Review : The Beginning Of Everything, Robyn Schneider

I wasn’t expecting the moon when I picked up this book. The critics and reviews about it convinced me to try it, though, and I’m really glad they did. The Beginning of Everything was a refreshing, but mostly a real read, that I will for sure come back to.

Right from the beginning, I was hooked. We’re taken into the narrator’s life with this childhood anecdote, and I went from laughing a bit to being kind of, well, sad. This was my feeling all through the book. The plot is well-made. It’s not a suspenseful book, even though I was surprised a bit towards the ending. But it’s a distracting book, full of life and true moments of high school discovering life, love, heartbreak and other complications. It’s exactly what we can expect from this book, so I wasn’t disappointed.

“And I realized that there’s a big difference between deciding to leave and knowing where to go.”

I’ve grown fond of the characters. Ezra, the main character, is painted with colors, and black and white. Clever and witty, I absolutely fell in love with this character. The author has a way of going inside a boy’s mind, that’s really good, I think – I am no guy, but it’s really pleasant to see a female author writing from a male’s point of view. I could totally relate to the characters, their feelings, their lives stories.We get inside their minds, not without it becoming a puddle of feelings too hard to swallow. These are characters that will stay with me long after I closed the book. And that’s exactly what I’m waiting for in my readings. Though, I didn’t really like Cassidy’s character : even knowing the truth behind all the mystery, I didn’t really liked her. Yes, she brought some mystery, a kind of dynamic to the book, and I can’t say I didn’t try to guess what was up with her. But she wasn’t my favorite.  Maybe it’s because I loved Ezra so much, and always thought he deserved better… I’m not in my place to judge. We get all the clichés of high schools in this book, but it was made in a great way : the popular kids, the geeks, etc…with Ezra’s story in the middle, it balances in just the right way all the clichés we can have. These stories about high school aren’t told for nothing, and Robyn tells us in just the right way, the truth about this life.

“I mean, don’t you want to be like everyone else?”
“Not particularly.”

I really like it when there’s a loop: the beginning meets the ending. We see a real evolution, and a kind of conclusion, even though it leaves plenty of space to your imagination. I wasn’t disappointed with this book. We see Ezra change and grow, and, in the end, we’re happy with what has become of him. Yes, there’s a morale to the story, and I liked it, a lot.
It was beautiful. This book is all about finding out where and with who you really belong, despite being under the influence of people. It doesn’t end exactly as you could expect it, and it’s even more perfect this way, I think. This ending left me thinking for a while, and it’s a great story that will stay with me for a while.

The author’s writing style is really something I enjoyed, right from the beginning. She talks about teenagers feelings in a really great way. The Beginning of everything is full of hope and dreams, romance, funny moments. It’s a book full of life, and it’s probably getting really close to being one of my favorites.

Robyn Schneider, The Beginning of everything, published by Katherine Tegen Books, July 29th 2014.


Varsity tennis captain, Ezra Faulkner, was supposed to be homecoming king, but that was before—before his girlfriend cheated on him, before a car accident shattered his leg, and before he fell in love with unpredictable new girl Cassidy Thorpe.

As Kirkus Reviews said in a starred review, “Schneider takes familiar stereotypes and infuses them with plenty of depth. Here are teens who could easily trade barbs and double entendres with the characters that fill John Green’s novels.”

Funny, smart, and including everything from flash mobs to blanket forts to a poodle who just might be the reincarnation of Jay Gatsby, The Beginning of Everything is a refreshing contemporary twist on the classic coming-of-age novel—a heart-wrenching story about how difficult it is to play the part that people expect, and how new beginnings can stem from abrupt and tragic endings.

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