5 years of book blogging – I’m answering all of your questions!

So… it’s official, I’ve been blogging for 5 years today. Did you know that’s almost a fifth of my life? This feels strange that I used to live without blogging and it feels strange to imagine living without it, now, when it has been such a massive part of my life for so long and has brought me so much.

I’ve learned a lot in the past 5 years, just as well, but most of it all I learned that I’m just happy to be here doing what I love.

I asked you all a little while ago if you had any questions for me and a couple people did (thank you!!) ask some incredible questions, some thoughtful, some that had me thinking for a little while, too. So today I’m here to answer them all! I’ll be talking about book blogging, reading, writing and answering some personal questions just as well.

I had fun answering these and I can only hope you’ll have fun reading it, too! Thank you for making my blogging journey amazing, I am grateful to be part of this wonderful community every single day.

On book blogging πŸ’»

lais @ the bookish skies asked: most pleasant bookish surprises you’ve had this year?

Oh god, that’s a hard one. I think one of the best surprises I’ve had was to receive an early copy of If I’m Being Honest, which was one of my most anticipated reads of the entire year, with such a sweet word from authors I admire with all of my heart. I still feel way too lucky for all the wonderful chances I’ve had and books I got to discover this year.

lais @ the bookish skies asked: do you still have any blogging/bookish related goals you’d like to accomplish?

I’d love to meet some of my favorite authors, even if I don’t know how likely that is to happen, or how likely I’ll NOT fall over on my face and make an awkward mess out of myself.
I’d love to go to a big book convention with a media pass. That’d be the ultimate dream, being admitted to these conventions as a book blogger, you know?

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Alexia the Book Witch @stuckinbooks97 asked: How do you stay motivated to keep writing posts?

Sometimes, I wonder. I think that other book bloggers inspire me a lot, to be honest and being part of the community, chatting with everyone, the comments and tweets and everything just makes me feel motivated to create. Somehow, looking back at my blog posts also makes me feel motivated to keep on going. Not necessarily on their success, though that obviously influences our minds, but on the content. On the fact that this all came from an idea and somehow I made it into writing and I love it. It makes me want to keep on creating.

Practically, I always have ideas written down everywhere, ideas that come randomly, ideas that are saviours when I don’t feel motivated, because sometimes in one of these three-month old ideas I find that spark to write.

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Alexia the Book Witch @stuckinbooks97 asked: What other skills did you have to learn for your blog?

I didn’t “have” to learn anything for my blog, I learned it all willingly because I adore it. Technically, I feel like I’ve learned a whole lot more about wordpress, a tiny bit about coding and layout and such, even though I’m far from being an expert. I’ve learned about branding a little bit, about design, I feel like I’ve learned about becoming a better writer, too, somehow (english isn’t my first language).

Math’ @MathCrln asked: Out of every posts you have ever written, is there one you like more than others, a personal favorite?

I think, as nervous as I am to publish these, I kind of enjoyed writing my post about my 26th birthday. It’s nothing special, really, so I don’t know why, but it is a personal favorite, I think. I like to look back and think I’m not that bad sometimes?

caitlin @caitlinalthea asked: If your blog brand wasn’t drizzle and hurricane books, what would be it be?

I think it might be something travel related, maybe, since it’s my second big love with books. I might have come up with something like bookish travels or around the pages or some word play like that. Or maybe not, because I’m terrible at word puns.

ash @ ash ronnel asked: What inspired you to start blogging?

I read a lot of books and… I didn’t really have a lot of readers all around me. I started reading in English, too, which reduced my having-readers-reading-the-same-books-as-me probability even lower (I live in France and am French). Somehow, I found that book blogs existed, that people talked about books online and somehow someday I thought I could try and do that, too. Five years later I’m here, so I guess that was a pretty good idea.

24hr.YABookBlog @24hrYABookBlog asked: Favorite discussion post that you’ve written?

I think I’m gonna go with my supporting international book bloggers blog post, which matters a whole damn lot to me, that I loved writing and always think is important and relevant. ❀

marta @Β  the book mermaid asked: How do you keep yourself organized?

