Top Ten Tuesday (15) : Ten Books I Think Make Great Beach Reads

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Brokeandbookish. This week’s theme is Top Ten Books I think make great beach reads. Summer is such a great time to read a lot, actually, I can’t wait for july to come! Here’s my selection of beach reads ! As always, click on the title of the books for a link to their Goodreads page 🙂

1 • The Summer I turned Pretty, Jenny Han

I honestly think this one is a must, I re-read it a bunch of times already, and always in the summer. The setting, the beach, the love stories…it’s a perfect beach read!

2 • Since you’ve been gone, Morgan Matson

A summer filled with adventures, all thanks to a list. Add a twist of mystery and some new unexpected friends…well there you have one of my favorite books, perfect for summertime.


3 •  The Au-Pairs, Melissa de la Cruz

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about being an au-pair, but, I kind of did…for half a second. Maybe all the adventures that comes with it is what attracted me the most. The Au-Pairs is filled with it, and three great characters you’ll grow to love!


4 • The Geography of you and me, Jennifer E. Smith

Who doesn’t love a little romance during summertime? I surely do, and this book is the perfect romance, making you travel around the world, while you’re reading on the beach.

5 • We were liars, E. Lockhart

Is it the setting of an island, summer, or family get-together that made me put this book here? Maybe, but I think, if you’re looking to be blown away, this is the read for you, too.

6 • Peaches, Jodi Lynn Anderson

Distracting, with funny, great characters, Peaches is a series that I really enjoyed reading, and it makes a perfect, light summer read.

7 • Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour, Morgan Matson

Yes, another Morgan Matson book, I’m sorry, but this one fits so well this theme, too! A road trip across America, adventures and lots of get to know each other…I think Morgan Matson has the recipe that makes perfect beach reads!

8 • One night that changes everything, Lauren Barnholdt

A billion events over the course of one single night…this fast-paced, funny and endearing read is perfect to read at summertime!

9 • My life next door, Huntley Fitzpatrick

Two very different neighbors, a summer of possibilities…If you’re looking for a yet simple but filled with twists and turns, contemporary romance, then My life next door is the perfect fit.


10 • Burn for Burn, Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian

Three very different girls, with one thing in common, they are looking for revenge. A great distracting read, full of surprises, and definitely one you’ll want to pack in your summer bag!


Did you read any of these books, and do you think they make great beach reads? Which books would you add to this list? Let me know in comments!

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21 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (15) : Ten Books I Think Make Great Beach Reads

      1. Hehe, you’re welcome! ^.^
        And something funny happened. I went to add Peaches to my goodreads TBR list only to find out that this is the prequel to The Secrets of Peaches, which I have read. I knew Jodi Lynn Anderson sounded suspiciously familiar… I think the cover change is what made me not recognize it. But it’s still odd that I read the sequel and not this one, haha. XD

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    1. Since you’ve been gone is the story of two best friends, Emily and Sloane. Emily always has been kind of shy, compared to her best friend. They planned an awesome summer together, but when it starts, Sloane disappears, leaving behind a list of things to do for Emily, kind of things she would never do, well, not without her best friend! But what if completing this list makes Sloane come back?
      That’s the synopsis in short! It’s a great, fast-paced read, with endearing characters, I really recommend it! 😀
      Thank you for stopping by Amy! 🙂

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