The Playlist Shuffle Tag

Hi friends, how are you today? I hope your week is going great so far, and that it’s filled with BOOKS, and well…more books. Today though, it’s going to be a bit different, because I’m not going to be talking about books. Or travelling. 

No, everything’s okay. I’ve just been tagged by two wonderful girls, Michelle and Kat, and I’m going to be doing the playlist shuffle tag. So, we’re going to talk about music…and the last 15 songs I’ve listened to, according to my Youtube history. Because yes, I listen to music on Youtube.

the playlist shuffle tag

  1. Sia, Chandelier
  2. Mariana Kaye, Homeless
  3. Taylor Swift, Wildest Dreams
  4. James Bay, Let It Go
  5. Banners, Half Light
  6. Sia, Freeze You Out
  7. Olly Murs, Up
  8. Taylor Swift, All Too Well
  9. You Me At Six, Fireworks
  10. Ron Pope, In My Bones
  11. The Veronicas, Cold
  12. Jimmy Eat World, Hear You Me
  13. Ed Sheeran, Photograph
  14. Ellie Goulding, I Know You Care
  15. Adele, Hello

Do you know/like/love any of those songs or artists? What is the song you’re obsessed with right now? Do you listen to songs on Youtube as well? Let me know in comments! 💬

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48 thoughts on “The Playlist Shuffle Tag

  1. I always listen to music on Youtube! And the auto-play feature has been great with finding new music at times!
    Great to see Sia make a double appearance on this list! Love her music!
    I don’t think I’m obsessed with one main song, just any song with nightcore is the music I’m humming to at the moment.

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  2. I know and LOVE most of these songs and the one I’ve been obsessed with from this list is Let it go by James Bay, that song is pure amaziness. Oh and one song I’ve been listening to on repeat is “A fleur de toi” cover by Slimane, God, it makes me shiver!

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  3. Oh my god I think I would love your playlist! I’m into Sia, James Bay, Olly Murs and Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift. I watched Swift’s concert last year and it was DEFINITELY ONE OF THE GREATEST THINGS ever, I still think of it fondly. ❤

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      1. She is! I’ve been to two of her concerts and I’d say she’s getting better at singing live, haha. But what takes the cake is her performance though – she really puts on a show; it’s not just singing. (Sorry, I’m still so in love with the concert and thinking about it still makes me giddy, I can’t help but to elaborate.) 😛

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  4. OMg RON POPE ❤ HIS VOICE ISS UUGHHH ❤ LOL and yeah my playlist looks pretty much the same as yours hahah especiallyy with Taylor Swift XD JAMES BAY LET IT GO is just a must in any playlist right? ❤ – Trang

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  5. I recognize almost all of these artists! And I especially love Taylor Swift, Banners, Ed Sheeran, and Sia. Actually I used to be a huge Swiftie when I was in middle school. I actually own every single one of her albums and can sing along to a majority of her songs. I don’t know what I never talk about her on Xingsings, lol. 😅 Wonderful taste, Marie! 😀

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  6. I see Adele and Taylor Swift. Both favourites. My favourite jam right now is probably Little Mix’s Get Weird album – so psyched to watch them when they come to Malaysia on the 21st!

    This is such an interesting post! Go, you!

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    1. Oh really, that’s so great! I love finding people with the same taste in music as me 🙂 I think I have listened to, two or three songs by Little Mix, a while ago, but I liked it, I need to listen to their new songs now! Thank you so much Kevin! Since you have great taste in music as well, you should do this, I would love to have new music suggestions from you 🙂


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