My WIP’s aesthetics

To be honest, I am a little surprised to write this post right now. I never talked about my WIP too much on this blog and now, I am actually talking about it twice in two weeks? WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? I have always been a bit shy about sharing my writing and what I have been working on for two years already now, but all of your sweet comments and encouragements on my latest blog post just warmed my heart, encouraged me more and more.

Also, I might have written a bit more than 2K last weekend and I am hoping to write just as much this weekend.

Also, my WIP might be finished very, very soon. Like, I can ACTUALLY SEE THE LIGHT, guys. So, yeah. I might be a little ecstatic here.

So far, I haven’t shared too much about my story. I might have shared some hints here and there, but no full synopsis or anything. Why, you ask? Well, there are two main reasons: first one is that I am super nervous, as you might have guess. Second one is that, since I still need to edit the whole thing once I’m done with it, well…I don’t know how to talk about my WIP yet. Who knows, I might have to delete every 116 Word pages I got, or print and burn it all because it’s SO BAD (Let’s hope not).

Today, I’m taking another step in my whole writing adventure here on the blog. I did a thing. It took me about a gazillion hours, in between Pinterest, Tumblr and other places you go to find pictures, but I did it. I very much suck at suspense here because YES THIS IS MY BOOK’S AESTHETICS.

BEFORE taking a look at it all, here are some little hints at what you may, or may not find in my WIP. Look at me sharing more about it all… I feel weird.

  • Childhood friends
  • Sandy England beaches (yes. that’s actually a thing)
  • Massive hyped schools in the middle of the forest
  • Men in suits
  • A kind of badass friend
  • A kind of super geeky, round-glasses friend
  • Victorian houses in the woods
  • LIES (not everyone can be good)
  • TEARS (maybe. like every writer, I’m hoping to make you all cry)

A whole lot of other things happen, but…you’ll have to wait and see. While I’m talking about seeing, here’s something to feast your eyes on, hoping you’ll enjoy it. MY AESTHETICS.

All of the pictures here were found through Pinterest/Tumblr.

If you are a writer: how would you describe your current WIP…using just a couple words? Would you do your WIP’s aesthetics as well? PLEASE DO, I so want to see it.

To everyone, I would LOVE to know: what’s your favorite thing about a book? When it makes you CRY, SMILE, SCARED or all of the above?! (Totally not fishing out for tips here) (seriously, I’m just curious) (OKAY.)

Also…what do you think about my aesthetics? I would love to know!

If you want to do your WIP / book’s aesthetics: PLEASE DO. I would love to see it all!

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