What do you mean, “there is more than one book” ? a.k.a me ranting about book series

Something happens to me fairly often whenever I find out about new books. I either add them on Goodreads, buy them online or just on a whim, whenever I can go to a fabulous English bookshop a couple times a year. I read their synopsis, I fall in love with their covers, I hear amazing things about it all over the blogosphere.

Then, I realize that it’s book one in a series.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against book series. Most of the time. Some of my favorite books of all times are part of a book series. Yet, book series are so complicated.

  • They’re long. I mean, there are duologies and trilogies for sure, but then there are series that just grow and go on and on and ooooooon.
  • When you start them, they’re not finished and / or the next book is not even written yet. Or you just don’t have the money yet / they’re not available at the library for you to read them RIGHT NOW.

Instead of screaming about how complicated, annoying and beautiful book series are, how the world is magical, well-built and we end up living with the characters for so many years that we just feel like they are part of us, how we scream about 99% of the time about book series we have yet to finish, the ones we completely forgot about and the ones we’re like, lying awake at night thinking about, because let’s face it, WE ARE kind of crazy….

I decided to break things down and talk about some book series I’m reading, loving, hating, the ones I forgot about and the one I desperately need you to make me finish RIGHT NOW.

Fabulous book series I discovered thanks to book blogging

If the book blogging community has given me something, it’s amazing recommendations. It made me read books I did not expect and series I did not expect to love, either. I could go on and on with these, but I’m just going to try and pick three okay.

Thoughts on Cinder: Yeah so that’s quite different and why am I loving it so much???
Thoughts on: The Wrath and the Dawn: I AM OBSESSED.

Book series I was tempted to read because of the hype

The hype is scary, guys. It’s like a monster coming from you with the voice of a thousand book bloggers, shoving books in your face until you finally read them. I could probably come up with a couple titles here, but as always, I’ll try and keep it short and sweet.

Thoughts on Caraval: yeah, so that was cool, but I think I missed something here…. it wasn’t as fabulous as I expected it to be.
Thoughts on Forest of a Thousand Lanterns: not what I expected at all. That was bloody kind of cool.

Book series I regret committing to for so long

Only series I could come up with here for now is the Pretty Little Liars one. Why are there so many books?!

Underrated book series

I don’t know how underrated old book series are, but right now, two series come to mind. Okay, I kind of scrolled down on Goodreads for a couple of minutes there, but my memory sucks #sorry.

Thoughts on Awaken: this is very fun and the concept and technologies and old me loving dystopia will always be fond of this.
Thoughts on Unremembered: that book reminded me of the show I loved, Kyle XY and the concept was pretty cool.

Book series I just waited too long for and now… yeah, can’t remember a thing about it

“Waited too long” is… well, don’t take this literaly, too long can be two weeks or two months or two years, I have the memory of a goldfish anyway.

Thoughts on The Girl From Everywhere: I genuinely don’t know why I forgot about this book until just now. I regret it, it was pretty cool.
Thoughts on The Knife: Did not get used to that writing style. Still not over a certain someone NOT being here anymore. Will live in denial and try and forget about it forever.

Book series I’m scared to continue because… what if it’s bad?

Maybe “bad” is the wrong choice of word here. I enjoyed these books, I’m just hoping they will deliver more in their sequels than they did in the first book so… I’m scared.

Thoughts on The Winner’s Curse: read the first two books, had a hard time getting into both, liked it by the end. Forever pushing away the moment I will buy the last book, but still want to know how it ends. STRUGGLE.
Thoughts on Legend: was fun but maybe too quick – I expect too much from the rest to pick it up right away. Ooops.

Book series that I’m just done and over with once and for all because no no no no NO

Yeah I’m kind of exaggerating here, the books I am thinking of weren’t THAT terrible, just… I don’t know, not for me.

Thoughts on Splintered: Gorgeous cover, weird words inside. All the bugs and I don’t know. I didn’t get it? Me confused.
Thoughts on Magonia: GORGEOUS cover once again and weird inside.. yeah, no.

Book series I still need to finish but I’m scared because SCARY AND EMOTIONS OKAY

Thoughts on everything: basically, for these three, I’m just like: THESE BOOKS WERE GREAT but what will happen to my babies, I want to curl up under my covers and cry about it.


At that point, it’s just me screaming about books. Sorry.

