#FirstLineFriday… on a Wednesday !

Hi everyone! How’s your week so far? I’ll admit it, I’m getting a bit stressed out / excited because June is here and there are SO many things happening, both in real life and on the blog… Just a reminder, if you want to subscribe for the Souvenirs From Across The World Project, it’s still time, don’t forget, it’s over here! Thank you for even checking this little idea out. I love you guys, really.

Okay, so today I’m going to be slightly rebellious, because guess what? I’m doing something meant for a FRIDAY, on a WEDNESDAY. Crazy for the little planner that I am, haha. It’s also been a while since I talked about writing, and my epic fail at editing my NaNoWriMo novel, so… I thought going back into my old writing would spark up the old loving writing flame. Who knows?!

Enough babbling, today I’m doing the great #FirstLineFriday prompt, thanks to one of the best people I’ve met on here, Kat. Thank you for nominating me, and here we go…for the little rules!

First Line Friday

  1. You create a blog post on your own blog entitled “#FirstLineFriday”, hashtag and all.
  2. You explain the rules.
  3. You post the first one or two lines of a potential story, a WIP, or a completed or published story.
  4. You ask your readers for feedback and encourage them to try and do #FirstLineFriday.

I wrote this about two years ago, I think, when the first thoughts of my actual NaNoWriMo story came to mind. This is the first line I wrote.

“Every time she closed her eyes, she saw him. He caught her inside of her dreams, leaving her gasping for air when she woke up, as if someone had been strangling her in her sleep.”

I want to TAG ALL of the writers following me to do this #FirstLineFriday, because I’d love to read what you’re writing. And now, time for your feedback (and me getting SO anxious about it) …

What do you think about this beginning? Would you read the rest of this story?

What’s the last story you wrote? If you’re not writing, can you name a book that instantly drew you in, from the first lines? 💬

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39 thoughts on “#FirstLineFriday… on a Wednesday !

  1. Maybe if you take part in first line Friday again you can post on a Friday, or go the other way and post every other day of the week 😀
    I’m actually very intrigued by your first line and I’d definitely pick up the rest of the book! What kind of story is it you were writing this first line for? (I’m not even sure what I would guess, I feel like at this point it could work for just about any genre!)
    When I’m reading it’s not so much the first line but the first chapter that has to draw me in, it has to build up something which makes me want to begin the next chapter!
    Are you going to be taking part in the next Camp NaNo? Maybe editing will go better the second time or you could do what I do and start something new ignoring at the various drafts in your computer already! 🙂

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    1. Aww thank you so much Beth, I’m so glad you liked it ❤ When I first wrote that line, it was supposed to be a contemporary story with kind of a tragic relationship… Yet I don't know anymore now ahah 🙂
      You're so right, I love a great first chapter to drawn me into a book. ❤
      I don't think so, it's in July, right? I won't have the time at all in July to take part in it, but I think I will in November, and try and write a bit in-between as well 🙂 Thank you so much for the support, actually, I think I'll just do that, start from scratch ❤ ❤

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      1. That’s all right, and I’d definitely be interested in reading more if you decided to post more of your writing ❤️
        I think it’d be interesting to start with the same opening sentence and see how it could change if you wrote it for different genres. Or even take a sentence from a fantasy book and re-write it for a contemporary story, or vise versa. There’s always so much possibility. ❤️
        I’m always willing to give books as much of a chance as possible to draw me into the story 😀
        I think the next Camp is in July, then it’s the main in in November, I’ll definitely be taking part in that one again! I’ll have to see if I can make it to 50K words this year! 😀

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      2. Maybe I will, whenever I get back to actively writing! Thank you so much for the support! ❤
        Oh definitely, it's crazy how, with just two lines, you can go pretty much anywhere, into any genre!
        Oh yay!! I'm going to try and do it in November as well, this is so exciting, we'll support each other then 😀

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  2. You have written a fantastic opening line, Marie. It immediately brings us into the story.

    The last story I wrote was a whimsical, epic fantasy. {Sounds like an unlikely plot, but that’s the way I think of it.} It does not, however, have my best opening line.

    I had never written so much as a grocery list when I decided to write my first book. I really did not think I had it in me until I came up with my opening line. I still think that first scribble is one of my best lines: “The rumbling purr of an impossibly big cat thrums through my body.”

