Top Ten Tuesday (56) : Top Ten Websites I Spend WAY too much time on

top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Brokeandbookish. This week’s theme is Ten Websites I Love That Aren’t About Books. Since I am WEAK and I do nothing but think about books all the time, this was way too hard…SO I decided to go with websites I visit more often. Like, all the time. There will be books and travel, and well…let’s get to it!

1 • Twitter 

Because where do I go to talk about books? Oh, right. That was supposed to be a non-bookish topic? Well, look at me, failing already.

 2 • Goodreads

I started, I’m not going to stop now…I spend way too much time on Goodreads, but there are way too many books to be added to my TBR.

3 •  Instagram

I love how people can make me travel with just pictures. Or make me hungry, as well. I am on Instagram for travel pictures and food pictures. And bookstagram, because I am forever jealous of those mastering this art.

4 •

It’s not a secret anymore, I am ALWAYS planning a trip in my head. And well, looking at hotels and places to stay is probably one of my favorite things. #planningfreak

 5 • Google Maps 

Looking at maps, as well…I just love maps, okay?

 6 • Lonely Planet

My favorite guide whenever I go into a city, plan a trip, or anything. I always have my little book with me, but their website is pretty great as well.

 7 • Amazon


Here goes…books. Again. I think I spend a lot of time, more than necessary, adding and un-adding books in my basket on Amazon. The need to buy books is just overwhelming, at times…

8 • Pinterest

This is one of these websites I could spend DAYS on, because, well…you can find anything on pinterest, it’s like a gold mine..

9 • Tumblr

I can spend days on tumblr as well, but for very different reasons… one of these websites you can scroll endlessly and lose your days. I can’t stop.

 10 • Wordpress

Couldn’t go without that one now, could I ?! This is probably the website I spend the MOST time on, because, blogging. And books. And YOU GUYS. ♥

 What is THE website you spend the most time on? Can you advise me ANY website with / without books? To travel? To just, spend my time on, like Tumblr? Let’s chat in comments! 💬

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83 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (56) : Top Ten Websites I Spend WAY too much time on

  1. Ah, Tumblr. It ruined my life back in the days… I stopped distinguishing night from day ad I practically ruined my caps lock with all the screaming I did there. I’m not sure if the experience was a nightmare or not. lol

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    1. Oh no don’t be ashamed! I spend WAY too much time on Twitter as well ahah, there are just too many people and books and ahhhh, ahah. And well since I spend so much time on twitter, I don’t know if I can help, but if I can, well, hi, I’m here 🙂
      Thank you so much Ali !

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  2. OMG, Tumblr. I used to spend maybe six hours a day just scrolling through that damned dashboard. They really did well with making it never-ending because MAN, IT NEVER ENDS. I don’t go on it as much anymore since I’ve run out of interest (I used it for fandom), but I still have very fond memories of it. ❤

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      1. I used to use it for my anime/manga/otome games fandom – just overall really dorky, nerdy stuff. I still scroll through it occasionally because I miss the sense of community that came with it, but I’m not very much into those things anymore. Maybe in the future I’ll be again, as these things are very cyclical for me. 😛

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  3. Ah, Google Maps. I recently found myself looking at them a lot, mostly thinking about how an area would serve as a setting for a story I had in mind. Haha. Feels a little weird to know how a county on the other side of the world is laid out.

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  4. Pinterest is pretty much a pasttime for me. Like I’ll sit and be bored and think ‘maybe i’ll go on Pinterest’ and spend hours there. It’s an activity in and of itself hahah So I don’t blame you for spending a lot of time there.

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  5. Oh my gosh, Goodreads! I spend so much not there, ever since I started using it more often to keep track of my TBR and to post reviews! I spend a lot of time on Instagram too because I started a book one.
    I don’t know how I get things done.
    Great list! 🙂

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  6. I think I am always on Tumblr and Pinterest, I can’t remember when I last posted anything on either site but I love looking through the feeds for new posts. They’re two of the websites which are so so bad for my procrastination becase when I should be writing reviews or posts for my blog or even doing something for work I’m on one of those two sites looking through posts which I already saw not a minute ago 😀
    I don’t eally use Lonely Planet or, I’m more of a trip advisor person myself 😀 but I may have to check both those sites out if they’re two you highly recommend.
    And YES to Amazon and WordPress, I think they must be two of my most visited sites online, for obvious reasons 🙂
    Great picks for this week Marie!

