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Hi guys! How are you in this lovely month of December? Is your city all dressed up? Is your christmas menu already all planned out? Are you enjoying your advent calendar? Yes, christmas is here and where I live we go all out with the shiny decorations and the little traditions. It’s very cold oustide and it’s getting very hard to get out of bed to go to work!

Enough with the small talk, I’m back today with a new article. Who’s excited? My topic will interest a few I think because I’ll talk about the Gilmore Girls revival! I gotta warn you though, if you haven’t see it yet…stop what you’re doing and go see it RIGHT NOW! And then you can come back and read my review (because yes there are spoilers!). 


I only started watching Gilmore Girls very recently, yes I know shame on me! Everyone was recommending me that show, plus I didn’t have anything to watch anymore so I gave it a try. And…I got HOOKED! It was sweet and funny and just really really good. When I learned that there was going to be a revival, I was so happy because I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to Lorelai and Rory. Of course, a part of me was kind of scared because I really liked the end of season 7 but hell I was going to watch it, there was no doubt there.


Since I’m a sucker for lists, I decided to give you my opinion with what I enjoyed on one side and the little details that annoyed me on the other side. I know a lot of people were disappointed by the revival, they felt like it was too dark and they didn’t feel like they were back in Stars Hollows. But for me, the Gilmore Girls revival deserves an A !



1.  All the scenes between Lorelai and Rory, felt so good to get back to that great dynamic.
2. The storyline was true to the messiness of life. Happy moments and more confusing times well mixed.
3. Paris still felt like Paris, which was great. Same for Michel!
4.  Emily’s unexpected abandonment of “the way things are done” is refreshing and entertaining.
5.  Lorelai’s story about her favorite moment with Richard, bring all the tissues!
6.  Loved the idea of Rory’s book.
7.   JESS! Those Rory/Jess scenes were on point, the dialogue authentic. I needed more!
8.  The scene with Lorelai and Luke FINALLY agreeing to get married and the wedding…the whole thing was SO sweet.



1.  Rory has a boyfriend of 2 years that she keeps forgetting about and cheat on with Logan. Not cool girl!
2. No storyline for Lane, I would have loved to know more about her.
3.  Rory being the other woman with Logan, it was bad enough with Dean. She deserves so much more.
4. Too many musical bits.
5. THE LAST FOUR WORDS. WHY? Did Rory really make a child with an engaged man? Is she really going to raise it all by herself? I guess the writers wanted to go full circle but seriously what kind of cliffhanger is that?!


Did you watched the Gilmore Girls revival? What did you think? Are you uspet about those last four words? Who do you ship Rory with? 💬

What tv shows are you currently watching? I wanna know everything!

Let’s chat in comments 💬

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29 thoughts on “Back to Stars Hollow!

  1. Hi Marie, personally I loved the ending of the revival because it had that cyclical element to it. (Total Rory-Logan shipper, btw!) I will admit that I thought it wasn’t classy for Amy Sherman Palladino to once again make Rory the other woman. Come on, right!? But Palladino waited so long to write those four little words and would’ve done so at the end of season 7 if she was still the showrunner then. If the baby is Logan’s, and I think it’s pretty safe to say that it is, it would have been his at the end of s7 too. Mine might be an unpopular opinion, but I’m sticking with it.

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    1. I’m not Marie, but Nyx, Marie’s sister! I’m co-blogging with her but hi! 😁 Yeah, I guess he wanted to go full circle. I must say I wasn’t fond of Logan at the beginning but I learned to like him, I just hate that Rory is once again the other woman! And I think it’s better that she’s pregnant now than at the end of season 7. Thanks for passing by 😘

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      1. Hi Nyx. Sorry about the mix-up. Hmm…I think she’s more prepared to handle a child at thirty-two, but I would be curious to see how she would deal with a Lorelai-type situation when she was younger.

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    1. Yeeees, I want a second season! I want to know more! Same here, I ship Rory & Jess, I think they’re perfect for each other, even if I kinda like Logan too 😊

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  2. Team Jess all the way forever….when he lauded at the door and was watching Rory…I was holding my breath. I just love him. I binged this revival on Black Friday & loved every
    Minute of it. My favorite parts and full thoughts are on my blog. I really enjoyed reading your review. 💕

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  3. I totally agree about the boyfriend she kept forgetting, I also found it was odd how do you forget about that. Her being the other woman felt weird to me, seemed a little out of character is all, I felt like Logan would have left his fiancee for her, but you never know I guess.

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  4. I liked the revival but I was expecting something more. To me it felt like this was the story of the girls, say 2 years from the end of season 7. The issues they deal with should have been resolved years before. I mean, 10 years have passed but you haven’t grown at all, I can’t believe it took this time for Lorelai to work on the relationship with Luke, what the hell did they do all those years?! And Rory annoyed me a lot. I liked Jess better in the revival than in the show itself. Overall it was nice but it lacked something fresh and really new.

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  5. I love Gilmore Girls so much, I found it so funny. Whilst I adore Rory and Jess, I think her and Logan are so cute together. It annoyed me she kept cheating on her partner, like thats not the real Rory.

    Do the last 4 words mean we will get more? We best do because I really want to see what happens next

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    1. I’m actually torn between Jess/Rory and Logan/Rory! It just annoys me that Rory is the other woman with Logan. Yes exactly, the Rory we know and love just doesn’t cheat! I hope so, I really need to see more. 😊


  6. Yes, yes, yes, I agree with all your points! I’m so happy you enjoyed the revival, because I heard a lot of negative reviews, but I quite liked it myself.
    I liked seeing all the characters again, I loved the Lorelai/Rory dynamic, I loved Emily’s development. I loved Rory’s plotline because as you say, life is messy and doesn’t always work out how you planned it and it was great seeing that here.
    But yes, I did not really like what they did with Rory’s love life. I would think that after Dean she would have learned and would never choose to be “the other woman” ever again. Also, her forgetable boyfriend felt out of character for Rory and just put in there for some cheap laughs. It didn’t work for me.
    I’m ok with the last four words because of how it brought everything full circle but it still feels weirdly out of character for Rory. I’m torn about it and I hope we’ll still get more. But if not, I’m happy to imagine Rory live happily ever after with Jess 😉

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    1. Yes, there were so many negative reviews but I really enjoyed it even if some things annoyed me. Glad you liked it too 😊 And you’re totally right, life IS messy and you don’t always end up where you thought you would and I liked that in Rory’s plot. Yes, I guess they wanted to go full circle with those last four words, I’m just frustrated cause I wanna know more haha! 😊


  7. Oh, come on. They had to end it that way so they have the opportunity for continuation. What are plot, morality, and creative integrity compared to royalties?! (I’m not salty about it at all. No, no, no, NEVER.)

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  8. Hahaha I had the exact same problems, but other than that I really enjoyed it. I really wouldn’t be surprised if we get more episodes in the near future (I really hope so because I can’t live with that cliffhanger okay)

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