    The first line of my third book is not really a line at all…

    Happy Reading and Writing, everybody!
    ~Icky. 🙂

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    1. Ohh thank you so, so much Icky, that’s so sweet of you, I am SO HAPPY, really, that you like it ❤ Haha, and I love this first scribble, it's so good! And that first line is already so much fun, I'm curious to see what's the rest of the story like, ahah 🙂 Happy writing to you too! 🙂

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  3. I’m so curious to know what you’re writing about! 🙂 I love your beginning! It has made me so interested, which is what the first line of a book should do.
    Does this mean you are tagging me? Because I’m really nervous about posting mine 😛 I’ll have to think about it haha.

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    1. Aww thank you so much Fatima, coming from you, it means a lot! ❤ ❤ I'm always confused about what a first line should do, really, there are SO many different ways to do this. With a sentence, with dialogue, with, anything, really, how to start? It's the worst question, ahah.
      YES I AM TAGGING YOU! I would LOVE to read one of your first lines…whenever you're ready to share 😀 ❤

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      1. That’s the beauty of it 🙂 so many ways to start, but it all depends on how YOU want to start, and what you want readers to feel. At least for me it’s quite fun. But I’ve changed mine probably more than 20 times already.

        Haha *sweats* 😀 It’s possible that I’ll change it again, so I might post the first sentence soon, if you like ❤

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      2. Aw, thank you! ❤ I want to know more about your book too, after reading this first line of yours.

        In terms of advice, I can see how it might confuse you. I try not to read too much advice because I do what works for me (and it might not work for anyone else).

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  4. Marie! I just finished university and one of my classes was a Creative Writing class, and remnants of the lessons are still stuck in my head. So when I read your first line, I immediately thought, “That’s a killer hook.” HAHA. 🙂 I love, love tragic love stories. They’re the best kind. 🙂 x

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  5. That’s a super intense first line or rather first lines!!! I love it already. It draws you in and already makes you wonder what it’s all about 🙂 well done! And as always, there was no need to be anxious. You are awesome! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  6. Brilliant opening first lines, it’s mysterious and intriguing and I would want to continue reading to find out what the line was in reference to!

    Also I actually wrote a poem yesterday, I’ve never written a poem before so it’s not good. I’m also a really rubbish creative writer but I might actually post it on my blog just to get some thoughts, see what people think. I’m also going to be taking Reading and Writing Children’s literature in my final year of university when I start again in September, so super nervous and also very excited!

    P.S I tried posting this comment before but my laptop wouldn’t let it happen, if it did work and my laptop is lying then I’m sorry. Forgive me XD

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    1. Aww thank you so, so much, I’m so happy you like it ❤ It's incredible that you can take this kind of classes, I wish they had that where I am, but unfortunately, they don't 😦 I hope you'll enjoy it! And YES please, do share some of your writing on your blog, I would love to see that! 🙂 Thank you so, so much! ❤

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      1. Aw its a shame your don’t have that offered to you! Thank you, I will definitely post a bit, I may not be good but it’s just a case of practicing right? Also i’m sure this will boost my confidence by putting myself out there XD

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  7. This was SUCH an intriguing first line. Makes me wonder what happened before and I’m still guessing the genre: if this is a fantasy or a contemporary, because it fits for both?¿ Or maybe I’m crazy.
    I definitely encourage you to keep writing this story and sharing more of it with us! 💟

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    1. Ohh thank you so, so much Lais! ❤ To be honest, when I first wrote this, I had no idea where I was exactly going, but it was going to be contemporary. Then with that inspiration, I wrote a draft of something that's contemporary, yet a bit mysterious and fantasy as well… Thank you, so, so much, really, it means the world to me that you like it! ❤


  8. OMG! I am hooked! I want to read the rest of it? Why would you leave me with just that much? No no no… that ain’t fair Marie!

    I love the tag! I will do it as well. My writing isn’t that great simply because I haven’t written much but I will give it a shot nonetheless.

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  9. Ooh, this is such a great opening! I NEED MORE MARIE why do you make me suffer? XD And thanks for the tag! I had posted a couple of snippets of my writing on the blog before way back last year, and I’m not currently working on anything (I tend to start and then abandon most of my writing projects, unfortunately.. 😦 ) But this snippet is great! ❤

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