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What a thrilling, breathtaking conclusion to the Unremembered trilogy. Unchanged has its share of surprises. It’s filled with actions and interesting characters, each of them with their own revelations thorough the whole story. If you’re looking for a great science-fiction trilogy ending in a grand finale, then check out this one. My review of the first book, Unremembed, is here, and I made this one spoiler free, so you can fully appreciate, and maybe fall in love, with this book as much as I did.

“You are more powerful than they want you to realize.”

The Unremembered trilogy is really, one of a kind, I have to say. It starts of, and always has a sound of Kyle XY, I don’t know if you guys are familiar with this tv show. Well, for starters, I found it amazing, and that’s what dragged me into this series, at first. In Unchanged, the third book in this trilogy, we finally discover part of the secrets behind the compound walls where Seraphina was born and raised. She’s the product of Diotech’s scientists. After her rebellion, she underwent a mind-altering procedure. Everything from the past is forgotten. Seraphina is now a faithful servant to a powerful company, and here to promote genetic modifications. All towards a better future. All towards an all-Diotech future, is more like it. But why are some memories more resistant than others? Why can’t she quite be as perfect as they would like her to be? Why can’t she stop memories from her rebellion, and, from her past love, Zen, from creeping back in? We start off with so many questions, and, I have to say, Jessica Brody did an amazing work of world-building, especially in this third book. We’re looking at a complex world, dominated by science versus faith. Despite all the weird things happening, genetic modifications, for instance, it’s not hard to believe that all of this could easily be happening in our world. That’s what makes this book echo so strongly in my mind.

“I wonder who will keep me safe out here. From those who don’t understand me. From those who want to hurt me. From myself. ”

The world is complex and there are so many new characters introduced in Unchanged. Yet, I clearly felt that Jessica Brody’s writing had grown since the first installment of this series. She manages to fit all of this, in a perfect symphony of words, words that just slip on your tongue, and creep their way inside of your heart, your chest, and leave you breathless at moments, hanging on at the action and struggling to see what happens next. There are so many takes on this story, so many layers, so many secrets to uncover. And behind every character in this book, there is a story we get to know, to understand. A story that plays a role, even the slightest, into the bigger picture. That’s what I found really amazing, in this book. The richness of the characters.

I have to admit that, at first, I got quite bothered by Seraphina. She doesn’t remember the whole story of her rebellion, and, most importantly, why she turned against Diotech, this powerful company that created her. She’s faithful, she believes them, she thinks she’s doing her job right. As much as I got annoyed by her, I have to say, well done. Because I could clearly grasp her struggle, between what she’s forced to believe, and the little part of her that still wants to fight. We could read it and understand it in the writing, and it made her evolution all thorough the book, more real. In Unchanged, we get to see amazing, and more troubling character development. Zen and Kaelen are not the same than in the first book. We get to discover new sides of their personnalities, and their struggles. I said before, there are so many layers in this story, well, the characters is one of them, and one of the most interesting.

“His determination makes me smile. He always was the stronger one.”

I feel like I have to warn you, Unchanged has its share of love, obviously. It’s not as strongly here as it was in the previous installments, though. The main focus is on Seraphina, on her struggle to become who she really is, and that’s one of the strongest points of this book. We follow her all the way through the very end of her story. The character’s journey towards a better world.

If you’re looking for a science-fiction read with great character development, a little of impossible love and a struggle to make the world a better place, then do check out the Unremembered trilogy. I wasn’t disappointed, and I hope you won’t be, either.

Did you read Unchanged ? If not, are you interested in checking out the series, why, or why not ? Leave your thoughts in comments!

Jessica Brody, Unchanged,  Published by MacMillan Children’s Books, February 26th 2015.


After an experimental mind-altering procedure Seraphina is now a loyal and obedient servant to the powerful company that created her.

But soon – during a nationwide tour to promote Diotech’s new line of controversial genetic modifications – her mind starts to rebel and the memories of her past life, and past love, come creeping back in.

As more secrets are revealed and the reality of a Diotech-controlled world grows closer every day, Sera will have to choose where her true loyalties lie.

But it’s a choice that may cost her everything she’s ever loved.

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20 thoughts on “Review : Unchanged, Jessica Brody

  1. I have the first two books in the series and I am definitely going to read it, one day. But I must say your review has convinced me to read it sooner rather than later. Can’t wait!
    Great review! 🙂

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  2. This was a such a thorough, intelligent review. 🙂 I will not be checking out the Unchanged trilogy. The premise described seems quite similar to a series I read before, and liked but it’s not original to me. Not every story is going to be original, true. But, life is short and TBRs are long.
    I totally see why you liked it, though!

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      1. LOL. I knew you were going to ask this but I actually can’t remember the name of the series. I remember two main characters but not the actual series nor the author. It’s not recent, though. It’s been out a few years. If I remember or stumble upon it, I’ll let you know. Always a pleasure to stop by!

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      1. It was more the fact that it took a year for the second one to come out and by that time I’d read so many other books. So it just pushed and pushed and not thought of since D:

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      2. Right?! I have a whole shelf on GR for sequels that I had to wait too long for and never got around to. I really should try! I have so many books to read already though.

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      3. And since it’s a sequel, it’s so hard to get into it, I think. It works like this, for me : after waiting too long, I finally get around to reading it, but I don’t remember a thing, and/or so I geet so bothered! It’s a never-ending cycle, haha.
        And too big TBR are the story of my life, haha! 🙂

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      4. It really is a never ending cycle and it would be easier if I read stand alone books but so many good trilogies out there!

        Aha, right?! I mean my tbr on GR is really just a place holder. I’ll probably never read all those books but it gives me lots of variety when looking for something to read.

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