Top Ten Tuesday (57) : Top Ten Books I Picked Up On a Whim

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Brokeandbookish. This week’s theme is Top Ten Books I picked up on a whim. Just like it said in the initial prompt, I do tend to pick up books on recommendations. A LOT. And hype, and everything. The bookish community really made me want to pick up more books. BUT it still happens, from time to time, when browsing on NetGalley or Goodreads or in a bookshop, I find a book that I just feel like reading. Click on their wonderful title to check out their synopsis!

1 • Don’t Get Caught, Kurt Dinan

I saw that one on NetGalley, and well, thought, why not? The breakfast club, ocean’s eleven, that sounded like a fun and entertaining story. And it was.

2 •  Seven Ways We Lie, Riley Redgate

Same story for that title. I was scared about ALL the POV, though. I mean, SEVEN? It’s a lot. But it was handled with perfection, and such a wonderful surprise.


3 •  Sanctuary Bay, Laura J. Burns & Melinda Metz

OH I would praise that book forever, it was so, so good. I loved it. Same story for that one as well, and it was more than a great surprise, I was hooked right from the start. Do read it please, so we can talk about it?

4 • Because you’ll never meet me, Leah Thomas

This book was so, so original and unique, I’ve never read anything quite like it. I don’t want to say more, just that you should try it for yourself.

5 • Just Visiting, Dahlia Adler

I love contemporary, and that one sounded quite good, despite me never having heard of this book/author before. It was really good, realistic, and made me feel things. Just all you need in a good book!

6 • Famous in love, Rebecca Serle

I love a great story “behind the scenes”, and I am strangely fascinated by this world. I wish I could see what it’s like. And hm, this book kind of gave me that.

7 • Pretending to be Erica, Michelle Painchaud

I can’t even remember where I heard about that book, but I remember that I wanted to buy it for so long, because it seemed SO good. A girl pretending to be someone else? This calls for a great mystery now, doesn’t it?

8 • Free to fall, Lauren Miller

I think I tend to be wary towards dystopia, because, well, everything kind of feels the same after a while? Thankfully, I didn’t have that feeling too much with that book. I loved the way it talked about social media, decisions…


9 • The Luxe, Anna Godbersen

Ohh I read this series a while ago, but it was one of these guilty pleasures, sort of like The Selection, and Gossip Girl but with a historical setting. Gossip and coups bas and all. Guilty pleasure.

10 •  If he had been with me, Laura Nowlin

I remember picking up that one at a Barnes and Noble somewhere during vacation. I remember crying all of my tears.

Do you want to read any of those books? What are some books that you picked up on a whim, and ended up being GREAT surprises? And what about disasters? Let me know in comments! 💬

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65 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (57) : Top Ten Books I Picked Up On a Whim

  1. I feel the same way about The Luxe. I read it a while ago because I found a cheap copy at a secondhand bookstore and although I never continued with the series I did really enjoy the drama of the first one. Great list! 🙂

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  2. Don’t get caught’s pitch and cover don’t match at all. I’m imagining George Clooney leading a group of teenagers to sneak into farms to tip cows. >_< Definitely going to check out that, Seven Ways We Lie and If He Had Been With Me.

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  3. I requested Don’t Get Caught and Seven Ways We Lie in a whim too. Good thing these books were actually good.
    The first time I saw The Luxe on a bookstore and got it and started reading it right away. I just couldn’t be away from that gorgeous cover 😀

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  4. I also mostly read books based on recommendations, though I really want to try to read more books based on a whim because I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of great books that way! I didn’t know any of the books on your list, but they look good so I’ll have to give them a try 🙂

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  5. Hmmm … seeing Seven Ways We Lie here makes me wonder why I didn’t include any NetGalley books. Those are basically the most “on the whim” books there are, because I just request without thinking much about it hahaha

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  6. Ohh these are great picks for this week Marie 🙂 I haven’t read any of them myself but more than a few are on my to-read list and I’m even more excited to start them now that I know you enjoyed them as well!
    Also Don’t Get Caught sounds really good too. The Breakfast Club meets Ocean’s Eleven that’s gotta be an interesting read 😀

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  7. I loved Sanctuary Bay and am hoping we’ll get a sequel, although it sounds like they are working on something else instead. I loved the whole island and experiments thing… a great read.

    Seven Ways We Lie and Free to Fall both look good also.

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  8. I’m sooo happy that you liked Seven Ways We Lie! I loved it too and also thought that the multiple perspective was done really, really well. I’m gonna be picking up an Aus book that I think will be similar to it soon (The Yearbook Committee) and I’m hoping it’ll also be good. Great list! ❤

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      1. I had a digital copy from my library but it was almost unreadable so I’m gonna borrow a physical book from my bf’s library… except it’s now on loan, so I can’t get it, haha. There goes all my plans! Soon though. Soon. 😀

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  9. I’m sold with Don’t Get Caught! You said Breakfast Club, right? RIGHT! Have you read Seven Ways We Lie? I have read some reviews of it and says it’s quite good. OOOOOOOHHH! Because You’ll Never Meet Me! I’m sure you would love that. I interviewed Leah Thomas and she showed me the main characters’ hand writings! You should check it out, Marie. ❤ I have heard good news on Just Visiting but I got off with Adler's Under The Lights so I'll think I'll pass for that now. I have noticed Pretending To Be Erica and Free To Fall on some blogs but never got an interest on them. And for the rest of the books, hmmm, I just heard of them here. 🙂

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    1. YES I did, I really liked it! There are a LOT of POV in that book, but I loved it, and found that it was handled quite well 🙂 I think I’ve seen this on your blog already but now I’m not sure…I need to check that out (again), thank you Yani! 😀


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