10 books I really got obsessed about

Hi guys! How are you? How was your October? Did you celebrate Halloween? Did you dress up??! Okay… I’ll calm down now with the questions. My October was fine, I think I soaked up every last bit of sunshine available and I am ready (or not…) for winter to come (ugh, feel my enthusiasm…).

Anyway, on a much more happy note, I’m back on the blog today to talk about the books that I got REALLY obsessed about. Since blogging, I know exactly if a book is meant for me or not. That’s why I rarely rate a book under 3 stars on Goodreads and I pretty much enjoy everything I read.

But you know, sometimes there are books that just get you hooked. Books that you can’t stop thinking about. Books that you wish you could read in one seating but also want to enjoy the longest time possible because you don’t want it to ever end.

I don’t know about you but for me, there aren’t a lot of them and I still don’t know exactly what it is that makes me become SO obsessed. Is it the story? The characters? The writing? The pacing? In the end, I think it’s a whole pretty awesome package of everything I like in a book. I’m not saying that those books are “perfect” (there are no perfect books, in my opinion), I’m not saying that I LOVED every single sentence, character or action…but yeah, those books really got under my skin and I loved it.


πŸŒͺ 1. Harry Potter by J.K. ROWLING

No surprise there…Harry Potter made the cut. As you must know by know, it’s this amazing series that really got me into reading. I fell in love with the story, the characters and, like many people I think, it’s a part of who I am today. Yeah…that sounds cheesy but it’s so true! Forever a Harry Potter fan!

πŸŒͺ 2. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa MEYER

I didn’t expect to get SO obsessed with that series, I was really surprised but damn it was just TOO good. I LOVED the story, the characters were well-depicted and SO lovable, I enjoyed every twist and turn. At the time, I wished it would go on forever but you know what…even the ending was perfect!

πŸŒͺ 3. Uglies by Scott WESTERFELD

THE book that got me into dystopia. I never re-read books but this one is the exception. I remember reading it at school during breaks, I remember being so engrossed in the story and falling head over heels for Zane (yeah, I’m team Zane. Sorry, not sorry…). It was such an awesome ride and I feel like this series is so underrated, please go read it!

πŸŒͺ 4. The Thousandth Floor by Katharine MCGEE

I know this book is kind of problematic and I’m not saying I disagree… it does have its issues BUT the story really got me hooked! I’m a sucker for drama and it totally delivered. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough plus the characters were deliciously flawed! I also enjoyed the fact that it took place in the future, it adds a bit of a science-fiction vibe.

πŸŒͺ 5. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins REID

OH MY GOD, THIS BOOK! I could write everything in all caps when it comes to this book! I didn’t expect it to be so good! I didn’t expect anything (because of the hype maybe) but DAMN IT! I know I’m not being coherent but I loved everything. The story, the characters, the writing, the twists. LOVED IT!

πŸŒͺ 6. The Hunger Games by Suzanne COLLINS

I was a bit scared to start this one… the story does seem brutal. But it was so… addictive. It really made you think about a lot of issues we’re facing today in our society. It made me care for those characters so so much, it was heartbreaking but also full of hope. A+ for that storng female character and all that tension building!

πŸŒͺ 7. Fangirl by Rainbow ROWELL

Ah…the hype got to me but I’m not ashamed of it. Fangirl is good! It was relatable and it made me smile. I just wanted to read, read and read it ALL THE TIME. The anxiety representation was on point, it tackled important topics while still being cute and swoony.

πŸŒͺ 8. Gossip Girl by Cecily Von ZIEGESAR

My little guilty pleasure! I read all those books in high school and I just had a really good time. It was dramatic, full of romance and back stabbing plots. Let’s face it, it’s not big litterature but the characters are great – I enjoyed the differents POVs – and if you’re looking for some light and fun reading, this is perfect!

πŸŒͺ 9. All of This Is True by Lygia Day PEΓ‘AFLOR

So this one…either you love it or you hate it. I loved it! It’s got a bit of The Bling Ring vibes and the original formatting got me hooked. I wanted to know what was happening so bad, I wanted to know how that ride would end… I was thinking about it long after I finished it… I would say it was a job well done!

πŸŒͺ 10. Pretty Little Liars by Sara SHEPARD

Okay…full disclosure… why were there SO MANY BOOKS??! It needed to stop at book #8. That being that, I was pretty much obsessed with the first ones. The story was intriguing, you wanted to get all the puzzle pieces back together to know what the hell happened there. It got my head spinning and let’s face it, not a lot of stories have that power.

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What about you? What are the books that you got really obsessed about? Did you see it coming or was it a total surprise?

What are the things you need to see in a story in order to really fall in love with it? Are you feeling kind of empty when the story comes to an end? Is it hard to pick up another book after such an awesome read?

Let’s chat in comments πŸ’¬





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84 thoughts on “10 books I really got obsessed about

  1. Recently I was obsessed with Daisy Jones and the Six. Loved the story and the way it was told. I can’t really pinpoint what captivates me in a story, but it’s like love, you know it when you see it

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  2. Ah Fangirl was amaazzziinnggg, Harry Potter and Cinder are high up on my shelf begging to be read…definitely adding these to my tbr ,thanks for the remainder πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  3. I also feel like Harry Potter is part of who I am now. Ahhh I love this list it’s full of so many books I consider “fluff” reads… AKA books with teenage girl drama that are fun fast reads like Pretty Little Liars. I’m dying to read The Thousandth Floor!

