Do you need to have a blogging schedule ?

Hi friends, happy Wednesday! I hope you all are well.

It’s been a couple days since I’ve been here to write a blog post – I missed Sunday’s post because it was my sister’s birthday and I was away traveling with her for the weekend, and, well, bloggers are allowed little breaks, I guess. At least I know I am, otherwise I will burn out for sure. This little break in my schedule naturally got me thinking about this blogging routine I got going on for a couple months now and that seems to be working…So without further ado, let’s dive into our next – and very predictable now that I said it – topic of today’s Blogging Ways…

When I first started blogging, I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing, aside from the obvious which is, writing blog posts. Let’s be honest, after two years, I still have no idea what I’m doing, at times. If there’s something I worked out by now, though, is that, in order for this whole blogging thing to work, for me, I have to have some kind of system. Some kind of schedule. I need to be organized in order to know what I have to do next and just, in order well, not to lose my mind.

As my blog changed, as new features like this one took up time and space, and some others just like Top Ten Tuesdays progressively disappeared, my schedule had to be constantly changed and thought again and again, to adapt both to what I wanted my blog to become and how much time my life allows me to fit in blogging. From student life to working full time, I went to posting 4 to 3 times a week, changing my focus from features and tags and reviews to discussions and discussions and reviews (and a couple tags because well, they are loads of fun, despite taking a hell lot of the time). For now, I’m actually content with my schedule and having one, for many reasons:

  • I know what I’m supposed to write next, and I know when it’s supposed to be published.
  • I have a post schedule – and I can thank the wonderful Reg for sharing her template with me for that.
  • I know where I’m going next and I REALLY LIKE THIS FEELING.
  • It helps me, in loads of ways. It helps me in knowing where I am going next, for sure, but it also helps me stop panicking because I almost don’t panic thinking about what to publish next. Well. I do. But at least I know I need to panic because I’m into reviewing or I have no discussion subject or something.

I’m preaching how much I love having a blogging schedule right now, but I know that this is not everyone’s blogging ways. Just like in writing, some people are pansters, or plotters. Some people go with the flow, some others need to have everything planned out, or at least a couple of bullet points to see where they are going next with this story. Much like a story, a blog is something you imagine and re-think about every single day.

There’s also the question of spontaneity. Does having a blogging schedule limits you – in the way that, on particular days, you need to have a discussion idea, you need to write this review, you have to talk about this or that in particular ? Does it take away all the spontaneity or love of blogging by putting every single thing into cases on an Excel Post Schedule document ?

If you ask me, I don’t think it does – because I don’t plan out every single thing and blog posts, just like this one, can be thought and changed before “due date”. Because blogging and scheduling, despite it taking a whole lot of time, is not homework, duties, things you have to do otherwise you’ll lose everything, won’t have food on the table or something. Having a schedule helps me being organized and feeling like “I’ve got this”, but there’s no obligation in this. If you’re feeling obligated, that’s the way straight to blogging burn-out for sure.

Be organized. Be spontaneous. Think ahead, but blogging certainly does not fit in particular cases. It grows, expand and changes with YOU after all, so does a blogging schedule, with everything you want your blog to be and how comfortable you are with it.

Do you have a blogging schedule? How much posts do you publish a week? If you’ve been blogging for long, did your schedule change overtime? Do you think scheduling takes away a bit of the spontaneity?

If you’re not into scheduling, how do you blog? Share your thoughts in comments!


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131 thoughts on “Do you need to have a blogging schedule ?

  1. I enjoyed and learned alot from this post, the biggest thing I learned is I am not alone, on this scheduling, changing my mind and scheduling again subject. Thank God for people who are just as indecisive as I am.

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  2. Great post, Marie! My schedule is not having a schedule πŸ˜‚ I sometimes wish I was more organised, but that’s just not me so I try not to let it get to me too much. I did have a bit of schedule when I first started blogging but life would always get in the way and it would make me feel like I was doing a terrible job so I just scrapped it altogether. It definitely has its advantages because I can be a lot more casual about things and it definitely plays into me being a mood reader too, but it obviously has really big disadvantages too – especially when I’m feeling too tired to write up or post or getting a content-block.

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    1. Thank you so much, Lauren! ❀ I get it, and scheduling definitely does not work for everyone! I think if you're not into it, having a schedule just puts more pressure on yourself and is sooo wrong for your blogging ahah πŸ™‚


  3. For now, I’m trying to keep an hour, an hour and a half per day to blog, and I write posts and reviews when inspiration strikes, but if my life changes, I’ll have to go back to my weekend schedule! I have diary in which I keep track of release days, blog tours, reviews and everything, it has one page for the blog and one page for my private life, and it’s perfect for me to balance it all.
    I like having a couple of posts scheduled in case I lose my Internet connection (like today!) or if I’m not inspired but want to be active.
    Great and inspiring post Sweechie!!

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  4. Really helpful post!

    I personally do not have a schedule as for now, but I really need to make one. I totally agree with you about how having a schedule helps you stay organized and gives you the feeling of control over your blog.

    It does not necessarily has to be a seen as a limitation to what and when you can do and post. I am one of those people that are messy and have hard time following a schedule, but this by no means makes you or your blog posts not worthy if you get what I mean. As you mentioned everyone has its own style.

    However, I would try out to schedule more and keep my blog/life in order ^.^

    Thank you for sharing!!

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    1. Oh thank you, I’m so happy you like this post πŸ™‚ I hope that scheduling will work out well for you and that you’ll keep on having fun! Thank you!! ❀

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  5. I’ve recently started blogging and I try to stick to once a week until I have more time. I never thought about blogging more than that. I do like a set schedule that way I know I have time to blog

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