Thoughts on : Choosing your next read

Hi bookish friends, how are you? I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far. Today, I’m coming to you with a new bookish discussion…so let’s see what I got in stores for you today!

bookwormWE’RE ALL BOOKWORMS. Meaning that we’re all always reading a book, holding a book, thinking about books and their characters…or is that just me? Reading is one of the biggest part of our lives…but what happens when we finish a book? After reading the last page, there’s a familiar, yet dreaded question popping up in our mind, before we can stop ourselves. What am I going to read next?

Whether you’re a very, very organized reader, and you have a neat TBR shelf ready for you, or you’re just a little bit more messy, and you need to sort out through your books to see which one you still need to read, it’s all the same. Because, except in the rare case of, I’ve only got ONE book left, so I’m reading that (and absolutely FREAKING OUT because I HAVE ONE BOOK LEFT, SEND HELP, AND BOOKS)…we all spend some time watching our shelves and thinking about which book we should pick up next. To choose my next read, I’m always influenced, one way or another, by many, many different factors.

One of those factors, playing  a great, great deal in my decision, is, you guys. Yes, you, the whole book blogging community. After reading so many great reviews about a book, or being encouraged to get into this story, or this one…well it’s only natural to be curious and to choose this “most-talked about” book, instead of another, to start. As book lovers, we’re all getting curious, and asking ourselves, “what’s all this hype about?” I’m speaking from experience: seeing so many bloggers talking about a book, and encouraging me to pick it up, certainly influences my next read.

Another thing I noticed, is that our reading choices are close to our readers’ lives, and especially to our moods. I will call it, mood readers. I see that happening a lot, and I think that a lot of you guys might recognize yourselves in this. There are days when you’re feeling in the mood to read something sweet, something light, something contemporary. Some other days, you’ll be mad at the whole world, and encouraged to pick up a dystopian book, just to feel like the world isn’t that bad. And, the worst days of all, you just don’t feel like reading at all…actually, these are the worst moments.

Something that really works for me, when choosing my next read, is to get almost immersed into the story. This way, I’m seeing what appeals to me the most, at the moment. When I’m not in a particular mood, or there isn’t any book I absolutely NEED to read right away, I read the book’ synopsis again. I explore my possibilities, and I pick one. Usually, I try not to read too many contemporary stories in a row. This works for dystopian, too. It changes a little, the setting, the mood, the everything. And, when in doubt, I know the book blogging community will certainly help me to choose my next read, and make it unforgettable.

LET’S CHAT! How do you pick up your next read?
Does the book blogging community influences your choices of books to read next?
Are you a mood-reader?
Do you try to diversify your reads, or are you okay with reading many books of the same genre in a row?
Do you have a system, like a book jar, to pick out your next read? Tips, advice, let me know everything in comments! 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Thoughts on : Choosing your next read

  1. I am totally a mood reader and I sometimes put down books in favour of others if it’s not the right timing. I don’t really plan my reading though. Since I don’t have immediate access to books but rather have to order them weeks ahead of being able to read them, I just go with the flow and with whatever I have.
    The blogger and Goodreads community is a huge part of my decision making though. I like to read reviews or at least ratings beforehand, but I completely stay away from Spoilers.
    I don’t really have any tips though. I tried the picking from a jar thing, but I didn’t really stick with it. 🙂 Going with my gut has worked alright so far!

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    1. I’m the same way, I always have to wait to get more books, since I order them online most of the time. I go with what I have 🙂 Checking out the ratings and reviews really is something I like to do, too. Sometimes it’s hard to stay away from spoilers, though!
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this! 🙂

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  2. This is a great discussion post, Marie! I’m a huge mood reader so even though there are some factors such as hype and the blogosphere that influences my next pick, it’s often times just when I have the feel for a certain genre. But great point, it’s important to feel drawn in by the story. And it’s beneficial to just not read at all if you’re in a slump or not in the mood for anything. And oh gosh, when I see those neat TBR jars, I’m like “I want one. They’re so pretty!!” but in actuality I know I’d never use it or actually feel motivated to stick to my chosen reads. XD

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    1. Thank you so much Summer! 😀 I’m the same way, I have times when I feel like reading contemporary, and others it’s more fantasy. That’s good advice to keep, when you’re in a slump, though. People tend to force themselves to read, but sometimes it can end up by only disgust. Ahah, you’re so right about book jars, they look so pretty! 🙂
      Thank you so much for your comment! ❤

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  3. I usually read what I want to read, regardless of it’s on my TBR. It’s kind of bad since I have all those physical books I own that I need to read but instead I go out and rent some more from the library haha. I also like to ask my Twitter friends for help! I sometimes even see some recommendation posts or if you liked that, read this posts and they are quite helpful! Sometimes, rarely, I have to stop reading the books I want to read altogether because I either have to read a school book or have tons of review copies. Usually the latter. Haha, sorry for writing you an essay but I really like your post!

