Top Ten Tuesday (7) : Top 10 Books From My Childhood/Teen Years That I Would Love To Revisit

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Brokeandbookish. This week’s theme is the Top Ten Books from my Childhood or teen years that I would love to revisit. I read a lot since I was a child, so much I can’t remember all the titles. I think the ones I picked out are more related to my end of childhood / early teenage years. Those are stories that left a mark, and that I would love to re-read soon ! Click on the title of the books for a link to their Goodread page 🙂

1 • The Golden Compass, Philip Pullman

It’s still, today, one of my favorite books, even if I didn’t read it in a long time. An unforgettable read with a growing, strong and amazing heroine.


2 • The Princess Diaries, Meg Cabot

I absolutely loved this series when I was little, dreaming myself of being the ordinary girl suddenly discovering she’s a princess. And who doesn’t dream of being a princess?

3 • Narnia’s Chronicles, C.S Lewis

A classic, I guess, but what an imaginative story, leaving you dreaming of a whole another world inside your cupboard.


4 • Inkheart, Cornelia Funke

I’ve read this one a few times already when I was little, and I always loved it more. A fantastic story about the power of words and imagination.


5 • Peggy Sue., Serge Brussolo

I’m not sure this one exists in English, but well…it’s such a big part of my early reading life. Peggy Sue is a 14 year-old girl, and she can kill ghosts with her thick glasses. Telling every of her adventures would take me hours, but I’d be glad to talk about it, if you wanna know more! 🙂

6 • Lord of the Flies, William Golding

I read this one for school, but it really stayed with me. All these kids stuck on an island…soon starting to fight for power and survival. No wonder I enjoy so much survival books now!

7 • The Ruby in the Smoke (Sally Lockhart #1), Philip Pullman

Yes, I’m hearing you, another Philip Pullman book. What can I do, I love the guy! More thrilling and mysterious, set in the real world, I remembed being captivated by this fearless heroine, and intrigued by all the adventures she went through.

8 • Abarat, Clive Barker

I read this one a while ago, so long ago that I don’t remember everything about this story. But there’s one thing that stayed with me for sure : the feeling that I was reading a treasure of imagination. Reading back this synopsis, I’m sure this is why I was so captivated by this. I can’t wait to read it again.

9 • Blue Bloods, Melissa De La Cruz

Vampires,  yes, but these ones, they’re different. At least I thought so, and I absolutely loved this series. I don’t think I read it entirely, though, and I’m definitely going to check it out again.


10 • What a Week, Rosie Rushton

Five girls, and the troubles of friendships, family, love, life. These books were really fun, and I was totally addicted to them!


Which of these books would make it on your list ? Did you read any of them, or are you interested in checking them out ? Let me know in comments!

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