10 young adult fantasy, sci-fi and dystopia gems you should be reading

Hi friends! I’m back today with part II of my “gems you should be reading series”. After talking about all the young adult contemporaries I adore and need to be read by, well, you ; today, I’m chatting about some fantasy, science-fiction and dystopia books I really loved and feel like deserve more love. I’m ready to throw these books in all of your faces, very gently, obviously.

Somehow, this list was easier to compile, since I’m not reading as much in all of these genres than I am reading contemporary books, but I still realized there were some pretty awesome books I’ve barely heard people talk about, lately. These are such incredible discoveries, recommendations, books I’ve been meaning to read and fell in love with, books my sister told me to buy and I thank her for it.

Anyway let’s get to it and here’s me hoping you’ll love this list and will find new gems to fall in love with.

You can click on the covers to get to the goodreads page of the book!

πŸ“š Hidden gems : young adult fantasy

The Reader, Traci Chee

Why I love it πŸ”Ž I’ve always, always wondered why The Reader isn’t more hyped because it is brilliant. I checked and I’ve been wanting to read this for YEARS before I finally managed to get a copy and I regret nothing. This book was as stunning as I thought it’d be, with an incredible cast of characters, a unique world and I can’t wait to read its sequel.

πŸ“– read my full review

The Black Veins, Ashia Monet

Why I love it πŸ”Ž Okay so fair enough. The Black Veins has been getting some hype around the blogosphere and on twitter and I’m glad it is, but it’s not that much. And it deserves a lot of love, too. The fantastic world and especially its brilliant cast of characters, the no-romance-at-all and did I mention these characters I LOVE? Now this is a fantastic book I devoured.

πŸ“– read my full review

The Forbidden Wish, Jessica Khoury

Why I love it πŸ”Ž I’m ALWAYS going to be screaming about The Forbidden Wish and just wondering why everyone hasn’t read this just yet. It’s a Aladdin retelling, it’s bold and brilliant and stunningly written and I just can’t forget about it OKAY READ THIS PLEASE.

πŸ“– read my full review


The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, Michelle Hodkin

Why I love it πŸ”Ž I think that the Mara Dyer series has its fair share of mixed opinions, so it’ll be either a hit or miss, for you. Still, I personally adore the original trilogy and it’s one of these rare books I’ve actually re-read, while I re-read nothing. The writing is beautiful, the story gripping and slightly creepy and I was on the edge of my seat all the time. I love this series.


Girls Made of Snow and Glass, Melissa Barshaoust

Why I love it πŸ”Ž I might have mentioned this one already, but let me do so again because WHY NOT. Girls Made of Snow and Glass felt so atmospheric and lovely to read, with a step-mother daughter relationship at its heart, it’s beautifully written and compelling and perfect to read on a snowy winter.

πŸ“– read my full review

πŸ“š Hidden gems : young adult science-fiction and dystopia

This Mortal Coil, Emily Suvada

Why I love it πŸ”Ž So.. this is a book my sister told me I should buy. I was unsure, but I bought it and I vividly remember screaming to her afterwards something like OH MY GOD THIS BOOK I AM OBSESSED IT IS JUST SO GOOD. Okay, so I was incoherent and all, but that proves that This Mortal Coil is a really great book. It felt original, I was obsessed with the story and hooked and the twists and 200% recommend.

πŸ“– read my full review

Impostors, Scott Westerfeld

Why I love it πŸ”Ž I’m a huge fan of Scott Westerfeld’s old series, Uglies, in fact it’s one of the first book that I adored with all my heart. I was really anticipating Impostors, set in the same universe as Uglies years later and this is SUCH a great read. Entertaining and addictive, with these fierce characters and twists, Impostors is a really really good book I’d recommend and that you can read on as its own!

The Loneliest Girl of The Universe, Lauren James

Why I love it πŸ”Ž Lauren James always manages to surprise me with her books and The Loneliest Girl is my favorite by her, therefore the one I always recommend. It’s a short read, yet it’s so addictive and thrilling, with this underlying tension and these twists and turns you don’t see coming, I loved it so much.

