Creating my perfect little reading nook

Hi guys! How are you? How was February? It was weirdly warm where I live, like 15° C… that’s crazy! Well, I’m not complaining, it totally feels like spring and I LOVE it. I just hope the cold will not sneak up on us later on.

I’m back today with a wonderful tag created by the lovely Rita @ Bookish Rita. It’s called “Build your own reading corner”. When I was little, I actually wanted to decorate houses and appartments for a living but…being lame at maths and not very handy, it just wasn’t really for me. Anyway, this tag is perfect for book lovers and wannabe interior decorators.  How does it work ? Easy…you answer a bunch of questions about creating your own little reading nook and put up pretty pictures that inspire you. Are you in ? Let’s go!

All pictures are from Pinterest. I do not own them. Check them out right here.


Pick the colors and lighting for your reading corner!

I love a modern decoration style with a bit of white maybe some blues and little touches of warm colors here and there. I would hang lots of polaroid pictures displaying my friends, family and sceneries from my travels. I would also have potted plants organized in an original way on the wall. As for the lighting, I would love to have natural light shining on my reading nook in the morning. I need to bathe into the sun, I need windows, big fat windows! For the evening, I would choose a pretty reading lamp.


Where will your books live?

On shelves?! Isn’t it obvious? Okay so…I would like my books to be housed on wooden shelves. I would prefer the wood to be light or even painted white so my pretty books would stand out. I would not build it myself because it would take years and I’m pretty sure I would not succeed and the second I put my books on it, it’d crumble all the way down. Maybe I should ask my dad…


How will you organize all your books?

Easy! By color! I know it’s not the most easy way to find a book later on but damn it’s SO beautiful! It’s like a rainbow of books. I don’t mind about the height, a little book can be put next to a bigger one, that doesn’t bother me at all. And I would put little figures of my favorite characters on the shelves.


Where are you sitting or laying while you do all that reading?

Hum…though question! I think the most important is to be confortable so I would pick a big comfy armchair. I would be able to read sitted or crosslegged. Or a couch so I can read next to my lovely sister.


Who or what are you snuggling with?

I would love to say a cat but it’s not really practical to read while a cat is sitting in your lap. But he’s totally welcomed to sit on the floor next to me! I would be snuggling with a large and soft blanket. When it’s summer, I’d love to read outside on a mattress and snuggle with lots of cushions.


Are you eating or drinking anything? (We’re not judging)

I’m often drinking while reading…tea of course! My body is 99% made of tea. Any type but especially green ones. I’m not really eating because I’m scared to damage my book but if we’re day dreaming, I would pick… I don’t know… chocolate chips cookies or strawberries or even advocado toasts…why the hell not?!


What did you think of my little reading nook? Do you have one at home or anywhere is fine to read? 

How does your perfect reading corner look like? I really want to buy all the necessary furnitures right this second, who is with me? 

Let’s chat in comments 💬



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87 thoughts on “Creating my perfect little reading nook

  1. Your reading nook is awesome! Would love to have a visit *wink*

    If I own a house someday, I’d definitely dedicate a room as a library which would have everything reading related from massive bookshelves and reading space for me to lie on

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  2. I love everything you picked out!! Can you come and decorate my future home? That ladder looks so awesome, and the outside reading space so comfortable!!! I’m so happy you did this tag, I’d totally join you in your reading corner 🤗

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    1. Thank you so so much 😊 Haha, with pleasure! 😁 Yeees, I just want to go furnitures shopping now 🙈 Come, come, if there is place for one, there is for two 😊

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  3. This is such a fun post and OH MY GOD just looking at the first three images had me wishing I had a reading nook at home too! But also, I now want to spend hours on Pinterest looking through too many pictures to create a perfect reading nook too! I might just do this post too to have an excuse for doing that. xD

    I adore the vision you came up with for your reading nook – especially the coziness aspect of it all! Fluffy blankets are the way to go, to be honest!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t it? I had SO much fun doing it and it WAS the perfect excuse to scroll through Pinterest! 😉 I don’t have enough space for a reading nook where I live but one day for sure! I just want to go furnitures shopping right this second! 🙈 You should totally do this tag, I’m so eager to see what you would pick out 😁 Thank you so much, I’m so happy you liked it and yes I totally agree, there is no perfect reading nook without fluffly blankets 😊

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  4. Your reading nook plan is adorable!

    I love the idea of having a proper reading space, but sadly where I live right now is too small so it’s just my bed. I feel like any reading nook worth its salt has fairy lights. They just set the mood, ya know?

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    1. Thank you!! 😊 Same here, I don’t have enough space 😭 We’ll get our reading nook one day, I’m sure of it 😊 Oh yeeees, I totally agree, it gives the perfect atmosphere! Thanks for stopping by 😘

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  5. THE AMBIENCE!! I LOVE!!! honestly, this is what i aim for but we’ll get there slowly. my current reading nook is a beanbag couch from Target and a paper lamp from IKEA 😂

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  6. I love this tag! 😆 I wish I could have the reading nook you imagined right now in my house! But until I can move out and make my own perfect library/reading place I am happy with how cosy my room is, which is basically just a place for me to read, and maybe do some homework now and then.. 😅

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  7. I actually used to have the cutest little reading nook in my room! I had two short bookshelves facing one another, with a beanbag between them, so that when I sat, I was surrounded by books! It was amazing! When I got a 3rd bookshelf I had to rearrange my room, but now this post has me thinking that I should try recreating something similar sometime soon!

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  8. This nook is EVERYTHING, Nyx!! I love your style and taste. And I definitely want like floor to ceiling bookshelves someday, with sort of rustic ladders and big windows looking out to a garden…just the little things. Never mind that I hate gardening and also cleaning glass lmao. (Ok but in this fantasy, surely I can hire someone to do those things for me so I can read all the time hahah.)

