Let’s travel the world together!

Hi guys, how are you? I hope you had a wonderful beginning of the year so far. Today is sunday, but I have a little surprise for you. I talked about it before, and it’s still under preparation, but I’m really excited, and a little bit nervous, too…Well, let’s cut this suspense already, and let me introduce you to….Β 

a ticket to anywhere

What? What is this about, you’re asking? No books on this image, you’re wondering?! No, you are not dreaming. I’m very nervous about this. I asked you guys in my one year blog post, what you thought about a new travelling feature, and a lot of you said that this was a great idea…so, here I go.

travel-drizzleandhurricanebooksI LOVEΒ travelling, so, so much. I’ve been lucky enough to travel with my parents and sister since I was little, and I do so every year, at least once. Travelling is very much like breathing for me, I look forward to it every year, and I can’t wait for my next adventure. What I love the most about this?! New countries, new people, new wonderful, unforgettable places, hotel room fun, new food, wandering in the streets of unknown cities, reading maps and figuring out where I’m going and where I want to go next, taking pictures


There’s another thing that I love, about travelling. It’s the PLANNING part. I’m one of those people who looks up hotel rooms and plane fares FOR FUN. All the time, actually. I don’t know if that makes me crazy…but I love it. Planning where to go, what to do there, how to organize the day. I LOVE doing this so much.


As an introduction to this newest feature, there’s a new page you can find now on my blog, called the “TRAVEL MAP“. You’ll be able to find there, anytime, this little map right here, of all the cities I’ve been with in my 22 years of living so far. Obviously, I will link some of those cities with special features…to make you travel a little bit, and that’s coming, very soon. So…there it is!


I think I’ve talked enough for an introduction, so, now, it’s YOUR TURN! Tell me, which cities / countries would you like me to talk about first?!Β πŸ’¬

Do you LOVE travelling? Why, or why not? What’s your favorite thing about travelling? The new people, the FOOD…or are you a crazy-planner like me? Let’s chat in commentsΒ πŸ’¬

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41 thoughts on “Let’s travel the world together!

  1. Okay I think my prev comment didn’t get posted so here it goes (again): I’m on phone so I cannot see that map but I promise to do sp ASAP! Since Idk which places you have been to why dont you talk about a place that starts with A, B, F, K or R?

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  2. This seems like such a cool feature!! I’d love to hear more about your travels and adventures all over the world (particularly in and around Europe! πŸ™‚ ) My favourite part of going to a new place is the people. I love how they’re so distinctive of the particular place. My favourite city is Paris but since you’re French, you mustn’t have had the grandest of adventures there, right? πŸ˜› I can’t see the page you made on my phone’s browser but I will check it out as soon as I’m on the laptap. πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you so much, I hope you’ll enjoy it! πŸ˜€ I love that, too, people are so different, especially the way they think, depending on who you are. That’s so great πŸ™‚
      Haha, I guess not, I’ve been there a few times already, and to be honest it’s not my favorite place in the world, but I understand why so many people are in love with this city! πŸ™‚ But well…maybe I’ll do a post on Paris, if you’d like? πŸ˜€

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  3. This is awesome πŸ˜€ I love travelling too- and I agree about the planning- anticipating the adventure is part of the fun! I’m always looking forward to the next trip πŸ™‚ Where was your favourite place so far? And have you got any plans to go away again soon? I’m looking forward to seeing more of this feature πŸ™‚

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    1. Aw yay, another planning-fan! πŸ˜€ I really love thinking about my next trip, and seeing the places to go to, everything about planning is so much fun! πŸ˜€
      Wow, it’s so hard to pick a favorite place…I loved my trip to the USA, and Ireland, but I think that my favorite city has to be London. I love it so much! πŸ˜€ What about you, did you do some travelling, what is your favorite place? πŸ™‚
      Besides Paris soon, I don’t have any plans…yet, but I’m definitely going to start thinking about it more πŸ˜€
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! ❀

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      1. Yeah definitely!
        Oh I can imagine- my friend just got back from the US- she said it was awesome πŸ™‚ And I live in London- so of course I’m a fan :p yeah, I’ve done a bit of travelling. My top pick at the moment is Barcelona, cos it’s fresh in my mind. I’m going to Prague soon- so who knows? – that might usurp it. Ooh Paris is lovely πŸ™‚ Have you started making plans for it yet?
        You’re very welcome πŸ˜€