πŸ“– read my full review

Awaken, Katie Kacvinsky

Why I love it πŸ”Ž I haven’t read Awaken in so many years now, but it will always be one of my favorite dystopian reads. This technology-filled world is one of my favorites and if, after so many dystopian reads, it can feel a little predictable now, I personally found it so, so good and I loved these characters.

Replica, Lauren Oliver

Why I love it πŸ”Ž I’m a huge fan of Lauren Oliver’s stories, it’s not a secret, and for me, Replica is one of these gems deserving of more love. Told in two point of views, this story has a thrilling, entertaining story line and two very different main characters, yet both so endearing you want them to be okay. It’s addictive and awesome and with Lauren Oliver’s incredible imagination, it’s a GREAT read.

πŸ“– read my full review


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Did you read any of these books? Did you enjoy them? Do you want to read them? (You should!)

What are some hidden gems you’d recommend I give a try? Let me know in comments!





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78 thoughts on “10 young adult fantasy, sci-fi and dystopia gems you should be reading

    1. AHH I’m so happy you loved it so much, yay! I can’t wait to read the sequels, I still haven’t had a chance to get to the second book… but I can’t wait!! πŸ˜€
      Thank you so much for your comment ❀ ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I keep looking at the audiobook for The reader and this mortal coil, I guess I should pick those up soon!
    Girls made of snow and glass sounds interesting!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Marie,
    I was waiting for this post!
    I love the concept of this series so much.
    Well, I mostly read Fantasy, so I knew some of them, but I’m embarassed to say that I haven’t read even one of them.
    “Mara Dyer” and “Replica” are in my Tbr, but for the rest I really need to catch up with some of these (like “The Lonliest Girl in the Universe”).
    Oh I have a reccomendation, but I don’t think it has been trnslated in English. Anyhow it’s called “Terrienne” by Jean-Claude Mourlevat. It’s a sci-fi and it’s wonderful, frightful and touching all in one.


    1. Ah I’m so happy you were waiting for it and thank you so much for your comment! ❀ I hope you'll find some new reads you love there πŸ˜€ and thank you for the recommendation, I haven't heard of that one before, I need to check it out πŸ™‚


  3. Oooh I really wanna read Girls Made of Snow and Glass!! That cover😍😍😍! I’ve also had the Unceoming of Mara Dyrer on my radar for awhile now and think I would really like it! I also loved the Forbidden Wish! Great list Marie πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That cover is sooo beautiful, I agree, I love it so much πŸ˜€ I hope you’ll get to read Mara Dyer as well, it’s a great series!
      Thank you so much Jamie! πŸ™‚


  4. I haven’t heard of many of these books, so reading this post was so interesting because I always LOVE learning about new books β™₯ You know I loved The Black Veins as much as you did, it’s truly a gem that deserves so much love! I also read the Mara Dyer trilogy this year, and I rated it 4 stars overall. I had so much fun reading it, it was so different from anything I’ve read. Was I annoyed with the fact I couldn’t pinpoint the genre until the 3rd book? A little. But I loved Mara and how important her family is important to her, and how present they are throughout all the novels. The ending was disappointing, at least to me, but I don’t regret reading this trilogy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh NoΓ©mie I’m so happy I could make you discover some new books, yay! ❀
      I get that, I feel like a lot of people were disappointed by the ending. I personally still liked it and the series as a whole, it's the noah shaw series that disappointed me a bit 😦
      Thank you so much for your comment! ❀ ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  5. the unbecoming of mara dyer omg yes ❀ ❀ ❀ I feel like this one never gets the hype it deserves even though it was amazing? I haven't read the Noah series though because I'm afraid it wouldn't be as good.