I kind of do my best to dedicate time to book blogging in my schedule every week.
I know that weekends are where I have the most time and the most focus so that’s where I think, brainstorm, draft and plan blog posts for the upcoming week (or try my best to do so).
I spend some time on the evenings checking and answering to some blog comments, as well as checking out some blogs and blog hopping on a couple of blogs if I’m feeling it and if I’m not too worn out from the day.

shanti @ virtually shanti asked: how has your blog changed?

Oh Drizzle & Hurricane Books has changed a whole damn lot ever since I started it.

Design wise, it’s not the same thing at all and I’m fairly happy and proud of what it has become today. We have a different layout, incredible graphics (created by the very talented Kat!) and I feel like only now has it settled into a sort of coherent identity, somehow.

Content wise, I used to participate in Top Ten Tuesday memes, Waiting on Wednesday memes and do a whole lot of book tags more, just as well, some things I’ve given up a couple of years ago to focus on more discussions and recommendations. Reviews have always been there, though they’ve changed with time, they will always be there.

shanti @ virtually shanti asked: what do your friends think of your blog?

I honestly don’t know, I don’t talk about book blogging with my friends at all. I asked my sister what she thinks, because she’s my best friend and she just told me it’s really really cool so…. I don’t know, I guess it’s okay?

shanti @ virtually shanti asked: what is the craziest thing you’ve ever done for a blog?

Hm…. creating and spending so much time on it all is… a lot, I’d say.

shanti @ virtually shanti asked: where will drizzle and hurricane books be in five years?

Hopefully, still here and still active, that’s my very first wish. Then, I’m hoping to still spread the love for my favorite reads, still have wonderful conversations with the community on my blog.
If I’m being even more hopeful, get opportunities to work with my favorite publishers and authors, maybe someday just make a few dimes off it all? Though I’m not even certain of that last one.

Tiffany @readbytiffany asked: If you could trade blogs with anyone for a week, who would you trade with and why?

Oh this is a tough question. There are so many bloggers I admire, I wouldn’t even know where to start? I’d also love to trade blogs with anyone, but would also be terrified to mess it all up, so I probably won’t. Welcome to my anxiety. But for this question, I’d say…. off the top of my mind, three bloggers I adore and whose blogs I admire a whole damn lot, too: cw @ the quiet pond, tiffany @ read by tiffany and kal @ reader voracious.

Tiffany @readbytiffany asked: Is there anything you learned about yourself through blogging that surprised you?

I think that I kind of discovered that I’m really goddamn obsessed, I mean, passionate about what I do and when I’m like that, I don’t count hours, days, time spend to make it all the way I want it to be. I’d like to think that’s a quality, but that’s also something that leads to burning out.

Nicole @ Thoughts Stained With Ink asked: How do you always write such in-depth, incredible and relatable content on your blog?

I –

I don’t know, honestly I just feel like writing and/or ranting and just hearing that it resonates with you so much makes me want happy cry. I’m too grateful and happy that my thoughs and my work resonates a lot?? I’m just trying to write from the heart, my happiness and frustrations and I adore you all okay.

On reading πŸ“š

sophie @ meandink asked: What is a genre you would like to read more of?

I think I’d like to read more adult fiction? somehow? chick lit, which I enjoy every now and then and would probably like getting into a little bit more, I guess.

sophie @ meandink asked: You are travelling somewhere, where are you going and what fictional character are you taking?

Oh god there are so many places I’d love to visit. I want to go to the West Coast of the United States, I want to go to Denmark and Sweden, I want to go back to Greece, to Australia, to New Zealand… I just can’t pick ONE PLACE ahah.
Okay so for the sake of the question I’m going to pick, hmmm.. Sydney in Australia, with Lara Jean maybe because I feel like we’d get along so well and we’d obviously discover all the food places and I’m here for it.

24hr.YABookBlog @24hrYABookBlog asked: One of your favorite books that you wish had an adaptation?

Ohhh I think Uglies would make a fairly awesome adaptation sometime. I also think they might ruin the entire world of it all and that would terrify me.

marta @ the book mermaid blog asked: What is your earliest memory associated with books ?

My mom told me she put books in my crib for me to fall asleep when I was only a couple months old.
Obviously I do not remember that, but… well. That’s the earliest thing, right?

Tiffany @readbytiffany asked: Which book is most representative of your life?

I asked my sister the question and she told me Eliza and Her Monsters and…. I think she’s quite right about that. Everything about Eliza screams “me” and it’s one of the most relatable books I’ve read, to date.