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    1. First of all, never apologize for writing too much, I love long comments, they’re the best <3. I understand, for me it's more that, it's SO hard to resist getting more books, even if there are still so many left to read, ahah! It's so bothering, though, when you have to stop reading to focus on school work, it's the worst. We'd rather read something we really want to read! 🙂
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Jess! 🙂

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  4. I sometimes get stuck. Just recently I read Shadow and Bone because it seemed like everyone and their mom was reading it or had read it. I felt left out! I get in a rut with ut though. Like I just got a fair amount of new books but don’t want to read them yet…the struggle is real.

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    1. I know what you mean. It’s so hard sometimes to choose what to pick out next. There are so many choices, and sometimes you just stare at all of those forever, without any idea where to start… Maybe pick out one at random and read the first pages, read some quotes or reviews beforehand to help get decided… those are some stuff I try to do, but sometimes it just takes me a day to decide, ahha 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by! 😀

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  5. Start blogging really help (or not since I’ve been adding millions of books to my tbr) to see the different opinions on books that I want to pick up or never heard of but make me want to pick up. Since my tbr pile is like 6 or 7 books, I don’t have a tbr jar 😂 and it’s only recently that I have 7 books waiting for me to pick up, I usually only have 2 books in waiting XD I would just pick a next read based on my moon at the time because I want to read for pleasure and not force myself to read anything! Anyway, great posts!

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  6. I envy how small your TBR is! Mine is over 80+ books (which takes up 3 of my shelfs) I’m definitely a mood reader. When i choose my next book, i’d check out a few reviews – usually on goodreads. Sometimes bad reviews would make me want to put the book down which is way i’m trying to actually avoid reviews since i want to read and judge books myself instead of being influenced by people who differ to what i might enjoy. This only applies to reading books. When it comes to buying, i could only see a single good review from a blogger i trust, or a friend on goodreads and i’d buy it without looking back😂 (explains the size of my TBR)

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    1. WOW, that’s a lot of books! My physical TBR is always short, because I can’t buy too many books in a row, but believe me, I want to, ahah! I understand what you mean, sometimes I can get influenced by others’ reviews, too, so maybe it would be better to stay off reviews while we read a book 🙂
      Thank you so much for your comment!! ❤

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      1. Right?! My goal is to lower it (possibly 40 books) before buying anymore. The problem is book buying bans are non-existent in my world😂
        What i like about reviews here on wordpress is that theres always reasoning behind why they didn’t enjoy the book whilst on goodreads, less detailed reviews are left on there which effects me more not knowing why they might’ve rated it so low. And anytimeee, i love your posts!

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  7. I’m very much a mood reader–which is difficult for me because most of the time I read whatever has come in from my holds at the library. I’ve really worked on cutting that back this summer so now I’m more free.

    Most of the time, I create a list of 6 books that I’m semi-interested in and then roll a dice to see which one I should read. Or I pull a few from my TBR jar and see which one “speaks” to me the most.

    What books get added to my TBR list depends on the blogosphere as well as whatever comes in from my library or NetGalley.

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  8. Obviously being a bookworm I love this topic! 😍 And the blogging community is one of the biggest influences for me this year since I started blogging this January!
    But because I’m a huge fantasy lover I tend to pick the fantasy book over all choices (I could read hundreds of fantasy in a row!)
    I can’t read too many contemporaries because they exhaust me!

    xoxo @ Josie’s Book Corner

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    1. Aw thank you so much Josie! ❤ I get you, the blogging community really is a big part of my life now, and helps me in my reading choices! 😀
      I understand, there are some genres we never get sick of, and others we need to take a break 🙂
      Thank you so much for your comment! ❤

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  9. The blogging community definitely influences my choices. It’s here that I find out about the most anticipated releases. Also sometimes I just want to know what everyone is going on about! I like being able to join in the discussion, and I can’t do that so well if I haven’t read the book everyone’s talking about!

    I always try and diversify my reading. If I read too much of a particular genre, I start to feel as if I am reading the same story over and over again. Lately I’ve started to set myself challenges to try and read at least one non-fiction (gasp, I know) book a month, and to try and read some less contemporary fiction. It sounds a bit mad, but I sometimes find myself getting into a panic when I think of all the books that I want to read compared to the amount of time I actually have. I think it’s really important to read as widely as you can.

    As for choosing from my TBR, I got with whatever my mood takes me to. I think it’s more fun that way.

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