    also YESSSS to girls made of snow and glass! I liked that one a lot and can't wait to read more by her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RIGHT? I loved this series so so much, it’s one of my favorites. ❀ And…. not to discourage you or anything, but I've only read the first book in the Noah Shaw series and was a little disappointed by it 😦 I haven't continued on, maybe it gets better, but… I didn't get the tension, intrigue and feels I had while reading Mara's story.
      YES!! I can't wait either, I think she has a book releasing in 2020 and I can't wait! πŸ˜€
      Thank you so, so much Mel ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh man I still have to read This Mortal Coil … but of course I got lost under my TBR pile. I remember reading your review of it and this just reminds me that I need to put it towards the top again! Great list πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  7. i automatically like a person’s choice when they adore the og mara dyer trilogy because 1). it gets a lot of mixed reviews (FAIRLY, on both sides) but if you still like it enough to ignore the potentials flaws then you + me = best bookish buddies (yes i was terrible at math in school and what about it)

    both Awaken and Replica are buried deep down my tbr somewhere and i kinda forgot about them but now im gonna go check them on gr again and MAYBE EVEN READ THEM NEXT idk I’m feeling wild

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES I AGREE LET’S BE BEST BOOK BUDDIES. Honestly I still love it enough to go past its flaws and the original trilogy just, ahh. I adore it <3. I haven't read the Noah Shaw books… well, only the first one and I was a little disappointed. Did you read them all?
      AH YES be wild I want to hear your thoughts about both of them! πŸ˜€


    1. Oh thank you Aimal! I know I tend to give into the hype too often and it’s nice to highlight these little gems every now and then, too πŸ’›
      I hope you’ll love these two books, I can’t wait to hear what you think of them! πŸ’›


  8. i love this list bc there are so many books that i havent read and i need to collect them all. this mortal coil looks so intersting and impostors sounds like such a good book.

    ALSO I LOVE THAT YOU MENTIONED ‘the loneliest girl in the universe’ BC I FEEL LIKE NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT but it deserves so MUCH recognition. it was so thrilling and addictive and i honestly couldn’t put it down until i found out what happened. i loved it so much. great post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh ahh I’m so happy to make your TBR grow ❀ and please read this mortal coil, this is such a great read ahh all the twists and turns and it was so addictive!

      RIGHT? I'm so happy you love this book so much as well, I feel like it deserves more praise it's wonderful ❀
      Thank you so much!!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I loved The Loneliest Girl in the Universe! It was neat how there weren’t a lot of other characters but it was so creepy and I totally was invested, ❀️ I still need to read The Forbidden Wish! I even got it from the library and ended up not getting to it in time. I love the cover so much and want to gush about it. I also need to read This Mortal Coil. Somehow I missed all the hype for it. A great list Marie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy you loved it, too! I feel like it deserves more praise, it was wonderful ❀
      And the Forbidden Wish! Ahh Dani, I hope you will get to read it soon, it's one of my favorites ❀
      Thank you so, so much ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Okay, I love YA fantasy, but I have somehow not read anything on this list?? I am lowkey ashamed πŸ™ˆ My mom read The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, so I do have that in my house that I will put on my list to read immediately πŸ˜‚ I also feel like I’ve seen This Mortal Coil around a lot, but I never bothered to check it out. But omg, it sounds really good?? (Also the title reminds me of Hamlet, which is a definite plus.) Great post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhhhh! Don’t be, and I’m so happy I could make you discover some new books here. I hope you’ll read Mara Dyer, I would love to know what you think of it. I love this series so much ❀
      Thank you, Chana!! ❀


  11. I used to have such a big obsession with The Forbidden Wish even without having read it. I knew I’d love it, but never got around to ACTUALLY READ IT! I’m the weirdest!! Oh well, gotta read it soon πŸ˜›

    Liked by 1 person

  12. All of these books are on my TBR except from one which I hadn’t heard of (and am going to add now) and another which I’ve already read and loved xD I’m desperate to read Girls Made Of Snow And Glass but I finally have a copy of it so I’m hoping I’ll get to it soon. The Reader is another that I particularly want to read but I honestly do want to read them all. Thank you for the fantastic post.

    Liked by 1 person

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