How to find and read only books you love

I noticed that I am quite marvellous at picking out books. You probably noticed it as well, I’m quite generous with my ratings here on the blog and on Goodreads. It’s not because I don’t like ranting – oh, believe me, I do a whole lot. It’s just… I don’t know. I apologize, I will sound like a douche for a second there, but, I’m quite good at finding awesome books that I end up loving.

The question you’re probably asking yourself right now is, how does she manage to pick up these kind of books? How is it possible to love everything you read? Let me reassure you for a second: it’s not possible to love EVERY-SINGLE-BOOK you read. Yet, there are some quite foolproof methods you might want to apply if you want to find your next favorite book. Let me guide you.

5 foolproof ways to find and read only books you love (well. almost. don’t trust everything you read)

Think (really hard) before getting new books.

This one might seem a bit weird, strange, or just fall into commonsense. Well. WELCOME TO THE LIFE OFΒ  BOOKWORMS, where we might want to buy books or borrow books from libraries on a whim because they have a stunning cover, there’s the word “murder” in the summary (well, for me it would be “childhood friends”, maybe, but you know, to each their own thing?!), or it’s from an author we vaguely heard of.

If you let yourself be carried away too easily, you might be disappointed. You might be mad at yourself for spending money over a book you ended up hating. No one wants that. No one wants to feel like Ross.

I’m buying 99% of my books and I don’t have a library to borrow books from ; meaning that most of the time, my wallet hates me, but I GIVE HIM A GOOD REASON TO. I think, for like, ten years before buying books “on a whim”. Okay, maybe just ten days, but still. I make sure it’s a book I’m really curious about and a book that sounds like the kind of book I could enjoy before hitting that buy-button-thingy and really making my wallet cry.

Trust other bloggers’ recommendations

Ever since I started blogging, other book bloggers made me buy too many books. Yet I can’t blame them, really. It’s by giving in, trusting in their recommendations, that I found some of my favorite books of all times. I’ll Give You The Sun was recommended to me many times and I’m in love with it. The Forbidden Wish was also much, much talked about and I’m so in love with it. I discovered Marie Lu’s books thanks to other book bloggers and, if they’re not 5-stars reads just yet, they are still high up there in the awesomeness list. I could go on and on for ages, there, but… I will someday. (this is a real hint. #youllsee)

Book bloggers have things to say about books. Listen to them. Read book reviews, read recommendations, absorb everything other book bloggers say about books – in the next blog post you read, your next favorite book might be featured. It’d be a shame to miss out on it.

But most importantly, trust your gut, know yourself and what you love

If I said right before that you should trust other bloggers and the amazing books they’re screaming about, it’s also really important to know yourself and what you really love. If a particular blogger you love is talking about a historical YA he, she, they fell in love with ; but you’re not too into historical books… well. You know, that might end up badly.

That might also end up greatly – I know I was surprised more than once by a book recommendation, in a genre I wasn’t too fond of, or didn’t know quite too well. Yet, because the book was cheap, because I wanted to try, because quotes I read, bloggers with similar tastes as I did enjoyed the book, or just a damn something inside of me had a feeling that this book was worth a try… Well, I read the book. I got out of my comfort zone and I ended up LOVING IT.

I feel like this point is making no sense. My point here is: know what you love (and let it kill you). BUT ALSO REMEMBER to trust your instincts about a book, even if it’s outside of your comfort zone. You might make a mistake, but you won’t get into the genre again afterwards. Or you just might discover your new obsession.

Don’t give in to the hype if you’re not sure

The hype monster is probably what we all love, yet fear the most as well. BOOKS. EVERYWHERE. It’s really exciting, but also fills us with this pressure that somehow, we have to deal with. There will be moments in your book bloggers’ lives, where you will be surrounded by books everywhere. Wait. That’s all the time. Let me start this again. There will be moments in your book bloggers’ lives, where you will be surrounded by THE SAME BOOKS everywhere. On social media. On every single blog.


It’s really easy to just order or borrow the book to see what the fuss is all about. It’s so easy to give in, just to have a place on this hype train going around town at the moment. Yet, it’s also so easy to be disappointed and hate the damn book and regret your choices in life because of this hype.

Hype brings: TOO MANY EXPECTATIONS. Hype also brings: books you wouldn’t even have an interest in, AT ALL, on your radar.

Don’t give in if you’re not sure. Wait until the hype dies down. See if you’re still interested, genuinly interested, or if you were just because the book was right there in your face all the time.

Be careful of eventual triggers that could bother or hurt you

Finally, to find only books you love, remember to look out for or ask around about eventual trigger warnings. I’m glad that these are getting more and more frequent in book reviews and talked about. You never know where you might find out about content that will hurt you, make you feel uneased or just ruin a whole book for you.

Do you have any other advice to find books you love? Do you have particular bloggers you trust with your life book recommendations ?!

Do you think a lot before getting new books, or are you a “on a whim” kind of buyer? Or borrower, if you’re getting your books from a library?

Do you trust the hype, or do you leave yourself a couple days – months to think about the books that are the talk of the town, before giving in? Let me know all your thoughts in comments!

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110 thoughts on “How to find and read only books you love

  1. I definitely wait a few months/years for the hype to go away. I remember the hype around Vampire Academy, and I waited about 2 years after the last book was out to read it. I trust other bloggers to tell me which books are controversial, and I trust bloggers that mention trigger warnings. As for thinking before buying a book… It’s a mix between thinking long and hard, and going with my gut. I have had some dud, but I’ve also found some gems by going with my gut. But like you said, it’s not that I enjoy everything, I just learned what I liked to read, what I don’t like, and I basically stay away from books I know I wouldn’t like.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I’m glad you are kind of the same way as I am – I know how to trust my gut and I know how to stay away from books I would probably not enjoy a lot and… I’ve come to read tons of books that I loved lately, it’s pretty amazing πŸ˜€
      Thank you so, so much for your sweet comment! πŸ™‚ x


  2. Just found your blog from my girl Becca from becandbones and let me just say, I want to read all of your recommendations right now! I just saw your blog but I already know we have similar reading tastes! I’m a huge contemporary fan and also I love recommending books 24/7 XD but anyways I usually get on board with the hype sometimes but other times I just go with my gut. I do rely heavily on what books to buy through reviews so reviews are very important. I rarely buy books by the cover because most of the time I get disappointed (Red Queen, The Edge of Everything, and The Wrath and the Dawn). Can’t wait to see more of your posts!


    1. Oh wow thank you so much for your sweet comment – I’m so glad to hear from a fellow contemporary lover – this genre is always my favorite one to read ❀ ❀
      I'm sorry you were disappointed by some of your covers-buys, but I get it, sometimes a pretty cover is sooo tempting, haha πŸ™‚
      Thank you so, so much for your sweet comment! ❀ ❀


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