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Hi friends, happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a lovely week so far. Today I’m thrilled to be back with my Blogging Ways feature, where I rant endlessly about bloggers’ issues…and today’s topic is quite an obvious one…because we’re talking about what you are actually reading right now: blog posts.

Sometimes when you’re blogging, you end up being surprised. Actually, strike that: all the time when I’m blogging, I end up being surprised by what happens with my blog posts. I’m always pleasantly happy to see people liking it and most importantly, taking the time to leave a comment, their thoughts, answering the little questions I put at the end of each post because I want to TALK. I cherish every single people taking the time to comment, obviously, as does any other blogger.

As I already said it before, blogging is much, much work, and a big part of it is writing the blog posts. Brainstorming. Writing. Shaping the blog post as good as we want it to be, as good as we imagined it to be, with our words, a couple GIFs or photographs, formatting it just the way we want it to be. Blog posts are taking a hell lot of a time to be shaped the right way – the other day, I just took about two hours to do just one, leaving aside all the brainstorming I did before about it all. But once all of that is done and your blog post is sent into the interwebs, you can’t really know what will happen to them.

Popular blog posts in the book blogging community

In the blogging community, there are so many different kind of blog posts, and if I thought reviews were the most popular and common ones when I started, I quickly found out that wasn’t the case, AT ALL. Discussions, tags, original features and so on are taking such a big place in the book blogging community, leaving the reviews aside. Looking back at all the work I put since the beginning in my blog posts, and looking back at their feedback, I was surprised to find out that, in the book blogging community, popular posts aren’t necessarily what they seem to be.

Some of the reviews I wrote, pour my heart out into, did not get that many comments after all – while some of the discussion blog posts I wrote have been commented way more, and, from what I feel, loved more. Maybe it’s just a feeling, though, I don’t know. I love writing both, I love everything I do on my little corner of the internet, yet I can’t help but notice, both on my blog and on other blogs as well, heavy differences between the kind of blog posts and the love they get.

Obviously, I shall make a quick summary of what’s making people talk and what’s not, if you let me.

  • A review of a hyped book gets more comments and interactions than a review of a little less-known book.
  • A discussion gets more comments than all other reviews.
  • A bookish tag / overall normal tag / feature gets more comments than reviews, but a bit less than discussion posts. This depends on the tag just as well.

This, obviously, is my personal interpretation of this, given what’s happening on my blog.Also given this analysis, you can easily deduce that, to me, a popular blog post is one that people interact and comment on because for me, blogging is all about community.

After seeing this, I can’t help but actually WANT to ask your opinion about blog posts, hoping to gather some insight and knowing your way of thinking, by asking myself TWO actual questions here.

What kind of blog posts do you read the most?

Thinking about this very quickly, I have to say that I find myself drawn to discussion posts A LOT – mainly because I found myself, as I grew into this community, more and more interested in other bloggers’ particular opinions on bookish subjects. Discussions are often so interesting to read and, just like the type of post suggests it, makes me think a lot about tons of bookish issues and I LOVE IT.

There are tons of reviews out there on book blogs, and while obviously I can’t read everything, there are some bloggers’ reviews I read ALL.THE.TIME, for many reasons, but mostly because I love their writing style and I trust their opinion a lot. Now, here is the flawed thing in book reviews: I am mostly drawn to reviews of books I have read or books I am interested in reading. It’s only human to feel that way, but I am sure that, due to the limited time I have to read blog posts, I’m definitely missing out on loads of books that seems GREAT, but since I haven’t heard of them too much, maybe I’ll miss them #wrong.

Bookish tags and quick features such as Top Ten Tuesdays are blog posts I find myself reading often, for three reasons: they give me an insight on a blogger’s opinion with fun questions ; they often make me smile or laugh and they are quick to read just as well. I feel SO wrong again writing this, but if I had a gazillion more hours in the days, I would easily turn to reading ALL of the blog posts when I’m blog hopping, instead of sticking to a tag to try and get to know the blogger without spending ten hours on each blog post. Something I would certainly do if I had the time.

What makes you comment on a blog post?

The answer to that question is definitely NOT quick and NOT easy, but I am SO rambling here, I hope you’ll forgive me. There are way too many things that make me comment on a blog post to actually list it down here: for me, blogging mostly goes with feeling. Obviously, there are the “blogging clans”, stupid mention I have seen around but that’s sadly true: there are quite a couple of blogs I find myself commenting on all the time, because they are my closest blogging friends and I LOVE their blog posts and overall talking to them. Then, there’s just the overall feeling I get, while visiting a blog, reading a blog post, seeing a question I want to answer, seeing something I want to react on in the comments. Mostly, I want to comment when I see a blogger’s personality somewhere here shine and grow and makes me want to interact with them.

I would LOVE to know: What’s a popular blog post to you?

What are your favorite blog posts to read? Do you find yourself reading reviews of books you read / want to read, or do you read tons of book reviews regardless of the book?

What makes you comment on a blog post? Share your thoughts in comments!


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132 thoughts on “On popular blog posts


    I feel like I react this way every time you use a Michael gif πŸ˜‚

    ANYWAY. This is such an interesting, well written post Marie! I definitely feel myself drawn more to discussion posts, original features and tags than reviews, but I too have bloggers whose reviews I always read, no matter whether I’ve heard of the book/am interested in it or not because they’re always so interesting to read. Apart from those bloggers I usually only read reviews of books I’ve read, want to read or if the title (of the book or the review) or cover appeals to me (so shallow hahaha)

    Liked by 1 person

      I’m with you on the reviews-reading, when it’s not bloggers I know, I tend to be curious when it’s a book I am curious about or…with a pretty cover haha πŸ™‚
      Thank you so much, Michelle! ❀ ❀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I see! So a tag is different than a hashtag. It’s kind of like β€œTag, you’re it!!!” and then you post the questions and your answers on your blog? So a game of sorts.

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