Monthly wrap-up – July 2019

Hi friends!  ☀️ Once again, I’m sharing my monthly wrap-up quite early and I have exciting reasons this month, as well. Look at me trying to be normal while I’m totally screaming inside???!!!!!

in real life

July has been a… quick and slow month all at once. It started out beautifully, really. I went to Croatia for the first time with the boyfriend on the first week of July and discovered a stunning country, beautiful landscapes, walked a whole damn lot every single day, ate delicious ice cream, hopped on boats and buses and walked alongside gigantic lakes, stunning waterfalls and overall just had a great, great time.

You can read about my Croatia trip right here, in case you’re curious, or/and just want to see more pictures!

The rest of the month has been back at the working routine, a very slow one as it always is during the summer, and even slower when you are eagerly waiting for something to arrive. That’s the reason of my early wrap-up, friends. I’m writing this today, getting through a couple of days left of work and then, my sister and I are flying away and realizing one of our biggest dreams…. going to Canada. CAN YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING BECAUSE I AM OKAY.

We’re crossing the Atlantic this Sunday the 28th and will visit both Montréal and Toronto and… well I’m just very nervous and anxious and excited all at once. Obviously blogging and all will fall on the side while we’re travelling and everything and once again, HELLO I AM ALL AHHH.

on books

I’m slowly, but surely, getting a little proud of my reading and the fact that I can get through 6 books a month while working full time as well. I know some people read faster and some people read over 10 books a month and that’s amazing and I’m sad about the fact that I can’t, but hey. I’m reading and I’ve read some pretty awesome books this month too, so…. let’s be positive.

📖 Books I read

THE UNDOING OF THISTLE TATE ☂️ This was such a great surprise! Really entertaining, with a great, flawed main character and an complex father-daughter relationship.  📖 read my full review
THE LADY ROGUE ☂️  Well, Jenn Bennett keeps on making her way into my favorite authors’ list. This was such a fun read, even if I prefer contemporaries, that one had all the fun banter and exciting adventure feels.
AMERICAN ROYALS ☂️ THIS IS A NEW FAVORITE ALERT, I am officially obsessed with this book and put this on your radar. Royal families, drama, romance and all the drama and ahh. I LOVE THIS.


HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN ☂️ Emotional, heartbreaking and beautiful, I loved this book so, so very much.

THE BONE GARDEN ☂️ An unique, original tale that I overall enjoyed, but was missing a little something.

DON’T DATE ROSA SANTOS ☂️ I’m currently reading this one as I’m drafting this post and I am so very very hyped okay!!!!

  • Goodreads Challenge: 44/60 books 🔥 11 books ahead of my reaching challenge ahhh.
  • Year of The Asian Reading Challenge: 5/10 books 🔥Halfway there, yay!



Despite getting some feedback for my previous WIP (a contemporary/mystery), I’m still waiting on some other feedback and, after over three years of working on this story in some way, I’ve…kind of, not given up on it altogether, but put it on the side to work on something else and… it feels good.

And I’ve actually been writing words. Real, actual words for a new WIP and that hasn’t happened in YEARS and I’m so happy about it. For now, it is a little bit of a mess, half planned out and a couple scenes I’m not sure I know their actual purpose, but you know, I’m doing something so…. that’s good?!

I haven’t shared much about this new story just yet except to a couple of people, but… to hopefully make you eager to hear more about it, here’s an aesthetic I made for it.

Would you like to hear more about my writing? Let me know!!

  • Words written: 4204.

on the blog

I took a small break at the very beginning of the month as I travelled and, honestly, it felt really nice to just, step away. More often than not, I am consumed by my blogging and authorizing myself to step away and take that break and exploring, being completely elsewhere, made me really happy. Also before you jump at my throat, yes I know I’m allowed to take breaks and yes I know I should do whatever makes me happy but you know blogging’s not all black and white and I adore it with all my heart and anxiety too okay. That’s all.

Apparently, besides this break, I have been nominated by bloggers for the Book Bloggers Awards 2019??? I am still astonished, a little bit in shock and a lot more emotional whenever I get tagged by someone letting me know they nominated me. I just feel tiny and shy and impostor syndrome hit me hard at times and, just. THANK YOU. I have absolutely no words to express my love and gratitude for you and your support of my work.

Also please note that the votes for the next round are opening today on the 24th on the wonderfully amazing host’s blog, May @ Forever and Everly, so don’t forget to keep an eye there to vote and support your favorite bloggers!

📖 Book reviews

Click on the book covers to be redirected to my reviews.

💻 Book blogging

📚 Book discussions

💬 Author Interviews

🌍 Travelling

I’m going on a BREAK.

Yet again, and a longer one this time. I still have a couple of authors interviews planned out, so the blog won’t be totally inactive, but I will be, at least on the blogging, blog hopping and answering to your comments’ side, from Sunday, July 28th to Sunday, August 11th or a little bit later, to get back to things, you know. Reasons, very exciting reasons stated above in my real life recap. I’m just AHHHHHHHHHHH okay.

As always, I’ll still be over on twitter, here and there, though I’ll do my very best to step away from it a lot because it’s always needed. I’ll still, most likely, share a couple travel pictures over there and on instagram as well.

As always, here’s a small round-up of blog posts I found interesting, enlightening, amazing, from fellow incredible bloggers, I hope you’ll check them out and will give them some love!

📚 Books & Reading

💻 Book Blogging

📝 Writing, Lifestyle & Other Posts I Loved

Is there a blog post you are particularily proud of this month? Feel free to send it along with your comment!

How was your July? Did you have a great month? Anything exciting happening or anything you’re looking forward to?

What were your favorite books this month? Did you discover new favorites? Any recommendations for me? Tell me everything in comments!





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  1. Congratulations, you definitely deserve the nomination and I’d love to learn more about your writing (; I’ll keep an eye out for future posts. I hope you had a lovely time in Canada (I’m going to read the post about it tomorrow as I’m going to bed now but I’m super excited to read it). Also sorry for bombarding you with comments.

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    1. Oh thank you so, so much, this means so much ❤ ❤ I'll see if I can get some writing posts done, maybe, if I find the courage to do so haha 🙂
      And please don't apologize for this, they makes me the happiest, honestly, thank you ❤ ❤

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      1. It’s 100% true!! ❤ ❤ I look forward to seeing them if you do get up the courage. I understand being nervous though; even though every blog post involves writing I’d be terrified of sharing something fictional that I’d written.
        Aww that’s good to know (: I just worry about people thinking ‘OMG’ when they end up with loads at once.

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