  7. What a great post! I understand hesitating on Ninth House. It is much darker and harsher than Bardugo’s other works, but she handles the content pretty well. It can get a little uncomfortable at times and is a little slow and hard to follow, but the story is intriguing throughout. The Last Bookstore in LA is so cool and quirky! I hope you get there someday. I’d love to visit that bookstore in Shanghai! It looks so sleek and modern 😍


    1. Thank you so much, we’re happy you enjoyed it 😊
      Yeah, I’m really on the fence with this one. Thank you for your feedback!
      Yeeees, so pretty! I hope we’ll get the chance to go someday 😍

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Thank you for tagging me!! 🙂 I wish I could encourage you to read TWK and Ninth House, buuut I felt like Folk of Air went downhill after the first novel, and I DNFed Ninth House, even though I was incredibly excited for it. 😭 I relate to not being a collector of bookish items – books are the “items” I collect, and I too would love to have a big library of my own one day. 🙂 I really love the covers you made for yourselves! 🙂 Great post. 😀


    1. With pleasure! 😊
      Oh nooo, that sucks 😭
      Yaaay, a huge and pretty library that’s the dream 😍😍
      Thank you so so much ☺️☺️


  9. ahhh, thank you so much for tagging me!! this tag looks like so much fun, and i can’t wait to answer it 😍 reading about your bookish goals made me so soft, actually. I really hope you two accomplish all of these things some day! I’d love to see both of you as published authors ❤ And, ahhh, I would LOVE to travel to The Last Bookstore! I've seen the pictures there, and I'd honestly tear up if I ever got to go 🥺

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Hello Marie and Nyx!!!
    Yay! I’m so glad you guys did this tag!! I really loved reading all your authors!!
    I also met Marissa Meyer at a library event in my city. She was so sweet (and yet I was super tongue-tied hahaa.) I am a big fan of her books as well. I love how her books are so addictive and fast-paced and I think she has a great knack for writing series (the middle book syndrome does not exist for Marissa Meyer’s books haha.)
    I definitely find the fantasy genre hard to write as well because of world building! It’s such a challenge to create a unique and imaginative world with rules that make sense, and I admire all the writers who can pull this off so effortlessly.
    Marie- that’s awesome that you are editing Three Seconds!!! Keep us posted on how it goes. I’m curious about your new WIP as well 🙂
    Great job on your covers!! I am in support of you guys co-writing a book- it will be awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

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