Nicole @ Thoughts Stained With Ink asked: Favorite tropes to read about and least favorites?

OH hmmm… I adore childhood friends tropes. They’re my ultimate favorites. Well, that and friends to lovers trope that always make me feel soft and warm and happy. I also really like royalty, amnesia tropes, disappearing people tropes though I don’t know if that’s a trope, I like the chosen one trope as well.

As for my least favorite tropes…. I’d mention instalove, which is something I sometimes get bothered at and when love cures everything because my friend, let me tell you, it does NOT OKAY.

caro @ bookcheshirecat asked: What book would you recommend to someone new to contemporaries?

ONE BOOK? I am not sure I can just pick one?? Please forgive me for what’s about to come.

Morgan Matson’s books for her incredible writing talent and crafting characters and wonderful romances, Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka for their bold, badass main characters that we always need more of, Rachel Lynn Solomon for the heartbreaking, real stories, Emma Mills‘ books are like a warm hug. I should stop there……As for specific books, some of my favorites are pictured below. Maybe I should do a “must-read contemporaries list”. someday…..??

caro @ bookcheshirecat asked: What’s your favorite bookish animal?

Oh! I think I want to go with the daemons in the Northern Lights series… I know it’s not a specific animal, but…. I just love that concept so much!

On writing πŸ“

sophie @ meandink asked: Do you think coming up with titles for your WIPs is easy or hard?

Titles are, for me, one of the hardest things ever. I’m still uncertain about my WIP titles and one of them has been for a story I’ve been working on for like, 5 years, so…. yeah, it’s hard. Thing is: I’m a fan of titles meaning something, titles you can find in the book, titles that just… click, somehow and…. yeah I make it way too hard on myself I guess, so it takes… TIME. and procrastination.

caitlin @caitlinalthea asked: Would you ever consider writing a fantasy novel some day?

yes, definitely! I’m terrible at world-building, to be honest and I don’t even know if I’d manage to write a believable world, but I’d love to write fantasy someday. I have ideas in my head already about it all, but right now I don’t feel the confidence as a writer to pull it off. Maybe someday.

24hr.YABookBlog @24hrYABookBlog asked: How do you find inspiration for your writing (WIPs or blog discussions)?

WIPs : I don’t really know how. Life, I guess. I know there are some themes deep to my heart that I want to write about. Like, sisters and sisters relationships, travel, blogging, adulting, finding your place in this world, toxic relationships, childhood friends relationships, boarding schools, school pressure, perfectionism, long-distance relationships… all of these are themes I am writing or would love to write about someday. I also know that some random things pop into my head, like gossip girl meets dynasty meets looking for alaska some sort of mess I’d love to write that isn’t quite defined. TV shows, stories I read, inspire me for my characters and settings and themes, too.

Blog discussions : I guess it’s life, too, more of the blogging life and reading life overall. I can get inspiration randomly while reading or answering to a comment, some sentence can spark an idea, some tweet or blog post or book reviews might give me an idea, too. whenever I think of something, I always always write it down because if you don’t, it’s gone and it is a world of regrets afterwards.

24hr.YABookBlog @24hrYABookBlog asked: Any advice for starting that 1st draft on WIPs?

Ouch, that’s a hard one. It takes me a little bit to throw myself into new stories and I need to… feel it, somehow. I can spend a lot of time thinking of it and, randomly, a sentence will come to me and I’ll somehow feel like this is “it”. this is how the story should start and, from there, it just flows.
I think what really helps, when starting a new draft, is trying to find that spark to get started, that little bit of inspiration, and to find that commitment to get to it, too. it could be a date, a special event like nanowrimo or camp nanowrimo, which can really help kick things off for you, an accountability partner of some kind giving you goals to get started…

Personal questions πŸ’›

caitlin @caitlinalthea asked:Β  What’s your favorite vegetable?

Oh that’s such a good question. I think I might pick broccoli? why is broccoli so underrated, I love it.

Nicole @ Thoughts Stained With Ink asked: Favorite mythological creature?

Hmmm I’d say the Phoenix? I just love these creatures.

Nicole @ Thoughts Stained With Ink asked: What’s your favorite part about where you live?

How pretty it is? I’m biaised. Maybe. I’d say the food, because seriously there’s nothing like French food. But also, pretty.

