Top 10 favorite book covers

Hi guys! How are you? How was your month? Mine was fine, it was my birthday and… I’m getting old, ugh. But I got to eat yummy italian food and got pretty sweet messages so… yaaay!

Today I’ve decided to talk about books covers! In our appearance-centered society, we’re all influenced by looks, we can’t deny it anymore. It’s the same thing with books, sometimes a pretty cover catches my eye and makes me want to pick it up whereas another one won’t attract me that much. It’s a shame really because I can miss some really great stories due to some really superficial reasons!


The book covers I really like are mostly with halves people on it, it’s like you get an idea for the characters but it doesn’t prevent your imagination from running wild. I also enjoy the series’ covers when they relate to each other and evolve as the story is unfolding. I’m drawn to artistic covers with a meaning behind it, pretty different shades of colors, a scenery bathed in sunshine…

On the contrary, I don’t like to see a couple sucking face or half-naked people…it’s a no for me. I’m also not a fan of too dark covers with monsters or blood or creepy dolls (yeah, I’m a marshmallow…). There is also a small chance for me to pick up a book with only the title and a colored font…I need more, I need to feel like the story is calling out to me.

So, without further ado, here’s my top 10 favorite book covers…


1 – Cinder

The red heel, the title’s typeface, the robot vibe…YES, YES, YES!

2 – Eliza and her Monsters

This cover is dreamy! I LOVE the mix between the drawed characters and the real girl in the background with her hands full of paint.

3 – When Dimple met Rishi

A perfect candid picture! The orange color, the genuine smile and the title on the Starbucks cup, I’m picking it up without any second thoughts.

4 – The Wrath and the Dawn

It’s like a piece of art! That glorious red color and the little stars where you can get a glimpse of a mysterious woman.

5 – Scandal

I know I said I don’t like people kissing on covers but this one is cute! Plus, it’s an Instagram picture, that means this book deals with social media, I’m totally in.

6 – Shatter Me

Just GORGEOUS! That eye with trees as lashes, I NEED to read this story, no questions asked.

7 – Awaken

Love the fact that the title is written so small. SO intrigued by that jar full of flowers. It’s like something beautiful is stuck inside when it should be blooming outside.

8 – Looking for Alaska

Minimalist, I want to stare at that cover all day long.

9 – The Perks of Being a Wallflower

All that writing, the polaroid pictures…I already know that this book is going to make me FEEL!

10 – Words in Deep Blue

A cover full of books?! Hell yes! Plus all those shades of blue, the title written in cursive…I want to dive right in and never look back.      

What’s your take on book covers? Do you judge a book by it? Ever bought a book because the cover was SO pretty you HAD to take it with you?

What do you like to see on covers? What do you hate to see? What do you think of this idea to hide the book cover and only see the synopsis?

Let’s chat in comments 💬

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 favorite book covers

  1. I love this post, Nyx! You made a lot of good points, and I pretty much agree with you about your taste in covers. 🙂 I’m guaranteed to take a look at the book if it’s ‘modern-day’ cute, like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, When Dimple Met Rishi, etc., or if the cover is just really cool, like the one of Shatter Me. (I actually haven’t read Shatter Me…I should.) Anyway, this is a great post!

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    1. Thank you so much! 😊 YEEES, I totally agree with the modern-day cute style! Well…you really should read Shatter Me, the inside is almost as pretty as the outside haha 😉 Thanks again for the sweet words 😘

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  2. Again, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, NYX! We are all getting old … there’s no stopping time :/
    Now, I have a confession to make. I actually like the redesigned covers for The Wrath and the Dawn better than the originals. It’s just that it looks so much nicer side by side than the red and the blue, because I will never understand why each book in a series (however short or long) could possibly need a different color each time …
    But Words in Deep Blue I love! So much so that I bought the hardcover edition while in Canada, fully well knowing that it would be way too heavy to take home and that I didn’t have any room haha

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    1. Thank you so much Kat! 😘😘😘 Yeah, growing old really sucks! Yeah, I get your point for the Wrath and the Dawn. Hahaha, well…you made the good choice you couldn’t possibly leave without it! 😅

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  3. I am totally influenced by how pretty a book cover is! I’ve bought loads just because the cover was gorgeous. One of my favourites is The Bear and the Nightingale.

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  4. I absolutely love the Shatter Me cover, literally one of my favourites ever. I also like the Perks cover you’ve got on your list, I have a different cover but that one is definitely my favourite edition. Another cover I really like at the moment is The Names they Gave Us by Emery Lorde which is mainly white and has a tree on the front that looks like its pained in watercolour, it’s so pretty! Great post! 🙂

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    1. Yeees, the Shatter Me cover is like a piece of art! 😍 Yeah, I’ve seen the other cover for the Perks and it’s just not as pretty 😅 Just looked at that cover you mentionned and wow it’s so gorgeous, I love it! 😍 Thanks for stopping by 😘

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  5. Wonderful post Nyx! I love the cover for Eliza and Her Monsters, as well as When Dimple Met Rishi. I think those are super cute and convey the atmosphere of the book so well. I’m a big judger of a book by its cover, but I judge blurbs even harder haha. These days though, covers have been really extravagant and well-created.

