Rating System

Hello, and welcome to Drizzle & Hurricane Books! Here you will find my rating system, used in most of my reviews starting in September 2015. Please remember that my opinions are entirely my own. I do my best to write review based on what I read, and felt like when I was reading the story. My impressions on the plot, the pacing, the characters, the themes, aren’t influenced by anything else than my own mind.

Keeping it in continuity of my blog’s name, here, you will find no stars to rate my books, but more drizzle, and, hurricane!

1 Drop of rain 

I didn’t enjoy reading this book. The plot, the characters, the whole thing just didn’t appeal to me, at all.

2 Drops of rain

It was an “okay” read. I spent some time reading it, and did found one or two enjoyable things in it. However, if it’s a two, it probably wasn’t for me.

3 Drops of rain

I enjoyed reading it, I found this story entertaining, but nothing more. A little spark or something was probably missing in this story.

4 Drops of rain

I really, really liked this book. I may have some little things to say about the characters, or the plot, or the whole general writing. However, I would recommend this book.

4 Drops of rain and oh, it’s a hurricane!

I was completely blown away by this book. I couldn’t stop thinking about it while reading it, and will probably still think about it for a while. I will re-read it, and bother everyone with it forever.

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