Nicole @ Thoughts Stained With Ink asked: Would you ever consider becoming old fashion letter penpals?


Nicole @ Thoughts Stained With Ink asked: What is your ultimate dream travel vacation?

Ouch that’s a tough one, I don’t know if you’re talking about places or people traveling with me or both…. hmmm…. I think right now as I’m thinking of this, my dream vacation would be California with my sister.

caro @ bookcheshirecat asked: What is your favorite place you’ve travelled to?

London, forever and always.

ash @ ash ronnel asked: Describe your aesthetic in 5 phrases or words.

Oh what a fantastic – and very tough…- question!! Okay so… Books, Travel, Chocolate, Tea & Sunshine, something like that maybe?

Nicole @ Thoughts Stained With Ink asked: Tattoos: yes or no?

I’d say yes for the tattoos that really mean something, but…. ultimately I have to say no because I can’t handle needles at all hahaha.

ash @ ash ronnel asked: #teampancakes or #teamwaffles?

Ohhhhhhhh that’s a tough one, I adore both? I think I’d go with waffles?

Nicole @ Thoughts Stained With Ink asked: Favorite film?

This is a tough question. I want to answer The 10th Kingdom, but it’s more of a mini series than a movie… I adore 17 Again, About Time, Love Actually, Crazy Stupid Love… I adore romantic comedies okay.

Nicole @ Thoughts Stained With Ink asked: Favorite LOTR Character?


shanti @ virtually shanti asked: what is something you regret?

In life? Maybe not being bold enough. Maybe in blogging, too, because if I’m being completely honest, there are so many people I’d love to chat and be friendly with and I’m too anxious to do so.

Nicole @ Thoughts Stained With Ink asked: What dreams do you hope to accomplish and how can we support you?

This is such a sweet question, honestly. I don’t deserve you, Nicole. I don’t know how to answer this or where to start.

If I’m trying not to lie to myself right now, I would say that my biggest dream would be to publish a book. It seems really clichΓ© to say this and really very unrealistic, but well, we’re talking about dreams, I guess. So, aerm, support me if I ever get a book deal someday in the future?

If you’d like to support me (thank you! I adore you, I really do), I have a ko-fi where you can tip me and help me keep my pretty blog functional, and a wishlist with some books I’d love to own.

In a very unmaterial kind of way, every comment, every like, every share of my blog posts and the work I’m doing on this blog helps.

Every single comment makes my day and bring a smile on my face, every single time I get to talk with you all and every time you make me feel like I’ve written something worthy of reading, really. Thank you, just you being here and supporting my little blog makes me the happiest.

How long have you been blogging for?

Do you have some lessons you’ve learned in your time blogging? Any questions you’d like to ask me? Feel free to ask in comments!





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  1. Happy Blogversary! πŸ₯° I loved reading your answers, especially about how you find inspiration for your WIP’s and amazing discussion posts πŸ’• I also feel like blogging has improved my writing abilities so much, simply because I write in English so regularly now πŸ™‚
    I did send in some questions as well, but I might have been too late? 😱

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    1. Thank you so, so much, Caro! ❀ I'm so happy you're part of my blogging adventure and so grateful to have you ❀ I'm so glad blogging has improved your writing, too!
      AND NOT AT ALL! I just answered your questions too and edited my blog post, my poor self didn't count all the questions well, I'm so sorry about that aahh. Thank you for your amazing questions! ❀ ❀

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  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I love this post so much!! It was so much fun to read! Thank you for answering all of my questions, especially since I apparently asked a thousand of them. *hides* ❀ ❀ I adore you and I am SO glad you decided to start your blog five years ago and that I was lucky enough to stumble upon it this year! Thanks for always being so bright and honest, yet real and vulnerable and knowledgeable and open! Also, I was totally serious with that penpal question. I LOVE letter writing, so if you're ever interested, let me know and I'll write you a letter! ❀

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    1. Ahh thank YOU for asking such wonderful questions, I loved answering to them so much and I’m so happy blogging brought us together, just as well ❀ ❀
      Oooohhh well yes yes, I'm DEFINITELY interested!! πŸ˜€

