Top Ten Tuesday (1) : Top Ten Things I like/dislike when it comes to romances in books

So this is my first Top Ten Tuesday post, so be gentle with me as I’m just getting started! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Brokeandbookish.

This week’s theme is the Top Ten thinks I Like/Dislike when it comes to romances in books. I’m never saying no to a good romance book, so let’s give this a try!

1 • Like: When past and present collide

Don’t you just love when two characters go way back, and suddenly finds themselves seeing each other in a different way? Or they always had feelings, but something was getting in the way. I love this kind of love story when it all started during childhood, where past and present collide.

2 • Like: Some (and a lot of) tension

Ugh, let me tell you, I’m a sucker for those romances that just makes you throw your book away in frustration. Sexual tension, fights, love, there are just so many feelings colliding, I can’t take it. And I love it.

3 • Dislike: Too many Happy Endings

Okay, I love myself a great happy ending once in a while. But you know what else I like? A realistic ending. Sometimes it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, and I wanna see that, too. Heartbreaking endings, strong stories with a lesson on life and love.

4 • Dislike: The “bad guy syndrom”

I understand the attraction for the bad guy : attractive, unreachable, doing forbidden things and taking you with him…Honestly? I’m getting sick of it a bit. Good guys are great, too, why not explore that once in a while!


5 • Like: The building-up of the relationship

I absolutely love seeing a relationship evolve from the start right ’til the end. It’s not love at first sight, it takes work, understanding, fights and making up to make great, and unforgettable love stories.

6 • Dislike: Stop losing yourself in love!

The girl is doing everything she can to make the guy of her dreams fall in love with her…He, on the other hand, is trying to impress the girl he wants, and, fails. Hm, hello ! STOP losing yourself in love, stop making everything he/she wants to make him/her like you. I love it when characters just stay themselves through romances.

7 • Dislike: A romance? One more love triangle…

I had to put this one, and I’m not the only one. I mean, you think you’re in a good romance book, and all of a sudden, there comes a third wheel. Just, no. Stop it. Make squares, instead of triangles, for once.

8 • Like: Going through the distance

When feelings have to work through distance, or travels, I really find it more interesting. We get to know another side of relationships like this. It’s harder, it’s weirder, but it makes it way more interesting.

9 • Like: Feelings!

Show me some feelings! I’m a sucker for feelings in every way they can be in a relationship : take me through up and downs like I’m in a roller-coaster! Manipulate the characters a bit with their feelings, and show me how it gets. Inside, for the characters. How does it feel.


10 • Dislike: Flawless characters, that’s enough!

No one’s perfect. The dream boy/girl doesn’t exist, and even though it never hurts to make one up once in a while…I want to see other things. Show me flawed people, with flawed body and minds, and show me how they can make great romance, too.

Are there some things that’d make it on your list, too ? What are your likes/dislikes in romances? Let me know in comments!

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8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (1) : Top Ten Things I like/dislike when it comes to romances in books

  1. I couldn’t agree more when it comes to love triangles and flawless characters. They’re some of the reasons why I don’t read some books because know there is another love triangle in it, or because one of the characters is so perfect they’re unrealistic.

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