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      2. Oh wow, you’re SO lucky to be living in London, it’s like, my dream ❀ I really would love to visit Barcelona someday, and Prague! I hope you'll tell me all about this trip πŸ˜€
        A little bit, yes, it's just a weekend though…but yes I LOVE planning, so… :p


  4. I thought I was the only one who love looking up hotel rooms and planning their trips for fun πŸ˜› Then to find out you’re French just made my midnight/day!!! πŸ˜€ Visiting Paris has been my dream for years before it came true last year March with my group of close friends. ❀ My passion for travelling is as great as yours haha xD Absolutely LOVING your new feature already! πŸ˜€

    P.S. I hope you don’t mind that I plan to tell my friends about you πŸ˜›
    “Guys, I made a friend from France! She is a French girl who shares the same passions as me – reading and travelling! How cool is that?!”

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    1. OH YES I am so happy you like this, too. we can now be crazy and look up hotel rooms for fun together!! πŸ˜€
      Aww, really? And what did you think about the city?! πŸ˜€
      I’m so, so happy to hear you like it already, I hope you’ll love the other posts as much! πŸ˜€ Haha, and no problem, you absolutely can, I’m going to feel like a celebrity, ahah! Thank you SO much!! ❀


  5. YAY! I am so excited you are going through with this feature! Naturally, because I am Austrian, I am curious about your thoughts on your stay here, but I will be happy to read about whatever you have to offer. I can’t believe you love the planning part of traveling though, that is a nightmare for me. I just don’t have the necessary patience hahaha

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    1. Well, I love travelling so much, I thought I’d give this feature a try! πŸ˜€ I have to say, I went to Austria years ago, I was…not more than 10 or 12 years old, so my memories aren’t as vivid as the ones from my latest trips. But the place I went to was SO beautiful. I really want to go back to your country sometime soon hopefully! πŸ˜€
      Hahaha, really? Well, if you want, I can plan your trip for you…actually, I wouldn’t mind doing this, I just love to so, SO much, ahah πŸ˜€

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      1. I never know what to tell people to go and see in Austria. I grew up in Vienna and never really went skiing or anything. We sometimes stayed at a farm in Carinthia but I was tiny back then. Hahaha I would be such a bad tour guide!

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  6. I’m so excited for this new feature! It looks awesome πŸ™‚
    It looks like you’ve been to some amazing places. I’m glad a lot of your favourites are on the east coast of the USA, I loooove it there too! It’d be great if you talked about anywhere around there. I wouldn’t say I plan out hotels and such but I definitely research where I would go if I were to visit a certain country. That’s definitely fun.
    I hope you come and visit Australia soon!

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    1. Awww this makes me so happy to hear, I hope you’ll enjoy it! ❀ I will definitely consider doing that, then. And yes, the east coast is so beautiful, I hope I'll go back there someday. BUT you are in Australia, and THAT's quite amazing! If only it weren't so far away…I hope I'll get to go there someday! πŸ˜€


  7. Oh my gosh, Marie! This is an AMAZING feature and I am so excited! I have only travelled to England and Malaysia so seeing this feature is going to make me so happy and is also going to give me intense wanderlust. You’ve been to so many places, it’s amazing!
    Can’t wait to hear more about this! Eek! 😊

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  8. Wow you travelled a lot especially in France! I haven’t went to much but I know I want to visit all the places I visited again! I definitely think you should go to Barcelona and Florence! It’s so beautiful!

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      1. Well that must be nice. I live in Miami and other than Orlando, Tampa, and Ft. Lauderdale, I haven’t went to any other city in Florida XD Miami is pretty different from the rest of Florida anyways. But yes all those places sound so good and I wish I could travel as much! Especially with that handy dandy train system you guys have.

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      2. I actually traveled a lot. Mostly to the Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico, and Mexico because I take a lot of cruises. That is my favorite way of traveling. I took a cruise in Europe too. I also went to Venezuela but like once when I was young when it wasn’t that dangerous. I’m half Venezuelan. And I went to New York and North Carolina once. And Philadelphia but that’s it. Maybe I’ll get to travel more. But the Europe trip drained us so maybe later XD

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      3. Wow, wow that’s A LOT of traveling already, that’s so AMAZING. There’s no better way to see the world than to travel, I love it ❀ ❀
        Hahaha yes, it's also important to take time to relax πŸ˜›

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