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  3. Fun post and congrats on five years of blogging. I think you write really well in English; honestly, I tend to forget your French. I would love to visit France someday though. My sister’s been a couple times and loved it. I’ve been blogging for 12 years now, and things have changed but it really is the community that keeps me going most of all I think. I love forming connections and hearing from people. I’m also someone who would like to publish a book someday. I just need to get back into actually writing more often. LOL


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    1. Oh thank you so much, Lauren, I’m so, so happy to hear this, thank you! ❀ ❀
      It's incredible that you've been blogging for so long, I aspire to still be there in ten years as well! The community is wonderful and what keeps me going for sure, too ❀
      As for the writing… we're in the same boat! WE CAN DO THIS! Here to root for you ❀


  4. Ahhh I had so much fun reading this!! Also is it Sam who’s your favorite LOTR character?

    I used to do Top Ten Tuesday too but somehow these days I don’t anymore?? I don’t know why, I like tags a lot more than TTT. Maybe I’ll pick it up again sometime!!

    I’ve been blogging on and off for almost a year (oh my!!) and I still feel like a newbie to this…I have no clue what I’m doing most of the time so I just wing it and have fun! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! YES it’s Sam, forever and always, I adore him haha ❀
      It's funny how time flies when you're having fun, isn't it πŸ˜€ Here's to many more years of blogging ❀

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  5. Happy 5-year blogging anniversary!!!!! XD

    I think that all blogs change *a lot* over the years – because they’re like… *alive*, y’know? (It’s not my fault – my parents are hippies.)

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  6. Gurl, spending so much time on a blog really is crazy! Hahaha. Sometimes, you’d sit there think and brainstorm and write about some things, next thing you know it’s been 4 hours. Anyhow, happy blogversary!!! I wish I have the same motivation you do when it comes to writing hehe ❀

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  7. I’ve been blogging for five years too but not very much this year. still thanks for answering all these questions! and congratulations, it is such an achievment to keep this space alive for half a decade! if you ever visit new zealand please please hit me up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for askin all of these questions, Shanti! ❀ ❀ AND YES of course, visiting New Zealand is one of my biggest dreams, hopefully someday ❀


  8. Happy 5th blogiversary!!!! Here’s to the next 5! πŸ˜€
    I enjoyed reading this! I just started reading Eliza and her Monsters and I’m loving it! πŸ˜€
    Broccoli is my favourite vegetable too!!
    Wow, where you live is so pretty! It’s so picturesque πŸ’ž

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You are so welcome! πŸ˜€ ❀️
        I’m totally zooming through the book, I started it yesterday and I’m already 150 pages in! It’s so adorable! πŸ˜€
        Right?! Like I can see maybe raw broccoli… but cooked broccoli is THE best! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š

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  9. Congratulations on your 5th blogiversary! I adore your blog and the discussions you share. I’m finding myself really motivated by your answers, which I’ve taken as advice LOL. Thank you and cheers to another 5 years of blogging πŸ˜€

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  10. I loved hearing about your goal in terms of being a book blogger as I think attending an event to do with books is amazing and would be a really memorable experience!! I hope you get to do it one day!! 😊
    I agree that other bloggers inspire me to keep writing as their passion can pass on to you in a way!
    I think I would like to read more Adult books as well, I’ve read a few this year and really enjoyed them. It is good to have a mix but I certainly find myself reaching for adult books more often now!!
    Going to Sydney with Lara Jean would be amazing!! I think she would be a great person to travel with!! And yes the food!! 😍
    Haha yes I like titles to mean something and relate to the book!! Whenever I see the title in the book I feel like doing a squeal!! It is hard to decide so I’m all for procrastination πŸ˜‚
    I hope you do try writing fantasy one day because I love fantasy. It is still something I feel like I can’t do but I enjoy exploring the ideas so even if it doesn’t go anywhere I am loving it!! ❀
    Yes life is the best inspiration for writing!!
    That picture of France for where you live is STUNNING!! 😍
    I’ve scared of needles as well but I do think tattoos can look really cool!!
    I absolutely LOVED reading all your answers and thank you so much for answering mine!! ❀❀

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    1. Thank YOU for asking all the wonderful questions, Sophie, I loved answering to all of these so much!
      Ahh maybe we can get into reading more adult books together and give each other recommendations then ahah πŸ˜€
      AGREE. I love it when titles mean something and therefore I’d love for my titles to mean something, too, but… it’s SO HARD haha.
      I love how pretty some tattoos can be, too yes!
      Thank you for your sweet comments and for your questions again ❀ ❀