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    1. Thank you so much! 😘😘 Yees, that’s exactly it! Those covers are just perfectly matching the story 😊 Yeaah, blurbs are so important! Apart from the cover, it’s really the thing that will make you buy a book or not. 🙂


  6. I love the cover of Shatter Me too! While I do think that ‘eye’ covers have kind of saturated the YA book cover market, I can’t be mad at it because it’s so gorgeous. I seriously need to buy a hardcover set of the series! And Cinder!! It goes so perfectly with the retelling and cyborg vibe! Now that’s a good cover 🙂

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

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    1. Yeeees, that cover is like a piece of art! It could make a real painting or something 😊 Exactly, the Cinder cover goes perfectly with the story and it’s so intriguing, I love it! 😍


  7. A lot of books that are on my shelves! I totally agree on Cinder. I remember looking at the cover once in a while when I was reading it. I bought the Shatter Me series mainly for the cover….

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    1. Too many books so little time, haha 🙈 But yeah, you should totally read Eliza! I absolutely loved it 😊 Thank you so much 😘😘


  8. Nice choices!! I would have the hardest time making this list becase I love SO MANY COVERS. I’m definitely drawn towards minimalist elements– but I do also love the cover of #Scandal. Also, AWAKEN is one I added to my TBR soley based on the cover.

    I’m also a sucker for cool looking font & just overall prettiness. I think my fave cover (if I had to choose) would be Hysteria by Megan Miranda, Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler, or Pieces of Us by Maggie Gelbwasser.

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    1. Thank you so much! 😁 Haha, it took me SO much time to choose 🙈 Just looked your fave covers and they are pretty awesome 😊 Thanks for stopping by 😘😘


  9. I’ve got to say I probably am a little guilty of judging books by their covers. I can’t help it, a pretty cover catches my eye and I’m just so much more likely to pick the book itself up if the cover is gorgeous. It’s the reason I picked up a few of my favourite books I’ll admit, and actually one of the reasons I picked up the Shatter Me series (my favourite cover from that trilogy is the cover for Ignite Me, the flowers were just gorgeous!) 😀
    Great post Nyx, and these are all gorgeous covers as well. 🙂

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    1. Glad I’m not the only one who judges a book by its cover! 🙈 Oh yeeees, the Ignite Me cover is gorgeous! I want a painting with that cover in my room haha 😍 Thank you so much Beth 😘😘

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  10. I love so many of these. I love how well the cover for Eliza and Her Monsters captures the book…like they’re precious to her, but she’s holding them out for the world to see.

    I used to really like the Looking for Alaska cover, until I heard John Green going on about it one time, explaining that the smoke is clearly cigarette smoke and they just added the candle at the bottom as a last minute thing to make it look like it was just candle smoke. Now that’s all I think about when I see it.

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    1. Okay here’s what he says on the Looking for Alaska FAQ:

      Q:Did the candle wax volcano inspire the cover?

      A: The cover had a candle on it because the original cover featured only the smoke, but then certain bookstore chains that are no longer in business said they wouldn’t carry the cover face-out unless a candle was added because the smoke “looked like cigarette smoke.” (Of course, it is cigarette smoke.) So the candle is unrelated to Alaska’s volcano.

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  11. I really adore the cover for Cinder! I initially wanted to read the book based on the cover alone, then when I found out what it was about, well, I’m just waiting to get my hands on it hahaha

    I love how creative Eliza and her Monsters is! Would you recommend the book?

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    1. Hahaha, same here! The cover got me so intrigued and when I read what the story was about I just HAD to buy it! Best decision I’ve ever made haha 😁😁 YEEES, I totally fell in love with Eliza and her Monsters. 😍The inside is as pretty as the inside haha 😉It’s really focused on characters’ development, it’s relatable and very well-written. 😊


  12. When it comes to people on covers, I am a fan of partial views as well, and also silhouettes. Blurry shots are good, and ones from behind too. Eliza, Words in Deep Blue, and WDMR are among my faves.

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  13. Lovely post Nyx. And happy belated birthday 🙂 If I would have decided to do this post, I would have ended with probably 100 books 😀 I am big book cover hoarder. Beautiful book covers always attracts me.

    I don’t like to see couples or half-naked people on book covers either. That’s why I prefer reading the pure romance novels on my kindle because well, they generally have that kind of cover 😛

    . I’m also not a fan of too dark covers with monsters or blood or creepy Aww, both of you are marshmallows. So sweet!