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    1. ME TOO! I’m always on these websites, but I rarely post anything, I don’t know if it’s due to laziness, or because I spend too much time scrolling down, ahah. I can’t stop, there are just too many brilliant things to see, especially on Pinterest, it’s such a goldmine for ideas on anything, really!
      Oh I look at tripadvisor as well, but I do like to have my tourist guide, in paper, from Lonely Planet, they are easy to carry around and so practical :). I hope you’ll enjoy it. And hm, well, I’ve been on booking for so long now I got upgraded to premium member or something, so I got 10% off pretty much every place, so that’s awesome 🙂
      Thank you so, so much!

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      1. With me it’s laziness more than anything else, I seem to only have time for one social networking site at any one time so I picked WordPress 😀 but oh I love Pinterest, I need to start using it again because I love all the pictures and ideas you can find on there!
        Wow, 10% off is amazing, you must have booked a lot through that site to have gotten that perk now! I’ll definitely have to check out Lonely Planet though, it sounds amazing and yeah I imagine it is useful to be able to carry something around rather than just in your head 🙂
        That’s all right ❤

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      2. I could easily waste a whole day on Tumblr or Pinterest, and not even posting anything most of the time, just looking at what other people have posted. It’s very addictive isn’t it?
        It’s a great thing to be able to get discounts on, and holidays are quite expensive as well so 10% is probably quite a big chunk off your end bill as well!

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  7. I’m also guilty of visiting many of these sites. Twitter, WordPress, and Instagram have become a serious addiction for me. And Amazon was my favorite site long before I started blogging. I swear I cannot visit Amazon without making at least one purchase. Nice post!

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      1. Me, too. I have a book buying addiction. It’s so easy to click that buy now with one click button. And I’m always adding something to my cart. Haha! If it has a pretty cover, I’m a total goner. It’s already on my Kindle before I know what happened.

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      2. Yes, we do. Where do we sign-up? The first step is admitting we have a book binging problem. Haha! Hi, I’m Jill, and I can’t stop buying books. I think the lack of sleep is starting to get to me. I get more bizarre by the hour. 🙂

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  8. I was like “I am not going to do TTT today, because I can’t think of any other site than buzzfeed” and here you go proving me wrong. I use like 8/10 of those sites on a more than regular basis. My brain apparently didn’t work that day hahaha

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  9. WOW WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON ARE WE TWINS. Okay maybe not EXACTLY but I spend way to much time on some of these as well. Goodreads will be the death of me. I mean my addiction to it means that I will never be able to cope without all the lovely reviews coming my way, I will not be able to cope without writing all my feels and I will not be able to cope without adding endless amounts of books to my TBR.

    Instagram makes me a very jealous soul in the way that people are just able to magnificent their pictures (GORGEOUS TRAVEL PHOTOS BY THE WAY) and the endless amount of food and books they have. WHY DON’T WE ALL SHARE THIS TALENT/FOOD/BOOKS BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE REALLY COOL. Google Maps is going to be the end of me in the way that it helps me and kills me at the same time. My sister and I were in the city yesterday and trying to get around and poor me without the map skills took us on a 50 minute walk instead of the ten minute one we were estimated to take.

    AMAZON KILLS ME. In my case its more BookDepository because AMAZON SHIPPING TO AUSTRALIA IS KIND OF NOT COOL but yeah. The amount of books I put into my cart before I remember I am not a millionaire is about a billion too many. AND WORDPRESS ❤ It is now extremely difficult to imagine being without this blog and the awesome amount of people *throws confetti love* AND WHAT WOULD I BE WITHOUT YOU? *bows and kisses your feet*

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    1. AHH YES, let’s be twins and RULE THE WORLD with our Goodreads addiction! 😛 It’s crazy, yet kind of amazing how much we are on the same websites, I guess we are both completely crazy then, ahah 😛
      Ohhh no, that’s so sad! Amazon shipping costs one cent here in France haha so well, it’s NOT cool in the way that it makes me want to order books ALL THE TIME…
      I would be NOTHING without your daily love! 😛 ❤ ❤

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      1. WHO RUNS THE WORLD? YARRAVY AND MARIE. Aha THE ADDICTION IS REAL. I cannot believe the amount of time on spend on it but I will not be parted 🙂 WE ARE BOTH COMPLETELY BONKERS.
        Aww shucks, ONE CENT *cries* IF ONLY. Aha, THE PAIN OF HOLDING BACK MUST SCAR YOU BADLY. Aha, I wish you and your bank account luck!

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      2. I think you have just stated my life dream BRAVO. AHAHA well, here I am today to tell you that you are an amazingly creative, wildly awesome, crazy and unique ALL ROLLED INTO A BUNDLE OF FUN HUMAN. To the crazies of the world!

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