Top Ten Tuesday (37) : Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases For the First Half of 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Brokeandbookish. This week’s theme is a Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases for the First Half of 2016. If book blogging has done something for me, it’s making me add books to my TBR. All the time. Books that aren’t even released, yet. Like every bookworm out there, there’s a MOUNTAIN of books I can’t wait to read…so let’s take a look at some of those! Don’t forget to click on the title of the books to read their fabulous synopsis!

1 • The Love That Split The World, Emily Henry

This is going to come out as very superficial, but, have you seen that GORGEOUS cover? This is not why I added this book to my TBR, though. If you haven’t read the synopsis of that book yet, go do so, right now. And add it to your TBR, because it sounds fantastic.

2 • Glass Sword, Victoria Aveyard

Despite having some issues with it, I really enjoyed reading Red Queen, and I’m obviously looking forward to reading the second book, because I am CURIOUS. I really hope it keeps on getting better, and that we’ll discover – and get mad some more – at new characters.


3 •  The Unexpected Everything, Morgan Matson

I LOVE all of the Morgan Matson’s books I’ve read so far, so I can see no reason why I shouldn’t love this one. Contemporary, politics, rumors, scandal… a little bit of everything I like -except politics, but I can take it, I think-, so yay!.

4 • You Were Here, Cory McCarthy

This one doesn’t sound very funny, as it’s dealing with grief, but I really like the way it’s supposed to be done. With unfinished dares. I love the idea behind this book, and I hope the execution will be done as well.

5 • Radio Silence, Alice Oseman 

I already said it before, I really liked Alice Oseman’s debut, Solitaire, and I can’t help but be impatient for this second novel. It’s about school pressure, and oh, how I want and need to read a book dealing with that.

6 • Even if the Sky Falls, Mia Garcia

Another gorgeous cover here, and a story that I’m sure I can love. It’s contemporary, it’s romance, it’s dealing with two people falling in love and we should know how that ends. But I still love it, and I need to read it.

7 • With Malice, Eileen Cook

An accident, a memory-loss…this intriguing story really caught my attention. What really happened to the main character, what mystery are we trying to uncover here? I NEED to know more.

8 • Enter Title Here, Rahul Kanakia

A book about someone living her life, and trying to write a book out of it. It’s an ambitious, and one of a kind story I can’t wait to discover.


9 • Gena/Finn, Hannah Moskovitz & Kat Helgelson

I really like and want to read more about character meeting each other thanks to internet, and new technologies. Building up a friendship online, and all the struggles and moments of happiness that comes with that. Gena/Finn seems like the perfect book for that.

10 • Bookishly Ever After, Isabel Bandeira

A lot of people talked about this book, and I’m not the exception, sorry. But, the main character in this LOVES books. She reads. She day-dreams about book-boyfriends. It’s like reading the story of my life.

Do you want to read any of those books? What are YOUR most anticipated books for 2016?! Let me know in comments!  💬

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49 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (37) : Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases For the First Half of 2016

  1. I’m not at all surprised that you included Morgan Matson’s book in this T10T post, hehe. And Bookishly Ever After is one I’m really looking forward to as well. Fingers crossed it’ll be just as epic and swoonworthy as the premise sounds! “It’s like the story of my life.” Totally, mine too! 😉

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  2. Really awesome list, Marie! You already know that we have a couple of them in common 😉 but I think the other books are great too. I remember that I requested an arc for Gena/Finn on NetGalley and that I didn’t get it 😦 but I still want to read it. That one and Enter Title Here!

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  3. I too had some problems with Red Queen but I still really liked it. For some reason, I’m getting really good feelings about Glass Sword. I think it’s going to be a step above! And I can’t believe I forgot Morgan Matson’s new book on my list! It sounds wonderful and her covers are gorgeous. Great list!

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  4. AHH. So many fabulous books here Marie! I am so excited for Glass Sword and I’m crossing my fingers it is as amazing as Red Queen was. And Enter Title Here sounds absolutely amazing too. xD Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

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  5. So many great sounding novels are coming out in the first half of 2016! I am positively excited for each and every one of these and I even added a few more to my TBR (which is now overflowing! Agh)

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  6. Well most of these books are actually *not* on my tbr for 2016. Like I hadn’t even heard of a lot of them so thank you for putting together this post lol. I threw together a list of books being published next year and consulted a bunch of random blogs and goodreads list…and basically thought I’d found every book I was interested in reading. Then I saw this post……Anyway, I’m really excited to read Enter Title Here (I think the author may be Indian?? I’ve been meaning to read more Indian authors..). I’ll be keeping an eye out for Gena/Finn (which is actually by one of my favorite authors!..whoops :P) and With Malice.

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  7. Bookishly Ever After! I was sold as soon as I read ‘hottest guy in the clarinet section.’ That is THE BEST.

    I think I need to read some Morgan Matson next year. I’ve heard so many good things about her writing. I have read nothing about 2016 releases, so this TTT is very helpful for me.

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  8. So many fabulous choices! TLTSTW is SO GOOD. I mean, I agree that the cover is stunning (one of my favorites for 2016 so far!) but the inside is just as wonderful! I am so excited for the rest of these too, especially Even if the Sky Falls and Bookishly Ever After and Enter Title Here! Hope you enjoy all of these 🙂

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