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      1. Aww.. of course!! ❀❀
        Ahh.. that would be amazing, I would love to explore it so recommendations would be great!! 😊
        It is so cool but it is hard. Maybe we will both have a moment where it clicks for us and we’ll come up with a title for our books!! πŸ’›

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    1. AAH well of course I’d be happy to be your French speaking buddy!! πŸ˜€ It’s so easy to lose words when you’re not speaking a whole damn lot. I used to learn German and, since I haven’t spoken it in years, I…. lost every word hahaha.
      Thank you for your sweet comment<3 Happy reading to you too πŸ˜€

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  11. Ahhhh Happy Happy 5 Years of Blogging, Marie!! You are truly an inspiration to me, and I adore you and your blog so much πŸ’– Reading these answers were so much fun, and I definitely think travel, books, chocolate, and tea are 100% your aesthetic. Thank you also for answering all my questions!! Your blog is one I’d love to trade with because I love the content you write but also you’re amazing so it’d be tons of fun πŸ₯°

    I can definitely see Eliza being a book that is very representative of you. I actually picked i up last year because I remember you loving it so much! And even though I’m #TeamPancakes > #TeamWaffles, I’d have to agree that broccoli is a yummy veggie!!

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    1. TIFFANY you’re going to make me cry with your sweet comment, thank you ahh. I love you so much and I’m just so grateful to have you in my life πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’–
      Ahhhh picking between pancakes and waffles was quite hard, I LOVE them both so much ahah. I’m here for all the food!

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  12. How is France so gorgeous!?!? I am jealous, not gonna lie πŸ˜‚ I have been to Nice and Aix-en-Provence (and a few places surrounding each), but would love to go to more places and see more stuff! I have to ditto Lauren above me because I also totally forgot that you like, speak another language. That is SO impressive, I took Spanish for like 10 years and still can barely say hello, so the fact that you are so fluent is just… life goals, really! I love travel too, so I’d agree that if I didn’t have a book blog, I’d want to do something travel related. And in your case, you get to do both!! Broccoli is my favorite veggie too hahah. OH I have a kind-of question! How the heck do you NEVER talk about book blogging with friends? That has to be kind of difficult- I feel like I’d be hard pressed not to! I am super glad that you have your sister to share the love of books with thougH!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am completely biaised, but my hometown is the prettiest πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I hope you’ll get to visit the country more someday, there are so many lovely cities!
      OH thank you! that’s so sweet of you, honestly I feel like thanks to blogging, I have improved so much more than I ever thought I could, I’m so grateful for that ❀
      I honestly don't know ahah I'm just not bringing up that side of me too much, I guess? haha πŸ™‚


  13. Happy five years, Marie! I hope you’ll stay around for many, many more! ❀
    I loved knowing your earliest memory is your mother putting books in your crib to fall asleep. That's lovely!
    I hope one day you'll get to see your bookish dreams and goals come true πŸ˜€

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  14. Congrats Marie!! I really loved reading all of your answers to the questions, I think it was a great idea to celebrate your 5 years of blogging like this. 5 YEARS, that is a LOT!!
    I hope you keep blogging and recommending, so that my TBR list can grow more and more. And I hope eventually this blogging journey will bring you to your dreams of meeting your favorite authors and going to a book convention on a press pass πŸ™‚

    Also, broccoli is the best! ❀

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  15. Oh my goodness, your aesthetic in 5 words is LOVELY!!! You are such a sweet blogger and I love reading your posts, I am so sorry for not stopping by as often as I would like. Thank you for being so amazing, Merie! <333

