Top Ten Tuesday (52) : Top Ten Books With Sibling Relationships

top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Brokeandbookish. This week’s theme is Ten Books Every X Should Read. I have decided to change this a little  bit, and talk about books with siblings in it. Whether they’re in a fight or completely adorable together, it’s always great to read books with family relationships! Don’t forget to click on the title of the books to read their fabulous synopsis!

1 • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Jenny Han

I mean, Kitty is adorable, isn’t she? I really loved that book, because it’s such a perfect contemporary when you just don’t want to think about anything. Plus, the siblings’ relationship in that one is just too adorable.

2 • #Scandal, Sarah Ockler 

I recently read that book and didn’t expect to find a messed-up sisters’ relationship in it. But there was, and it was such a great subplot…making this book even greater to read.


3 •  Vanishing Girls, Lauren Oliver 

This book just broke me, seriously, like, crying in public broke me. It’s just so beautiful and so, well, no spoilers here if you haven’t read it, but you should. Siblings’ relationship is strong there.

4 •The Accident Season, Moïra Fowley-Doyle

I know, I’ve said it a thousand times, how much I like this book. I loved the family in that book, their relationship, their closeness, everything.

5 • My Life Next Door, Huntley Fitzpatrick

Oh, the Garrett’s. If you’ve read that book, you know what I’m talking about…and if not, well, go read it now. More than a healthy, great relationship, there’s also a huge and great family.

6 • Cinder, Marissa Meyer

Didn’t think I would go into fantasy there, did you? I’m full of surprises, haha. I really LOVED Peony and Cinder’s relationship in that book, so I’m making this count. *crying*.

7 • I’ll Give You The Sun, Jandy Nelson

Come on, I couldn’t NOT talk about that book here. Siblings’ relationships, I’ll Give You The Sun, it’s that. And it will break your heart and make you happy. It’s just that good.

8 • A Darker Shade of Magic, V. E. Schwab

I really wanted to put that one here, because I really liked Rhy and Kell’s relationship, even if I would have loved to see more of it. Brotherhood, yay!.


9 • Vendetta, Catherine Doyle

I mean, that one should count, since there are bothers, kind of a gang of brothers actually, and they are all kinds of mysterious and stuff…and well, I really wanted to talk about that book again, because I really liked it .

10 • The Sky Is Everywhere, Jandy Nelson

You knew I had to quote that one as well, didn’t you? I mean, it’s kind of particular here, but it still features a siblings’ strong relationship, so I can talk about it? I will use any excuse to talk about that one, ahah.

Do you know some books with great siblings’ relationships?  Which ones would you recommend? (like I need anything more on my TBR…YES. I do. Can’t help it.)  Let’s chat in comments!💬

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104 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (52) : Top Ten Books With Sibling Relationships

  1. I’ve actually never read any of these, but a few of time are on my TBR and I didn’t realize that they had siblings in them. I actually have Cinder and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before loaded on my reader. Time to pay them a visit.

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  2. We should stop discussing To All the Boys (but I’m going to do it anyway. OMG the siblings there thoughghghgh. It’s like she understands exactly my relationships with my siblings. I’ve read some really interesting books about twins (but not I’ll give you the sun yet for some reason) and I find it interesting how authour write about twins because I am. Did you find The Accident Season’s relationship slightly strange? Because I did. They were siblings… but they weren’t? and OMG Cinder and Peony <3333

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    1. No we shouldn’t, we can talk about this book forever if you want haha 😛 I really LOVE this relationship they have in the book, it’s just so, so good. I’ll Give You The Sun definnitely is an interesting book about siblings, even if this relationship is nothing like To All The Boys, ahah, it’s so, so powerful. I loved it.
      Oh YES, it was kind of weird, actually it’s one of these things that made me confused about the book. I still loved it to bits, but realy their relationship was confusing. Cinder and Peony!! *cries*


  3. One book that comes to mind is Fat Charlie and Spider from Anansi boys. Completely different bros and Gaiman makes their relationship much funnier by highlighting Spider’s eccentricities and Charlie’s awkwardness. Love these two bros.

    Also got to admire the Bennett sisters. I think all five are adorable.