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    1. Yaay, I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling the same way about Harry Potter 😊 Yeees, thank you! Hope you’ll get to it soon, it’s awesome and pretty addictive 😍


  4. Ok the books I am obsessed about are Making Faces by Amy Harmon, Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma, Forever Right Now by Emma Scott; A Charm of Finches by Suanne Laqueur, the Nine Minutes trilog by Beth Flynn, Birthday by Meredith Russo, ….LOL And for me I need to really FEEL for the characters. That’s the utmost requirement. The writing must also be stellar.

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  5. Pretty Little Liars is an interesting one for me because I didn’t like them that much but I was addicted to knowing how the series possibly ended (mainly in part to the TV series which I’d stopped watching by that point). Looking at a summary, I think I only read 8 of the books, but it was enough to satisfy my curiosity with both series.

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    1. Yeah, I totally get what you mean… it’s like you get sucked up in the story and you want to know how it ends so badly! (I also stopped watching the tv series, too much questions unanswered, it was getting too confusing). Thanks for stopping by! 😘


  6. I’ve actually read most of these!! 7 of the 10 so far although I’ve only read the first Gossip Girl book so far (and somehow only saw the show this year). I got really into some of these too though. Naturally HP which I could literally read a thousand times. I also really enjoyed The Thousandth Floor but need to read the last one still. I loved some of the characters in it so much and the setting and the drama. I also loved PLL, it was just so addictive to read. THG was a series that I was super into as well. I couldn’t stand the wait for the third one after that ending!! Other books that I got really into are Vampire Academy (yet I somehow never read the spin off :/), Wicked Lovely and probably quite a few others. Have you read the new books in the Uglies series?

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    1. Yaaay! 😊 Gossip Girl books were pretty addictive, it was a fast read for me πŸ˜‚ Harry Potter is everything 😍😍 Same here, I just got the last one of the series, I’m so so excited to start reading it πŸ€— Yeah, even though there were way too many books, PLL really got me hooked! I was so sad when I finished The Hunger Games series! Haven’t read those, I’ll check them out 😊 Yeees, I did read Impostors. It’s not as good as Uglies (it couldn’t be…) but I still really enjoyed it. It takes place in the same world and I’ve got massive nostalgic vibes after reading it. I can’t wait to get the next one! 😊 Thanks for stopping by 😘😘

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      1. I think I’ll probably get through them quickly once I pick the rest up. Aww that’s good, I hope you enjoy it as much as the other two. I have it already but need to pick it up still. It’s the same with two others series that I loved but never finished and which are literally staring me in the face as I write this πŸ˜…πŸ™ˆ yeah I think that’s the longest series that I have. Besides Anita Blake but I only have the first six plus something like number 19 so I’m not counting that one. Yeah me too. I’m quite intrigued as to what the prequel will be like though. I hope you like them if you do. I still need to read them but I’m glad you enjoyed it still, even if it wasn’t as much as the original ones. I remember quite enjoying Specials but also finding it a little odd. Yet I loved the idea of the rating system and still really enjoyed the story.

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      2. Haha, series are hard! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
        Yeah, I must admit I wasn’t as hooked with Specials as I was with the other ones! I hope you’ll give Impostors a try, you’ll have a good time I promise πŸ˜‰

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  7. Yesss, Harry Potter & The Hunger Games!! Those definitely kept me obsessed. My recent discovery of Bardugo’s Soc and CK are 10000% on my list of obsessions now. I wanted to devour that duology like the air I breathe, but at the same time, I did NOT want them to end. I’ve often wondered about getting into the PLL books since I really enjoyed the t.v. show, but the amount of them has definitely put me off a bit! Maybe one day πŸ™‚

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    1. Yaaaay! 😍😍 Oh my god…YES, I love them too!! 😁 Yeah…there are a LOT of them. But they are pretty addictive so it’s a fast read πŸ˜‚ Thanks for stopping by 😘😘

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  8. “Books that you wish you could read in one seating but also want to enjoy the longest time possible because you don’t want it to ever end.” This is such a mood and exactly how I feel about the book I am currently reading, I love those books like you want to spend every minute possible in them! They are precious!!
    Of course Harry Potter is forever amazing!!
    I was surprised my how much I loved the Lunar Chronicles too as sci-fi and retellings aren’t usually my thing but I loved the characters and it was so easy to read!! Considering the last two books were so big, I flew through them!!
    I loved Evelyn Hugo, she was so interesting and the writing was so amazing and real.
    I think as long as the books have real, flawed characters I’m usually in love haha!! ❀

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    1. Yeees, those books are just 😍😍 Yaaay, Harry Potter is everything. It needed to be on that list 😁
      Same here about The Lunar Chronicles, I just never expected to love it so much! And the massive last ones didn’t even scare me πŸ˜…
      I want to re-read Evelyn Hugo now, haha!
      I totally agree with you, the characters are SO important 😊
      Thank you so so much for stopping by 😘😘