    Oh, I disagree with you here about one cover though 😦 The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I am sorry, but I feel like it is the worst cover. I don’t know why, but I just hate it. It is so.. unappealing?
    Well, I agree with you on rest of these though 😛

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    1. Thank you so much! 😘😘 Hahaha, I had SUCH a hard time picking only 10 covers 🙈 That’s a good idea, I never thought about it! That way you can still enjoy your read without having the see the awful cover everytime you pick up the book haha 🙈 I’ll be doing that for all my romance novels from now on 😅 Yes, we are big fat marshmallows! 😂 Don’t you worry, we can’t all like the same stuff and be attracted to the same covers 😉 Thanks for stopping by 😘😘

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  14. These all look so great! I think we have a similar taste in book covers as I agree: half people and artistic covers are great, naked people or super kissy covers not so much, haha 🙂 I think my favorite from your list is Eliza and her Monsters. Love the cover, LOVE the book!

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  15. Happy Belated Birthday, Nyx!! Such a lovely discussion topic, I love discussing covers 😻 and the ones you chose are really beautiful. I love Cinder’s, the entire series has amazing covers. And the Shatter Me cover is utter perfection, so happy that they had the cover change for this one!!! ❤

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  16. As much as we try to focus on the content of books, I absolutely agree that covers definitely play a role in whether or not I will pick up a book! There are books that I gravitate towards because of their cover and books that repel me because of their unappealing covers. I also love covers that feature characters or an artistic design. I love minimalistic book covers too. Eliza and When Dimple Met Rishi definitely caught my attention when I first saw them! Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is one of my favourites. I also love the covers for the ADSOM series and the Monsters of Verity series 🙂 Great post Marie ❤

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    1. YEEES, covers are so important! It’s kinda sad because we can miss great stories but…yeah that’s how it works. 😊 Eliza and Dimple are both SO pretty, and they are such amazing stories! They did great with their covers, I think they really match the books. 😁 Oh yes, I totally agree with your choices! Thanks for stopping by 😘😘

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      1. Oh no I got it wrong again! I didn’t realize you had made this post Nyx! In any case, I loved this post and it was great to see that we have some favourite covers in common 🙂 ❤

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  17. I hate to say it, but a cover really has to catch my eye most of the time before I stop to check out a book. I think that as a book blogger, I should be less inclined to be that way, but it is true. I love the cover for Eliza and Her Monsters so much. The colours and the way it really seems to tell a story drawn me right in. Lovely post! 🙂

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  18. There are so many amazing book covers out there 😍 I absolutely LOVE the covers for the Lunar Chronicles, they perfectly relect the vibe of the books! 🙂 Also the Wrath and the Dawn cover is super fitting as well, I like it better than the new covers actually.
    One of my favorite book cover has to be An Enchantment of Ravens, it looks SO pretty 😍

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    1. YEEES, the covers are getting more creative 😍 Exactly, I wish I had posters of all The Lunar Chronicles’ covers! 😁I totally agree with you for The Wrath and the Dawn. 😊Oh my, it does look SO pretty 😊

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  19. I studied social media and marketing in college and there’s a science to photos in ads and even colors. It’s so crazy to learn about but the whole time I was like “this applies to me, this applies to me, ooh this is cute yup this definitely applies to me… damn this is pretty accurate.” lmao!

    I’m drawn to mostly fonts on anything! But I will definitely seek out a different country’s book cover if I prefer it more than the US version — like Strange The Dreamer or The Daughter of the Burning City!

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    1. It must have been SO interesting!! I would have loved to have that kind of class 😁 Yees, same here. It’s crazy how sometimes the covers are so different depending on the country!

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  20. I really try not to get covers influence me so much, but it’s so hard?? I mean, there are so many books out there and a cover is the first thing you’ll see, so obviously SOMETHING about the cover has to tell you that it’s something you might be interested in! Sure, there’s the title, but that doesn’t always say much either (especially in fantasy since a lot of them have similar sounding titles lol) so the cover is really all we have to go on? Plus I’m buying books so I do want them to look pretty 😂 Great post! These covers are all gorgeous and I can see why you’d want to pick up the books based on them 😛

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    1. Yeah, glad I’m not the only one judging a book by its cover! 🙈 You’re right, there are SO many books out there and the cover is indeed the first see you see so yeah you can’t help but be influenced! Otherwise, you’ll spend ages in books stores reading the synopsis of every book before making a choice 😅 Haha, I guess everyone wants pretty things 😊 Thank you so much for stopping by 😘😘

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  21. Out of these, the Shatter Me-cover is definitely my favorite! I have yet to read it as well but I’m looking forward to it, haha. I like eye-catchers when it comes to covers. Usually no fan of actual people on them, but there are some exceptions – like the Finishing School-series or the Alice in Zombieland-books. I quite like those.
    I absolutely HATE half-naked people on covers though. Ugh.

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    1. Yaay, the Shatter Me cover is just so gorgeous! It should be a painting or something 😊 You should read it, it’s pretty awesome! Thanks for stopping by 😘

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    1. Thank you so much! 😘 Yeah, it’s just bad taste. Oh I didn’t know John Green didn’t like that cover! Thanks for stopping by 😊


  22. I have totally fallen also for buying a book at times cause I liked the cover, LoL. I guess that happens to every Bookworm at some point.

    My favorite book cover is probably for Big Little Lies.

    Cinder, I bought forever ago and still haven’t read. That has a cool cover too.

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