Thoughts on Warcross: I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING okay.
Thoughts on The Book of Dust: I need more Lyra in my life.
Thoughts on Restore Me: HELLO JACKIE I need to read this to scream with you about it.
Thoughts on The Belles: that was cool and I’m eager for it to get even darker. WHO AM I.

Yeah so… basically, I scream a lot about book series and I probably forgot thousand of books there, but I did my very best, so… it’s your turn to scream books, what do you say?

Do you have a nervous breakdown as well whenever you realize the book you picked up is part of a book series??! Or are you happy about it?

What are some series you can’t WAIT to read? Some sequels you are eagerly anticipating?! Series you’re scared to finish?

Any book series on here I need to get to as soon as possible? Or do you have other book series suggestions for me? Let me know all your thoughts in comments!

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169 thoughts on “What do you mean, “there is more than one book” ? a.k.a me ranting about book series

    1. OH yes, I can’t wait to see how Obsidio ends, either… even if I am veeeery nervous and scared πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Thank you so much for stopping by! πŸ˜€


  1. Book series are something but I must always know it’s a series FOR I MUST OBSESSIVELY RESERCH ALL THE THINGS before buying a book. Or the chance that I’m just buying the first book because what if I love it and I need the others but what if I buy it all and I HATE IT?? These are the true questions here.

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    1. OH YES, that’s so terrifying, I am scared of getting a full series and just hating it… that’s why I ONLY buy the first book, EVERY TIME, I never buy a series all at once. But… after, it’s very frustrating when I end up loving the book and am left having to wait for the next books to be there hahaha.
      Thank you so much for your comment!! ❀


  2. Oh gosh, whenever I read about an awesome book and then find out it’s a series? Ugh, it’s the worst. I am not a series person anymore because I have horrible between-books series amnesia, unless they’re all already out and I can binge them. The worst though is when a book is slated to be a single book, then it’s decided later on that there will be more books. Or when a series you think is done comes back, like the Shatter Me books, which I just had to reread because I couldn’t remember what happened because the series ended four years ago.

    I have to say I am very glad The Belles is going to be a series though. In general, however, I am pretty anti-series, as you can probably tell from this comment, lol.

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    1. Oh I completely understand that haha – sometimes it is SO very frustrating whenever you expect a book to be a standalone, or a series to be over, then, SURPRISE, there is more. That’s soooooo annoying at times haha, especially since I get amnesia as well and can’t remember a thing about series sometimes πŸ™‚
      Oh I’m so glad you’re talking about The Belles, I really enjoyed the first book! πŸ™‚
      Thank you so, so much for your sweet comment! πŸ™‚


  3. Hahahah awesome post, Marie! I personally love discovering series since I know there’s always something to look forward to, especially if I love the first book. And it’s also probably cause I’m only 23 and I have my whole life to complete these! Good thing I do reviews that I could easily revisit if I forget what I thought of a book hahah It does become crazy overwhelming when you realize you’ve made 0 progress in some series… when you ADORED the first book. I mean… GIVE US MORE TIMEEEEE TO REAAAAAAD! 🀣

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    1. Oh thank you so much! You’re so right, there are so many books to discover and it is pretty amazing when we know there is more to look forward to, in a series πŸ™‚
      We DO need more time to read haha, there are WAY too many books that I want to read and… I don’t know when I’ll ever get around to reading them πŸ˜›
      Thank you so, so much for your sweet comment! πŸ™‚ x

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    1. Oh I get it, it’s such a struggle, we can never be sure about series, how can we know if we’ll love it, hate it, or something in between? It’s such a commitment, too, haha.
      Thank you so much for your comment, Carrie πŸ™‚


    1. YES YOU NEED TO READ THE BOOK OF DUST. I’ll read Six of Crows when you read that one hahaha. Kidding, I’ll try to get to buy it soon haha. πŸ™‚ thank you!! πŸ™‚ x

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  4. I love series. I admit that sometimes I get relaxxed to know that I’m reading a standalone, because I tend to start many series, too much series, and then it’s too late. Books to buy everywhere as much as you unfinishing stories.
    Yet, I like the possibility to see much more of the world, meet new characters and even see more of secondary characters I felt in love with (it’s a thing of mine. Don’t know why I keep doing that.)

