#TheThanksUGive : Amazing books I discovered thanks to book bloggers

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening friends! How are you ? I hope you all had a lovely week. This Thursday was Thanksgiving, and even if I am not American, this is a pretty good excuse to feel thankful, because we all should once in a while, especially here in the blogging community.

For this post, I’m participating to the special Thanksgiving celebration, hosted by Hazel @ Stay Bookish and Mishma @ Chasing Faerytales. This event was made to show our gratitude, and well…I have many, many things to thank the blogging community for. But more on that in another later post… For now, I have decided to talk about what brings us together, most commonly known as…yes, BOOKS. What else.


If you didn’t know this by now, I am a massive young adult contemporary reader. If this has been my favorite genre for years, since I started blogging, I managed to find so many great bloggers and incredible recommendations for books I wouldn’t even have thought of reading before. Some wonderful reviews from bloggers I love, and this dreaded thing called THE HYPE managed to make me branch out a bit from that genre, and read more and more what I really want to call, CRAZY  BOOKS. Filled with imagination, parallel worlds, dashing writing and a love that knows NO BOUND in the community. Endless fangirling of sorts, if you will.

Okay, enough babbling now, you are all waiting for THE BOOKS. I managed to regroup a couple of books I have discovered thanks to book blogging, and I WISH I could talk about the first blogger that made me discover each and everyone of these, but…I’m a bit like Dory when it comes to remembering things.


A Darker Shade final for IreneIf there’s a book that was a definitive surprise, it’s that one. A Darker Shade of Magic, and its sequel, A Gathering of Shadows. Surprising, because I thought I wouldn’t LOVE this book as much as I did, and the slow beginning didn’t help me in feeling otherwise. Then I just realized how awesome this all was and quickly became obsessed, down to screaming “GIVE ME THE LAST BOOK NOW PLEASE.”

Check out my reviews for the books

A Darker Shade final for Irene A Gathering of Shadows Final

the raven boysIn a few words… I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up The Raven Boys. I don’t know if I had seen such a hype around a bookish title before, and, erm, I was afraid to pick it up and hate it. Then I turned the first few pages and realized just how incredible this world was, and how magical Maggie Stiefvater’s words were. Needless to say, I’m halfway in the series and need to read more.

Check out my reviews for the books

the raven boys the-dream-thieves

illuminaeNow there’s something funny about Illuminae. Not really, but…if it’s because of book bloggers that I got SO curious about this, it’s because of my sister that I actually brought it. We saw a French copy in a bookshop and she picked it up, was like “this looks weird. I want to read it.”. The next day I was on Amazon to order it. WHY this, you ask? I think I have never been SO nervous about a book before. Because it’s sci-fi, not one of the genres I always go to. Because the formatting is SO weird. And guess what? I ended up being obsessed by it and reading it every second I could. Thank you, bloggers. Oh, and thank you, sister, obviously, for making me take the leap.

Review coming next week!

cinderWhen I first heard of The Lunar Chronicles, I thought…cyborgs ? Yeah, that’s weird.  I wasn’t too sure of myself about this, but when the incredibly sweet Joan praised this so much and then offered to lend it to me, I couldn’t refuse. And I just fell in love with it. It was SO weird, and SO unusual for me to read a book like this, at first, and then I realized just how massively awesome it was. I think my love for it definitely shows.

Check out my reviews for the books

cinder mini scarlet mini cress winter

wrath and the dawnThis is another book where I’ll say, I can’t believe how much I loved this. You must get bored of this by now, but I certainly hope you won’t get bored with this book. An incredible retelling, characters I LOVED, ALL THE FOOD making you hungry, a side of craziness and you have me sold. I still need to read the sequel so I should probably shut up until I do, but….no. I think once in a while we all deserve to shout about the books we love. Strike that. All the time.

Check out my review for the first book

the wrath

This list could go on for DAYS, and I realize that I mostly talked about VERY hyped books. Does that mean I’m easy to convince, or that my tastes are just like everyone else’s ? Well… I guess that’s another question. But I guess no one’s questionning what I love, or I hope so, at least.

THANK YOU, book bloggers, for making me scream about NEW BOOKS I wouldn’t know about if it weren’t because of you. THANK YOU for helping me find out new genres, keep exploring, keep being aware about everything happening.  For bringing some #DiverseBooks on my radar. For sharing the bookish love, unconditionally, and for being so passionate about these kind of books that so many bash on just because it’s “young adult”. Overall, THANK YOU for the amazing books. My words are nothing compared to what these books and the community brought me, but more on that later, so, for this Thanksgiving week, just, THANK YOU.

Now it’s time for YOUR AMAZING BOOKS! Always looking for great recommendations, and always looking for books that you loved, so…

What books did you discover thanks to the blogging community that you LOVED ? Is there ONE particular book that changed you ? Tell me all about it in comments 💬

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62 thoughts on “#TheThanksUGive : Amazing books I discovered thanks to book bloggers

  1. Thank YOU for this post ❤ and the recommendations! My most recent adds due to your reviews are Cinder and The Serpent King, two books I would NEVER have thought of reading. Thanks for expanding my world, Sweechie!!!
    I used to struggle a bit to choose books. I would wander in the library or bookstore until a cover caught my eye. But now thanks to the community, my wish lists are full and I will never run out of ideas for books to read! It's crazy. It's like bloggers make doors appear all around you to discover new things and it's not scary because you're not alone. I love my people 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU my sweechie! ❤ I am SO happy to hear that, I hope you'll enjoy both books as much as I did.
      YES that's exactly it. Before, I used to FIND books to read, now I just KNOW what I want, and I never run out of ideas, which is awesome, but kind of overwhelming at times because.. Let's face it, we need more hours to read haha.

