Infinity Dreams Award


Dreams… Don’t we all dream of having things, being someone other than we are… What kind of dreams do you do ? What’s your biggest dream ? Today, I’m talking to you about some of my dreams, thanks to @TheNightGirl ! She nominated me for this very original award, which allows me to talk about seven dreams of mine. Let’s see…

  1. I would love to live in a cute house, with a library room, or bookshelves everywhere, and posters with quotes of my favorite passages from books hanging on the walls.
  2. I would love to work in publishing, in a Young Adult Books section, or a travel section.
  3. Talking about travelling, one of my biggest dream is to cross off my list all the places I want to see in the world! And there are lots, haha! I would especially love to do a big road trip across the USA.
  4. I would love to become a great cook and do amazing dishes, especially great desserts, desserts are the best.
  5. One of my biggest dream is to write a novel, to put words into a story that people would love to read, and, most of all, that I would love with all my heart.
  6. My favorite city in the world is London, I would love to live there.
  7. It will be cheesy, but it’s the 7th and my biggest dream of all, to be surrounded always by my family and the ones I love ❤

For this great award, I am nominating you to share your dreams! Little, or big, tell me everything! Here are my nominees :

Josie @JosieBookCorner

Ashley @SociallyAwkwardBookworm

Analee @BookSnacks

Wesaun @Oreo and Books

Jeanette @Myriadinklings

Summer @xingsings

Victoria @ThePetiteBookBlogger

Everyone else reading this post, and interested in doing this tag, feel free to participate! I’m tagging you, too, to share your dreams, and never stop believing in them 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Award

  1. I’d also love to write a novel! I’ve been attempting to write one, but my attempts aren’t going so well.
    I’d love to live in London! It would be amazing if I someday got to. I also would love to travel around the world, there are so many places I want to see! ❤ Thanks for nominating me, Marie! XD

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  2. I share a couple of your dreams! Such as the room full of bookshelves. I want my own personal library! (Like, to the point where they are logically ordered and I have my own personal library system to track what I take out and put in. Crazy, I know).
    And I also want to travel the world! The older I get, the more I have this yearning to escape and travel.
    I want to live in London too! I have this obsession with the UK that has always been there. Maybe its because I’m half British.

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  3. It’s so cool that you want to write a novel someday. Though I enjoy reading, I forget that a lot of readers aspire to be writers as well. Both hobbies really do go hand in hand. Thank you for the nomination, Marie! Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

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