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  9. I will always remember how much teenage me LOVED The Hunger Games. I remember reading the first book in one sitting, finishing it at around 2am and hoping my parents would not see my light still on (spoiler alert: they didn’t) and it was incredible. Then I couldn’t think about anything but getting the sequels, and I got Catching Fire and Mockingjay almost at the same time, and read them so fast. I’m hoping to reread them soon, this time in English since I read them in french the first time around β™₯
    I was also hooked on Twilight. There, I said it. I reread the first book many a time, and felt betrayed by the last installment: the disappointment was real with that one.
    I also remember being IN LOVE with The Naturals series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes a couple years ago. I binge-read them, I loved them so much. I could also mention The Mortal Instruments and all …
    I loved reading about your experience with these books Nyx, such a nostalgic and sweet post β™₯

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    1. Oh my god yeees to the Hunger Games! My teenage me also couldn’t stop reading!! I thought I wouldn’t like it because the story was a bit hard but I totally got into the story and those characters 😍😍I want to re-read too now 😁
      Oh…yes, Twilight! Me too! I’m surprised I didn’t think about it to put on my list because I was REALLY into it when I was a teenager. But I think I got sick of it, the last one wasn’t that good and I didn’t really enjoy the movies. There was too much talk around it, I don’t know.
      I haven’t read that one, I’ll need to check it out 😊
      Aww, thank you so so much! I’m happy you enjoyed it 😘😘

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  10. I am 100% with you on Uglies! That was the book that got me back into reading when I read it for the first time back in the day and it’s still one of my absolute favourites. And I’m Team Zane too. Never got what the big deal with David was. Also, I just finished reading Impostors which is set in the same world and now the nostalgia is flooding my brain and I’m obsessed all over again.

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    1. Yaaaay! 😍😍 Oh, a team Zane buddy, I’m so happy πŸ€— Yeees, I’ve also read that one! It got me feeling really nostalgic and I’m really looking forward the next one 😊


    1. I totally get what you mean. I get way more obsessed with tv shows than books, I still don’t know why! Harry Potter is everything 😍😍 Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing 😊

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  11. The Hunger Games was definitely one that took me by surprise and I credit the series for getting me back into reading. It was such an addictive reading experience. The Lunar Chronicles is just as addictive and I’m still amazed at how Meyer managed to bring everyone together.

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    1. Same here, I really didn’t know what to expect and I just fell in love with it 😊 Yeeees! This author is SO good at world building and her characters are just 😍😍 Thanks for stopping by 😘


  12. This is a really good list!! I also got really obsessed with Harry Potter, the Lunar Chronicles and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, they’re just THAT good hahaha
    My Halloween was okay, I think. Back home, we don’t really celebrate it, and here in Germany idk what they usually do, but it was a Thursday so I went to a party that happens every week in another dorm building, and some people were dressed up (I’m also super obsessed about a girl’s Maleficent costume that was AMAZING). Now, I’m just trying to prepare myself for the bad weather. I saw it was supposed to snow today, but it wasn’t cold enough. It did rain, though (I’m not ready for winter)!! ))):

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! 😊 Yeees, they are awesome 😁😁
      Well, that sounds nice! Maybe, next year you can dress up as Maleficient 😏
      Same here, I don’t want winter! Please bring us summer back 😭😭

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  13. Great post, I’ve been wanting to read thousandth floor, I’ve heard really good things about it! If you liked Gossip girl series, I think you would like the spinoff that follows Jenny Humphrey after she leaves! It’s called it girl. I loved them all growing up, and I’m currently rereading it and I still love it! Great post Nyx xxx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 😊 You really should, it’s pretty awesome 😁
      Yees, I read the first one but unfortunately I didn’t get as hooked as I was with the Gossip Girl series πŸ˜•
      Thank you again for stopping by 😘😘

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  14. OMG I also got SUPER obsessed with The Lunar Chronicles! And it happened recently too at the end of this Summer! I swear I finished that entire series in under a month. Lol. It’s just so good! I miss it and the characters already! 😩

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  15. No joke, when I was in my final year at high school, I really struggled with one class. I had to do presentations and my scalp would burn and my voice would shake, because I was so terrified of the teacher. So, i also read the Hunger Games around that time and I just fell in love with the books and they gave me strength? Sometimes I put that book in my desk and just touch it for comfort. I guess obsession would describe it quite well.

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  16. Omg I remember I read Uglies and ABSOLUTELY loved it!! But my library took so long to get the second book that by then I had moved on to other books πŸ˜ͺ
    Fangirl yes!!!
    Oh yeah. I had to stop around the sixth book of Pretty Little Liars because everything became too much. As for Gossip Girl, I think I only managed to get to book 3 or 4 before stopping 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no 😭 Well…you need to pick it up again!! 😍 Yeees, Fangirl πŸ€—πŸ€—
      Yeah, it was getting too confusing! That’s too bad really πŸ˜•
      I was REALLY into Gossip Girl haha, I guess I was in the mood for some drama πŸ˜…
      Thank you so much for stopping by 😘😘

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