    Also 15’C is warm for you?! I would die. That’s a really cold winter’s day for me!!

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    1. Awww, thank you so so much 😊 Oh yeeees, that’s the dream 😍😍 Hahahaa 😂😂 I don’t mind gardening but damn cleaning windows…ugh! But you’re right, we can totally hire someone to do that! 😂 Yeees, 15 °C is too warm for winter where I live! It should be like 5 °C, sometimes we can have -5 °C, and that is NOT fun 😅


  9. Oh My God I love this tag!! And you’re reading nook is gorgeous!! Pinterest is my interior design experience— I love it!!
    I definitely like the idea of polaroids hanging because I love that aesthetic and photo’s of great memories always means a lot to me. And I would love a big window by books– I always liked the idea of a window seat— I always used to sit on my window sill.
    And I organise shelves my colour too!!! I really like the look of it!! And cosy blankets are great for reading!! And I don’t eat by my book in case I damage it too haha– books have to be protected!!
    I dream of creating a reading nook for my house eventually!! Loved this post!! ❤

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    1. Thank you so so much 😊 Pinterest is like the interior design guru haha 😂 Yees, I love polaroids. I always get a great feeling watching my memories displayed on the wall, it’s inspiring and it puts me in a good mood. 😊 Oh yees, reading by the window is THE must 😍 It’s just SO pretty when the books are organized by color 😍 Hahaha 😂 It’s a bit dangerous to eat while reading, that’s is true 😂 Same here, I don’t have enough space right now but yeah someday 💞

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      1. It really is– Pinterest is going to make my home so expensive to design haha!!
        Yes absolutely!! Rainbow shelves are my ultimate shelfie goal!! Yes someday we will both have amazing reading nooks ❤

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  10. I’m with you on all of these things! Especially the rainbow shelves! It’s my goal to have floor to ceiling rainbow shelves in my writing studio one day. I mean, first I have to get a writing studio and also more books and also more bookshelves, but … I’ll get there lol. Fun post. 🙂

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    1. Yes it is, I had so much fun doing it 😊 Natural light is so important I agree! Yeees, snacking is a bit dangerous when there are books around 😅


  11. Oh I would love to have the reading nook you describe! A comfy armchair near a big window with blankets and a pot of tea sounds just perfect 😍
    I also like to sort my books by color. It looks so good! I actually don’t have a lot problems with finding books. I usually remember what color it was.

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  12. Oh this seems like such a fun tag Nyx, and I love what you’ve selected for each section of your reading nook (the dream would be to make this an actuality one day right?! Fingers crossed I guess). 🙂 ❤
    See I love the idea of arranging my books by colour, but I just feel like it would make it too hard to find a book I was looking for (as it is my bookshelves are arranged in series and author in no particular order but it's easier to find if there's a group of them stuck together). Still I can't deny the photos of the shelves arranged by colour look so so pretty. 🙂

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    1. It really is, I had such a great time answering those questions 😊 YEEES, that’s the actual dream 😍😍 Yeah…that is the main problem with arranging the books by color, you can’t find anything 😅 But it’s SO pretty haha 😍

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  13. Ah, this is such a lovely post! *_* My reading nook would definitely have a big armchair, a fluffy blanket and bookshelves arranged by colour. I’d also have a cute side table for hot chocolate, chocolate, and my next read, of course! ;D I’d also need fairy lights because yes.

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  14. Honestly, I’d dieeee for something like a reading nook. One of my biggest dreams is to have a huge bookshelf that takes up an entire wall, like the ones I see from Booktubers and Bookstagram. I also remember watching 2000s American movies where the girls would have a nook by the window, and I dreamt about sitting there with a book in my hands and a warm drink. Granted, this is not as possible in my country. Probably because we have like 2 days of the year to actually have warm drinks and my window is not big enough for a reading nook, but STILL. It’s okay to dream, right? Hahah. Your post gave me a lot of inspiration! Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to have the reading nook of my dreamssss.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here! I don’t have enough space for a reading nook where I’m currently living but that’s THE dream 😍 One day, we’ll have our perfect little corner 👊 Oh yeeees, floor to ceiling bookshelves would be amazing! And a little place to read just by the windows, it sounds perfect 😊 Of course it’s okay to dream, where would we be otherwise? 😂 I’m so happy it gave you some inspiration, I really can’t wait for us to have that little dreamlike nook 😊

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    1. It really is, I had a great time answering all those questions 😊 Same here! I don’t have enough space for a reading nook where I live 😭 Someday we will 🤞😍

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  15. Love your dream reading nook 🙂 In my house, I have many different reading areas lol BUT my favorite place to read is my 3-seasons room. Basically it is a screened in porch. I love to read out there in the daytime because of all the natural light and at night because I have outdoor string lights up. If only it would warm up so I could read there again… Winter is from November to March here. It was snowing today. I am so ready for warmer weather 🙂

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  16. Oh my god, yours sounds so perfect !!!

    Need me a big, fluffy weighted blanket to snuggle in and read with my weeins ! As long as they stay calm, ahah 😂 I absolutly LOVE to see other’s setup for reading nooks and studying desks.. and daydreaming mine would be pretty like that someday *aherm*

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  17. Hi Marie!!
    Wow I loved reading all your answers! This really does sound like an awesome reading nook to me haha 🙂
    I also love to curl up on the couch to read. When I bring my little dog up onto the couch, he would snuggle up beside me haha. I also love to sip tea when I am doing anything really. I don’t know why, but drinking tea makes me feel so calm (even when it is caffeinated hahaha, which is kind of paradoxical 🙂 )

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