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    1. Oh yes I get it – we can’t help ourselves, there are so many books being released and sometimes they’re just sooooo tempting. Having to wait and thousand more books to read afterwards, now that’s a problem πŸ˜…
      Thank you so, so much for your sweet comment πŸ˜€

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  5. Book series cause me so much emotional pain. But I still find myself reading them anyways because I love having my heart destroyed by cliffhangers, apparently. :’) and OMG the Splintered series just wasn’t for me either– I absolutely couldn’t STAND the main character (and th love interest, Jez or Jeb or whatever UGH).

    Ahh you have the finish the Young Elites!!! I ADORE that series (though you’re right to be a little terrified of finishing it) πŸ’–

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    1. I get it, I’m kind of the same, I can’t help it. Cliffhangers are THE WORST, yet I keep reading all the series then I am frustrated πŸ˜‚
      Oh I’m so glad you also feel this way – the Splintered series is quite popular but… I couldn’t love it, ugh, it wasn’t for me at all.

      AHH I am so happy you recommend the young elites. I really want to read the rest of the series… but… I’m scared now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Hannah! πŸ™‚

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  6. I didn’t like Our Dark Duet or The Rose Society very much and I kinda don’t want to keep reaing An Ember in the Ashes somehow? Idk. Splintered was weird too. But the Winner’s curse is definitely worth finishing! I think some of my favourite series are Laini Taylor and Garth Nix. I’m so excited for Muse of Nightmares.

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    1. Oh no I’m sorry you didn’t like these ones so much! I’m a bit mad to be honest – I got spoiled Our Dark Duet so… I’m in no rush to read it now πŸ˜‚
      I will definitely try to finish The Winner’s Curse sometime this year, I’m still curious to see how it all ends haha πŸ™‚ I also need to read more of Laini Taylor’s books, knowing you love her so much makes me want to read more πŸ™‚
      Thank you! πŸ™‚

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  7. Hello Marie!! I love this post so much because you’ve captured exactly how I feel about book series! However much I love to sink deep into a amazing, complex world, book series are just so… long! And what if it turns out to be disappointing!? I guess I am a bit afraid of commitment haha :’)
    I’ve definitely been surprised by books which I thought were standalone that were actually series. And funnily enough, sometimes I don’t even find out until I am 80% through the book, when my “holy crap I think this is going to be a series…” spidey senses start tingling lol :’) For example, I didn’t realize Warcross is going to be a series LOL! However I am happy that that is the case because I am very excited to find out what happens next πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh same here – I love series, I love staying into a world especially if I love it and its characters, but… I am also terrified of commitment and… there are just SO many books?! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Hahahaha, I didn’t know that it would be a series either, but with that ending… it HAD to be hahaha. I can’t wait to read the next book! πŸ˜€
      Thank you so much, Sophie! πŸ™‚ x

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      1. Haha yes! Sometimes I just want to read a book and be able to put it down and say that I finished something, you know? πŸ™‚
        And YES I am so excited for the next book. I think when I really really like a book (like Warcross), I am happy when it turns out to be a series πŸ™‚

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  8. I feel this so much Marie! Like on one hand I LOVE series because I want to spend as much time as possible with the characters and world I love but on the other hand?? Time?? Money?? Who has that not me. AND THE WAITING OH MY GOD. Especially when it ends on a terrible cliffhanger. It’s been years, but I’m still not over the Mark of Athena cliffhanger ajshgfd Like I always hate waiting an entire year for the next book, but so far nothing has been worse than MoA lol

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    1. YES YES YES that’s exactly it, the time, the money, ALL THE WAITING IS SUCH A STRUGGLE – yet we can’t help ourselves,some series sound too amazing to pass it up haha πŸ˜›
      Thank you!! πŸ™‚ x

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  9. I relate to this SO WELL. If I know I can get my hands on the whole series, I’m completely fine (and by completely fine, I mean reading frantically trying to finish the entire series in a day). If it’s the first book and the second one isn’t out or not at my library, I go kind of crazy πŸ™‚ . I also read “Wrath and the Dawn” and “A Darker Shade of Magic” because of bloggers and I’m so glad I did. I get the “Waiting too long” for a series so well, it’s happened to me so many times and I just never went back to the series.

    You definitely need to finish the Legend trilogy, all three books are so good! (But I’ve also read them years ago and my tastes have changed since then so take my advice with a grain of salt).

    I NEED THE WARCROSS SEQUEL TOO! I also need “A Reaper At the Gates” and “Queen of Air and Darkness” so baaaaad!