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  4. I have a sibling of my own…2 years younger, therefore when I saw your topic I had to read this list! I’ve actually not read any of them, but I do have My Life Next Door and A Darker Shade of Magic on my TBR list 😀 I’m trying to think of books with sibling relationships I love and all that came up in my mind is Harry Potter’s Weasley Twins LOL! I really have to find time to read the two books on my TBR list!

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  5. I love reading books about siblings, but I think it’s hard to find an author who does it well. So many books I’ve been reading lately just have random siblings thrown in for one conversation and that’s it. I love when that relationship is explored a little more, or at least shown more lol. I will definitely have to check some of these out.

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    1. I love that as well! You’re so right, and siblings are such interesting characters. Out of the books I quoteed, if you’re looking for great, explored siblings relationships, I would completely advice you to read I’ll Give You The Sun. It was all kinds of wonderful ❤
      Thank you so much for stopping by!


  6. These are amazing picks Marie, and a great topic as well!
    Yay for Cinder and A Darker Shade of Magic, also if you liked Rhy and Kell there’s a lot more of the two of them in A Gathering of Shadows, like a lot lot more! I loved the Garretts in My Life Next Door; they’re such a great family, so huge but so amazing, I think George was my favourite of the lot!
    Glad to see Jandy Nelson in your picks as well!

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      1. That’s all right 😀 I agreed with you about the first one, I would have liked to see more Rhy and Kell, so I loved the second one because it was pretty much all Rhy and Kell. I’m so excited for you to read it 😀
        I loved all the Garrett’s they’re just such an amazing family but yeah George was definitely the cutest! I kinda wanna read more about him and the Garrett family in general.

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      2. I have no idea when I will read it, there are so many books, I have a hard time knowing which ones I should get first, ahah. But I’m excited to read it as well, can’t wait to see more of their relationship!
        I would love to read more as well! Did you read the companion novel, The Boy Most Likely To? 🙂

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      3. I guess the longer you wait to start it the less one you’ll have to wait for the sequel 😀 but yeah I’m the same, there are some books I’ve been meaning to get around to for ages but I don’t because I keep reading others first.
        YES, I LOVED The Boy Most Likely To, I can’t say which I prefer but I adored Tim and it was everything I wanted from his story! Have you read it yet?


      4. I think like with Jandy Nelson it’s hard for me to say which out of MLND and TBMLT I enjoyed the best but I think TBMLT just slightly wins. I loved Tim’s character pretty much from the beginning and it just felt like there was more of a resolution with TBMLT, not just for that story but also everything that happened in MLND.

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  7. AHHH SO MANY THOUGHTS HERE. So, firstly, I totally love the topic and love your choices! I totally agree on To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Haha Kitty was so cute.
    And omg, I’ll Give You the Sun was simply perfection. Noah and Jude went through so much, but their bond stayed strong in the end, and I loved that! OH and I just finished The Sky is Everywhere last night (I’m so glad I can actually join in on your squealing now) and YES. That is all. It was fabulous!
    AHHH Cinder and Peony!!! ❤ Love them so much. And Kell and Rhy, yasss! I totally craved more of their relationship in the first book too, though the second book rectified that. 🙂
    Amazing list, Marie!

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    1. ohh I’m so happy you agree with these choices, I need Analee’s approval (and chocolate bars) to get through the day ahah ❤
      SO HAPPY you read and loved the sky is everywhere, that book is fabulous (and really heartbreaking, isn't it?!!) !
      I'm really glad to hear there's more of Rhy and Kell in the second book. I really liked them, and I can't wait to see more!
      Thank you so much!! ❤

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      1. But of course! 😄 My approval and chocolate bars are absolutely crucial to success and happiness. Here you go, have some!! 🍫🍫🍫
        (Honestly though, I doubt there was any way I wouldn’t have been able to like these choices! We have such similar tastes omg. 😉)
        I can’t wait to see what you think of the second book!

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      2. But of course! 😆 My approval and chocolate bars (especially the chocolate bars) are crucial to success and happiness in one’s day. Here you go, have some! 🍫🍫🍫 There was no way I wouldn’t have agreed with your choices, honestly. Our tastes are so similar! (And not just when it comes to craving chocolate. Loll!!)
        Omg it really is!! I love it so much. Also Joe and Lennie are so cuteeee!
        I can’t wait to see what you think when you read it!

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  8. Omg, Jandy Nelson must be a master of writing about siblings! I also saw another TTT this week with her other novel, I’ll Give You The Sun. I HAVE to read her books… one day!!