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  2. Sometimes we won’t try even very hyped books if we don’t get any detailed information about them. That’s where bloggers sharing details and opinions and all the whys and reasons for this stuff is important. You’re right, community is a big, big part of this whole blogging thing.

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  3. There isn’t one off the top of my head that was recommended to me except for ACOTAR! I wanted to read it, but I was skeptical. Then everyone gushed about how great it was! So I am now a huge fan.
    I would recommend the Under The Never Sky series. I loved it. One of my faves, and it is underrepresented. I will be its representative! 😉👍

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  4. What a wonderful idea for a blog post! 😀 I joined the blogging community this year and my TBR of books I discovered through bloggers is huuuge. Bigger than I ever thought it would be. Like, I never imagined I would know this many book titles and could recognize so many different book covers. haha But I won’t have it any other way.
    Looks like most of your picks are Fantasy books! lol, I’m a huge fan of Fantasy as well and all those books are on my TBR, except the Lunar Chronicles. I haven’t been sold on it yet, but it seems like tons of people love it, so that’s good.

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    1. Oh thank you so, so much Naz! ❤ Haha I feel the same way, now I can write book titles and think about the author's name in one single second, I feel like I know too much, or this is the sign of an obsession. An healthy one, I guess? Haha.
      Yes ahah, well I found out incredible contemporary books as well, but since I didn't read too much fantasy before, I decided to focus on that. If I had to write down ALL the books I read thanks to book bloggers… I think my post would be WAY longer haha.
      Thank you so much! ❤


  5. Aww this is such a nice post! There’s definitely a lot of books I’ve discovered and read because of the blogging community including the one and only Harry Potter series! Hahaha I don’t think I would have picked this up otherwise but I really love it! The Lunar Chronicles is another that I just fell so head over heels in love with and it’s stolen my heart far far away, that and Illuminae! ❤ ❤ SO MANY GOOD BOOKS, THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY! Again fabulous post, AS ALWAYS!

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  6. Ah, I agree with every single one of those! I found out about so many books through book blogging and booktube… It is countless!
    However, The Raven Cycle is the one I’m most thankful for. Because I’m not a huge fan of fantasy, I wonder if I’d ever pick it up if it wasn’t for the amount of people on blogging community saying how amazing this series was.
    I also have a lot of books in my TBR because of the blogging hype – including the rest of The Lunar Chronicles’ books and Darker Shade of Magic!
    Great post, Marie!

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  7. These are all amazing books Marie! ❤ I am definitely so so thankful I discovered all of them as well and I know I only picked up The Raven Cycle, TWATD duology and Illuminae because f WordPress (like you I can't remember which bloggers inspired me to pick up each, honestly it was probably seeing a load of amazing reviews for each series)
    The Lunar Chronicles and the Shades of Magic books I think I discovered before I started blogging but oh they are all-time favourites of mine, and I'm so glad you loved them as well! I'm definitely screaming for the last book right now as well (not too long to go!) 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s all right! ❤ Yep, most of the time I remember the book and not the blogger but I'm pretty sure everyone on WordPress has recommended at least one book to me that I've picked up and loved.
        I'm counting down the days until it's release now! I feel like it's going to be a 'drop everything and start it as soon as I get my hands on it' book! 🙂

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  8. Totally understand how those books made the list. They were eeeeevvverywheeree! 😀 V.E. Schwab’s adult fantasy books are on my TBR for years now, and the community is definitely the reason why those books made my list. So glad that the blogosphere was able to get you to enjoy some amazing books! Such an amazing community. 😛

    – Lashaan

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  9. Wonderful post! 😀 I’m the opposite of you, I’m a huge fan of YA fantasy so all these books are already on my radar (except Illuminae) but I did discover some great contemporary books that I wouldn’t normally pick up 😛 Some of the books I discovered from the bookish community was I’ll Give You the Sun and The Serpent King which I’m forever thankful because I love them so much ❤ I read Illuminae because of the hype too and I was super nervous because sci-fi & me didn't usually go well but IT WAS AMAZING! One of the coolest book I've ever read 😀 and I'm also thankful for all the diverse books book blogging made me read ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh well if you’re ever in need of contemporary recs… I’m here, I LOVE contemporary ya so much ❤ And YES, I'll Give You The Sun is one of my favorite books of all times, it's absolutely gorgeous, I'm so glad you read and loved it ❤
      Oh yes, I agree about the diverse books, I need to read more but blogging made me aware of so much of these books 🙂
      Thank you so, so much! ❤ ❤

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  10. I love all those books too (well those that I have read) and I don’t think that our tastes are too mainstream. As blogger you sometimes even have to go with the flow. And I personally tend to judge books a little harsher if they are very hyped. I feel like blogging as made me read books that I probably would have passed up otherwise. Like Red Rising and The Martian, maybe even llluminae. Really not sure I would have read them on my own … although I do tend to read books that become moves.

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  11. Aww what a great post!! I love this idea!! So glad you got into Schwab cos of book blogging!! And I still need to read illuminae- looking forward to your review! There are so many books I got into cos of book blogging- serpent king is the first that springs to mind! 🙂

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  12. Ahhh, such lovely books Marie! I am happy that you found these wonderful books through the community and that you can share their joys!!
    A lot of YA books I read are recs from the community! I would say that 80% of my reads are recommendations from others. A book I just finished, Cloudwish, was recommended to me, as well as the book I am reading now, Otherbound!

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  13. Oooo that’s what I have heard and I liked the first one so much I just know I’m going to be one of those people that just ends up raving to anyone who will listen about it haha. I love books that are brutally long but you’re so into them it’s like reading a 250 page book.

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