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    1. Oh yay I am so glad you read these books, both are among some of my favorites!! ❀ ❀
      Waiting is so hard, and we read so many books in between, sometimes we are bount to forget about them haha, I hate when that happens :/

      Oh thank you for the recommendation, I'll definitely have to finish this series then πŸ˜€
      AND YES WARCROSS I CAN'T WAIT for that one. I need to continue with the An Ember in the Ashes series, I'm eager to πŸ˜€
      Thank you so much for your comment! πŸ™‚ x

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  10. I totally agree with you on Magonia. Just . . . no. Not for me. I usually avoid series because they’re too much of a time commitment. I’ll read book 1, but I’ll only continue with the series if book 1 blows my mind. Usually it doesn’t.

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    1. I agree, series really are a commitment … I’m glad at least your system works and that way… I mean, if a first book blew you away, you won’t forget to get to the second book haha πŸ™‚
      Thank you so much for your comment! πŸ˜€


  11. This book is almost like a tag and I really want to do this?? The one series I spent way too long on, and I can’t even believe I did, is House of Night. I read it when 6 books were out and I WAITED for the rest 6 to release!! Looking back, I can’t even recall much plot that required 12 books?!

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    1. Awww well, feel free to do it as a tag if you want to on your blog and to link back to my post for your inspiration, I’d LOVE to see your answers for the questions I made up here haha πŸ™‚ x
      12 BOOKS?? That is A LOT ahah, sometimes it really is crazy and I don’t feel like many books need that much or have that much plot to develop on for SO long hahaha.
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! πŸ™‚


  12. ooooh I LOVED this post… I enjoyed how it devolved down to you ranting about different series you have started… My one reading failing is that I have to be like 6 star excited to actually READ the next book in a series… or actually just be given it… because I fear the book slump that is book #2 that much… So I related hardcore to this!! ❀

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    1. Ahah oh, I completely understand your feelings about this. I’m always scared that the second book won’t be just as great, but… more often than not, I am too curious not to continue haha πŸ™‚
      Thank you so much, Dani! ❀


  13. I actually love it when I find out it’s a series but I get how it can be a commitment to everyone. A Darker Shade of Magic I have yet to read yet but I liked Cinder. Didn’t like The Wrath and the Dawn (oops). Caraval was ok I guess. I liked it at the time but like I want to reread it to get my thoughts across. Pretty Little Liars is hella long but I loved it so much that I got every single one. For me it was worth it but that might be because I’m PLL trash XD I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy Magonia. I still want to read it even though it sounds weird. Also Warcross ending is still killing me and I still need to read An Ember in the Ashes.

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    1. Ohhh so…. now that I have someone that has read the entire PLL series… what did you think of the ending? I kind of gave up, because it was so, so long, so many books haha, but I’ve always been curious. Was the ending worth it? πŸ˜€

      Magonia is pretty much a hit or miss, from what I’ve heard. It was a bit too strange for me, but hopefully you will love it πŸ˜€

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! ❀ ❀

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      1. Well I liked the ending. Personally it all tied up really well. The last book was the most mind blowing to me. I think I can understand where you got lost. Books 9-16 took way too long but back then I was dedicated to finishing. Also I was a long time watcher of the show so I would say it like this: I watched the show because the characters were better than the actual plot. (The plot used to be cool but in my opinion waned around Season 3 and 4) and the plot was better in the books and had that whole connection thing that I loved but the characters were so annoying. Like I just preferred the characters in the show because they made not as dumb decisions. Honestly I could go on a rant about PLL but I still love it so much. It also was one of those books that helped me get into YA.

        Yea I had it signed by the author and I had it since 2016 so I still want to try it. Though just because it’s signed doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy it, (like Red Queen and The Wrath and the Dawn) but I hope it will be great!

        You’re welcome! I always love to comment on your posts!

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      2. Oh don’t worry I get it, I could rant for ages about my favorite things as well πŸ˜› and PLL also contributed in making me love YA books and made me read more, for sure, so I get that πŸ˜€
        I kind of gave up on the series, even though I enjoyed the cast, I think overall I didn’t feel compelled enough to keep on watching, just like it happened for the books :/

        Ohh well fingers crossed that this book will be AMAZING for you πŸ˜€

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    2. That’s understandable. It does take a lot of commitment. I think I really wanted to finish because I spent so much time watching it. Same for reading it. But if you’re not into it anymore, the pay off wouldn’t be worth it.

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