Monthly wrap-up – September 2018

How is September already over?!

I, and everyone is saying this as this time of the month, can’t believe how fast time has been going. Let’s take a look at the endless, not-that-interesting month of September now, shall we.

in real life

As predicted, September was a bad month. I may be exagerating a little bit, or maybe I am not, I don’t even know at that point. I just know that my mood falls down and down a pit hole of hell when the autumn and winter months come and I’m basically like this.

But you’re not here to hear me talk about that, are you, so moving on!

I don’t have anything too exciting to share on that part of my wrap-up, unfortunately. September has been filled with the usual routine of working, blogging, sleeping, reading and that’s basically it.

October, though, hopefully promises some more exciting things coming again. It is my birthday month (on the 15th, in case you’re any curious), and if I am not at all ready to be older…. I am VERY excited, because I’m going away with the two loves of my life to my favorite place. I’m being cryptic because I’m bad like that, but more on that later. For now, just to get through five more weeks of work, right, and then I’ll be like this again:

Sorry. I do love Friends a whole lot.

on books

Well, it seems like I’m about to cross off my goodreads challenge really soon and I’m so, very happy about that! My challenge wasn’t really… that challenging, since I just kept the same one as 2017, but still. It’s good to feel ahead and feel like I’ve got something together in my life.

I have read some awesome books this month just as well, so I’m so, very excited about that, too!!

Books I read

I am SO HAPPY I finally read one of my most anticipated reads. As expected, I REALLY fell in love with it. Full review soon!

I am still in shock to have been able to read one of my most anticipated reads of the year already, to  be honest?????? IS THIS REAL. I love Lauren Oliver with all my heart and I had a great time with this one…. except for some triggering things. Full review here!

Well, Cait’s book certainly deserves all of the hype. It was a heartbreaking book with characters you want to HUG. Full review soon!

Despite this book being super problematic, I… well, I still had fun reading it. Drama and gossip and I don’t know, I was hooked. Full review soon!


I am very very much in a AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH kind of state because well this book is made for marshmallows like me. Full review soon!

I’m currently buddy-reading this with the one and only amazing Marta and really excited about it. So far, it’s very atmospheric and I like it!





Let’s just forget this category exists, okay. All I’ve been doing are aesthetics to share over on twitter, so…. I guess that’s still something?!









I still have my current WIP in mind and I want to edit it and do something with it. Life just being life, working, being tired, blogging, I haven’t made writing a priority, at all. Maybe I will as NaNoWriMo comes around, or maybe I’m just not made for it. Time will tell I guess?

on the blog

This upcoming October, I am honored to be one of the co-hosts for the wonderful Shattering Stigmas event. This event is meant to raise awareness towards mental illness and I will be having, on my blog, an incredible selection of bloggers sharing their book recommendations, personal experiences and thoughts on the topic.

That being said, you will most likely see way less of me on my own blog during the length of this event, which is from October 6th, to October 20th. I still have a couple of blog posts on my own, but I will give out my platform and for other voices’ to shine during the event. I really hope you’ll enjoy it!

Book reviews

Click on the book covers to be redirected to my reviews.

Bookish discussions

Book blogging





Alright, here is my little selection of blog posts I enjoyed reading this month!

Books & Reading

Book Blogging

Is there a blog post you are particularily proud of this month? Feel free to send it along with your comment!

How was September for you? Am I seriously the only one not into the colder months of the year?? Australian people, care to send me some sunshine and spring vibes? Please?

What was your favorite book this month? What are you planning on reading next? Let’s chat in comments!

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