    And yaas at the mention of ADSOM! Kell and Rhy scenes are one of the best in the book, in my opinion hehe. Absolutely awesome list!


    1. SHE IS, I swear, I love the relationships she creates, it feels so raw and real and wonderful, with all the struggle and happiness coming with it. I can’t wait for you to read her books, I hope you’ll love them ❤
      I agree, I definitely needed MORE from them. Hopefully there will, in the second book.. THANK YOU so much Aila! ❤

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  9. HI! *waves frantically* I feel like I missed so many posts because I’ve just been like a robot on cycle. Read, write, post. Read, write, post. URGH WHERE HAS MY TIME FOR BLOG READING GONE?! But never fear (in case you were fearing) BECAUSE I AM BACK TO STAY (you may find yourself fearing now).

    I agree! Oh GOD, I’ll Give You the Sun had AMAZING SIBLINGNESS I JUST WANNA SQUIGDY THEM SO BAD. Ughhh, and the Sky is Everywhere, JANDY NELSON YOU ARE SO PERFECT. I cannot WAIT for her next book (why 2017?!) Also with Cinder, HEART BREAKING CALL AN AMBULANCE.

    You HAVE to read The Last Time We Say Goodbye because OH MY GOD SIBLINGS THAT BREAK YOUR HEART ARE PRESENT IN THIS BOOK AND IT HURTS. Also, Saving June? I don’t know, I read it a while go but remember loving it 🙂 OH OH and the Rephaim series, 1. Because the series is great and 2. Because she loves her brother and misses him and ohhhhhh help me.

    Okay.. SO I hope that i don’t EVER scare you away with these often frightening comments but this is for all the missed posts 🙂 it’s always lovely to see you commenting and I NEED MORE DRIZZLEANDHURRICANEBOOKS and of course the LOVELY MARIE. Haha, now to backtrack and read EVERYTHING I MISSED (because I am not a creepy stalker who is obsessed with your blog).

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    1. Okay. First of all, NEVER STOP because I love this comment, all of it, ALL OF THE COMMENTS you are an amazing human being seeriously, thank you ❤
      I am SO excited to read the next Jandy Nelson book, why is it so far away? Do we have a synopsis yet? I'm sure it will be heartbreaking. I can't wait.
      Ohhhh thank you for the recommendation, I need to check out that book right now! ❤
      Haha you are just A WONDERFUL PERSON THANK YOU, I want to hug you and send you cookies and French pastries ❤

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      1. SO SWEET ❤ You're welcome! Aha, I love commenting I WILL NEVER STOP NOW – haha, you deserve ALL THE LOVE.
        We don't have much on the Jandy NELSON novel other than the title and a very brief summary telling us it's about a trio? BUT I know it will be great I can't wait!
        Yes please do! AHA YOU ARE AMAZING, really 🙂 I will offer you a virtual hug and all amazing good vibes and I will stuff you with something Australian.. Like I don't know, vegemite? XD (YES TO FRENCH PASTRIES)

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      2. AND YOU deserve all the awards of the sweetest person EVER ❤
        Well, when we get a full synopsis of that book, I'll make sure to come screaming with/at you about it, because it's going to be SO good I'm sure!
        Ohh, ahah, I never tried vegemite but I'm willing to, SO sweet of you. I swear Australia is such a cool place, I would love to go there someday ❤

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      3. AWWW ❤ HAHA, YAS. I will be waiting FANGIRL ACTIVATED MODE ON. I need the book now *cries immensely*

        Yes, do try vegemite 🙂 Its definitely… strong on the palette XD Aha, be WARNED because that little jar of vegemite can kill you, its salty as HELL – best spread lightly on toast 🙂 YES, YES, do come to Australia! EHE, and you can write a travel post on it, that would be awesome!

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  10. Oh my, the Garretts and Kell and Rhy will always have my heart ❤ And if you like sibling relationships, I have another reason for you to start reading the Mortal Instruments 😉 also the Worldwalker trilogy has some great sisters in it.

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  11. I’m in the middle of reading Tell the Wolves I’m Home right now and while the narrator’s sister is more cold toward her through the majority of it, we get memories and glimpses of how close they used to be and I feel like they may have a good outcome in the end so I’m hopeful. Have you ever read it?

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