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  16. I loved reading this post so much, Marie!! And thank you for answering my questions πŸ˜­πŸ’• My favorite vegetable is broccoli too!! It tastes really good, and you’re right that it’s pretty underrated. I love eating the leafy part, and with the right sause, broccoli goes from good to amazing.
    My blogging ideas are so random as well!! I can get them at any time of the day, so I have to scramble to write them down as soon as they come, whether it be on the Notes app, my math notebook, or the actual notebook that I use for blogging ideas, haha. Sometimes, two post ideas of mine combine, and I love it when that happens!
    I think the changes our blogs went through are pretty similar! Like you, I used to always participate in TTT. Now, I never do, and I honestly never will again πŸ˜‚ I really like doing discussions now, which is weird, because when I started book blogging, I NEVER planned on writing discussions. Also, it took me a long time to find my look as well! I think I’ve went through five separate blog designs, but I’m glad that I never stopped redesigning until I found the right look for me ❀ Btw, I love how your blog looks!! You are honestly the formatting queen! Plus, Kat's work is amazing.
    I've spent a surprising amount of time on this blog as well. It's so surprising to me, because I can't think of anything else that I've spent so much time, creativity, and planning on. But having a book blog has shown me that if I love something enough, I'm capable of putting a lot of effort into it.
    Also, I know that you’ll be a published author someday!! ❀ Please don't give up, because I know someone out there needs the story you're writing ❀❀
    Congrats on five years of blogging!! I'm sincerely sorry for the long comment, but I loved learning more about you, and I'm so grateful to you for being such an amazing blogger 😭

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    1. Aahh of course, thank you for asking all the wonderful questions!! ❀️
      I’m so glad you agree! I feel like broccoli is so underrated but it’s such a great vegetable.
      It makes me so happy to see we went through the same journey! I used to enjoy TTT, but then it became a chore and I just couldn’t handle it every week, either. In the end, I think I kind of… somehow grew apart from it and in a way, I’m glad. I’m focusing on posts that I really want to write and that’s what matters too πŸ˜€
      😭❀️ thank you, this means so much. It’s been a little hard, but I’m trying my best 😭❀️

      THANK YOU, I am so grateful for YOU and your sweetness, Caitlin, you’re wonderful, thank you for being here! 😭❀️

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  17. I LOVE how many questions about different parts of the blog and yourself you got! Even I learned new things, because I did not expect your favourite vegetable to be broccoli, although I am a fan too, so I get it (my personal fave is zucchini though). Just in case I never said it, happiest of blogiversaries! The community is all the richer for you in it.

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  18. omg congrats on hitting your 5 year blogging anniversary, i’m actually hitting my 3rd this friday! It’s kind of crazy to know how much of my time and life is on here. It went so quickly, and yet when I look back I feel like I was a completely different person! You were one of the first people I started following because you appeared on my wordpress recommended! I am so happy to have found your blog, and have this friendship with you! Can’t wait to see what you end up doing this year with your blog, I’m sure it will be amazing

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

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    1. ahh thank you so much Melina AND AHH HAPPY BLOGGING ANIVERSARY! This is amazing and I’m so happy you’ve been blogging for three years ❀
      I'm so happy I met you and always so happy to talk with you, too, it always brighten up my entire day ❀ here's to more years of blogging together ❀

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  19. Happy 5 year blogiversary, Marie!! I loved reading your answers. You are so real, humble, & sweet. France really does look like such a pretty place to live– I’m jealous! & when you get that book deal, put me on the pre-order list, please! 😊

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    1. Aww thank you! I hope you might be able to come and visit one day πŸ˜€
      RIGHT? I just can never, ever seem to find a title that, fits, somehow. it’s so frustrating.


  20. I had so much fun reading through all your answers, Marie! ❀ Congrats again on five years, love! That's such an impressive accomplishment and you continue to be one of my biggest blogging inspirations! I love how honest and genuine you are in each and every one of your posts, and I appreciate so much how you continually discuss important topics and struggles ranging from mental health, being an international reader, and blogging! ❀

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  21. Omg five years blogging is amazing, congratulations!! I completely agree with you about the daemons in His Dark Materials, they’re amazing. I can’t wait to reread that series sometime this year and finally check out the related books. I’m also with you on titles – they’re so hard to think of for everything I find. Like on the websites that want you to title a review. And I’d never know what to call a book, I have no idea how some authors come up with such fantastic titles for every single chapter too. Also is the Tenth Kingdom that show with Wishing On A Star as the theme music? I want to be more specific but my memories of it are super vague now as I haven’t seen it in years. I think I used to watch it every Christmas though at one point

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    1. Ahh thank you Charlotte, you’re so sweet ❀ ❀
      YES it's that show! This music kind of gets stuck in your head, doesn't it, haha πŸ™‚ it is one of my favorites ever ❀

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